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I'm a 35 year old woman with 13 year old breast...

I'm a 35 year old woman with 13 year old breast implants. My story starts like this. I was a very young and impressionable girl when my bf decided to sell his prized mustang to finance my implants. I started as a 34b and after 350cc mentor saline implants ended up with 34dd breasts. They are under the muscle and have no complaints other than back pain from the extra weight. What are your experiences with removal after under the muscle placement? I want them out but terrified they'll be hideous after explant surgery..

Consultation booked!!

I finally booked a consult with Dr. Golger in Oshawa. I see him on Tuesday. I'm excited to get this surgery underway. I forgot to add that I've nursed 2 babies with the implants. I can feel my own breast tissue over the implants so I'm hopeful that I'll get my perky little ones back again...



What is the average recovery time post explant?? Mine are under the muscle. I remember the pain of recovery after the implant being burning and really itchy. I think I drove a week after.. (My original incision was thru my armpit if that helps?)

Successful consultation

After meeting with the doctor this afternoon I'm still feeling anxious and nervous. I'm only having the implants removed - no lift. I'm trying to be optimistic about the outcome but still freaking out a lot :(

Surgery tomorrow!

After a cancelled surgery this summer (I was freaking out) I've booked my surgery again. I'll be implant free and back to natural at 730am tomorrow. I'm nervous about the outcome and recovery period. I'm curious about your recovery time was. Driving? Back to work? I'm off until Monday and resuming light duties only.
Quebec Plastic Surgeon

Dr Rheault was fantastic. I've tried to locate him for the explant but I'm not able to find him. Great bedside manner. He made me feel really comfortable before and after.

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