Treatment for Acne and Acne Scars with Biophotonic Klox (Lamp)

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I've been having acne problems ever since I was a...

I've been having acne problems ever since I was a teenager. I've tried a whole lot of treatments over the years. From the usual salicylic cleaners, toners and cream, to Accutane, as well as isotretinoin topical creams. I've also taken Diane 35 for a while. The latter truly helped, but since my legs were swelling, and I was becoming older (in my thirties), I thought it was time to avoid it and find another solution. The Accutane treatment I had a while back had helped, but eventually, acne came back, and so I wasn't motivated to go through this again, given the mitigated results. Meanwhile, I was using an isotretinoin cream to help keep acne under control, with more or less results.

When I went to a laser clinic for a consultation, the doctor suggested me to wait a month as they were buying a new lamp for acne treatment. It's called Biophotonic Klox (Google it, there are a few websites that discuss this technology). So I decided to try it. In fact, since it was brand new, I was invited to participate to the run-in period, by receiving a free treatment.

The normal schedule for the treatment is twice a week for 6 weeks. However, it's not always easy to schedule two appointments within the same week, so the total of 12 sessions may span over a little bit more than 6 weeks in total. The treatment, for the whole face, takes about 30 minutes in total (15 minutes of lamp exposure). The process is relatively agreeable, it's like bathing in the sun with a layer of cream on your face and protective goggles. Nothing traumatizing, really.

So I had my first treatment this morning, the pictures below have been taken a few hours after the session (I had forgot to take picture before, but then, the results are not instantaneous). I will document the evolution of my acne and acne scars over the following weeks with a few pictures, in order to find out if there is real improvement. Also, I couldn't find a review about this treatment in here, so maybe it will help people make out their minds about the value of this treatment when I give my appreciations later in the process.

Second treatment

I had a second treatment on June 5, and have booked a third one this week (June11, third) and two others the week after (June 16, fourth; June 19, fifth). Since it takes a few weeks to see improvements, I will post pictures later. I so already see a difference on my skin texture, and I am under the impression that some lesions healed faster and that fewer are bursting out. But, all this is very subjective, and I will wait to see what happens in the coming weeks.

Missed treatment

I couldn't go for my session today, so June 19 will be the fourth treatment. Keeping you posted on results later! I am going on vacation after, so treatments might have to be spaced up more. Will see.

4th treatment - about 20 days

I post pictures post tx so the pimples are a much brighter red and more noticeable than they usually are. (This is because the gel for the treatment is a bright orange-red fluo color.) I do see a reduction of the size and number of nodules and cysts. The ones I had healed faster than usual too. The places where there are acne lesions are quite itchy during the treatment, and you certainly feel that there is something going on there.

I had a combination skin before starting Klox. Now, my skin is more even all over my face, and slightly oily. Not dry. It is probably due to the relatively frequent sessions and will calm down once stopping them.

I don't see a lot of change for scars yet. This treatment is supposed to stimulate collagen as well, and thus help for both wrinkles and scars, but this can take several weeks before results appear, so I will have to wait before I can say anything about results or lack thereof.

5th and 6th treatment

I had a fifth treatment on June 24 and a sixth today (June 30). Halfway, in theory, since the protocol that was tested for this treatment was a series of 12 sessions.

The practitioner also gave me samples of a skin care cream from the brand "Environ AVST 1". It contains vitamin A. Will see if it gives a boost or not.

7th and 8th treatment

I went today for the 7th treatment, and will go again next Monday for the 8th one. I started using the Environ skin care three days ago. Still waiting for some obvious results, but seeing a minor and steady improvement overall.

8th treatment done

So, I figured out I could post some pictures to document the very slow progress I get. I do have less acne lesions, BUT I still have some new ones popping up. However, they are healing a lot faster with Klox treatments than they usually do. I also start seeing an improvement on my skin's texture. I took pics, but I did my best and they're not that clear: I discovered that it's really easy to make a poor pore selfie. ;)

9th treatment - Now spaced every two weeks

I definitely see results on my face. The skin looks healthier and I have very few new lesions popping out. I started a new cream on July 21 after my 9th Klox treatment. It's "Environ AVST 2" (a little more vitamin A than "AVST 1" they gave me samples of). I apply it twice a day, morning and evening. I still get new lesions on my neck though, but I see do see noticeable improvements overall.
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