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Hey Everyone, I paid so little because I was...

Hey Everyone,
I paid so little because I was supposed to be a training example for other doctors to watch and learn how slim lipo works.

Well, it turned out that I didn't have enough fat on me to be a good candidate for that and I had already paid for my procedure. I paid 3300 and it was originally supposed to be 5500 for the abdomen & waist.

I lost about 100 lbs and kept it off for the last few years. I really thought that my abdomen would tighten like a normal person's but that never happened. Most people may have just lived with it but I was really bothered by it and kept putting relationships and other things off due to it.

I never wanted to be a fitness model or beach body type. I just wanted to wear under armor at the gym and not be self conscience of it. I even dieted down to about 7% body fat the last 2 summers and couldn't achieve what I wanted.

Ok, enough about me, let's talk about the procedure. I had a total of 9 holes, 3 of which were kept open after the procedure to help drain. I had ALOT of connective tissues because I was heavy in the past and wow did it take some work to disconnect it. I am talking that the doctor got a real workout, he even said so. Be warned, if you were heavy in the past you may have a rough time for the first hour or so. I know everyone says they have a high pain tolerance but you may need one if you have it go like mine, wow.

After separating the connective tissue the rest was a breeze. The laser is relaxing, almost like a massage and I fell asleep twice during it. My procedure was mostly for tightening the skin around the belly button so I had multiple laser applications.

After the laser comes the suction. There is a lot more space under the skin now so the suction goes smoother and faster. I had about 1/2 the normal amount of most, even though I ate whatever I wanted for 3 months before this lol.

Ok, after all that you will get the holes stitched and you'll get cleaned up and the nurse will help you put your garment on. DO NOT procrastinate on getting your prescription filled after you leave there and have your ride pick you up immediately after you're done. The pain will come back 500% and really fast. Get the RX ASAP and be prepared to have someone help you with even smaller tasks like getting up off the couch. I go to the gym 6 days a week and I don't play around. I finish every single workout with situps and my abs are still toasted as we speak, I mean I'm sore bad.

I will post pics as I get them but wanted to give a description of what goes on. I will keep this log updated for sure.

Brief rundown
-if you lost a lot of weight, be ready for a rough first hour
-dont slack on getting your ride home asap
-dont slack on getting your RX filled asap
-have someone around, you will need them

The day after, I felt fine when I woke up. Had to...

The day after, I felt fine when I woke up. Had to keep up on the pain killers and anti nausea pills shortly after breakfast. Contemplating a little elliptical later at the gym, who knows lol.

2 days later I woke up with much less soreness. ...

2 days later I woke up with much less soreness. If I don't get some exercise today, will most likely be able to go tomorrow. Today is my shower day, so I will have to see what happens and how I look now. I almost don't want to take the garment and pads off because they put them on so well after surgery lol. I was told a few times that men have a problem with passing out when they take their garment off. I will be sure to be careful and will update this post if needed.

Yea so I hope this is helping someone out. I...

Yea so I hope this is helping someone out. I haven't really been able to see my review on the site other than by following the link emailed to you after you post.

Ok, so third day after the procedure I feel very mobile and just about back to normal. I noticed when I woke up today I jumped right out of bed and didn't even feel my stomach. Yesterday was the first shower day and the swelling was there but not quite as much bruising as I'd thought would be. I notice now that the stitches are irritating and I want to scratch them lol. Luckily them come out Monday, so no problem there. There was hardly any drainage onto the pads I was wearing so that may explain the continued swelling. I'm not worried about that at the moment, I was told it will take about a month or so until I start to look normal again because the connective tissue was so heavy to loosen up. Overall, I just hope there is reduced overhang. Will keep the updates coming.
Thomas Young

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