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This is a picture from after 1 treatment.I was...

This is a picture from after 1 treatment.I was told it would fade the ink blues greens, red, and black will go. Can't remember what lazer but it was okay. 2010 . The tattoo was only 8months itself i hated it after i got it. :-(.

So iv been waiting 2years hiding this tattoo from friends family .can't go swimming can't wear singlets .iv been wanting to wear dress for 2-3 years now it makes me so sad! I can never come home and plan nice things to wear always just what ever works.

Iv had so many up and down days. From deep depression to lots of hope that i have to be patient.

My main concern now is iv noticed alot of hyperpigmentation around and Im stressing mainly from my last treatment. It has gone down over 1month a bit but is making me panic. Am i going to have a ghost after all this? Do you think it will be a efficient out come? Are here colours fully removable... I recently asked my lazer personel if she knew much about the picosure..she says it does not remove all colours.. Would i be best trying picosure or staying with the ruby lazer??

His is where Im at now

please tell me what you advise i should do?

I am going to see a derma specialist on the 14th jan. They do scar removal and have a tattoo removal machine picosure. Iv heard pico eats away blues purple and red like there is no tomorrow? Do you think 2 more treatments with pico sure would eliminate this very faded blue? Thus being the end to my nightmare. My other concern is the damaged tissue at the end of all this will that smooth over settle colour itself again? Or should i stop and get a cover tattoo right now...

Answers please?


Photos to date 5.01.14

before my 9th

Ew skin discolour

today no Sun


after caRe

Iv been using vasaline to massage the area every night and most mornings to help any tissue damage . And bio oil for the what could be bad scars,burns,aging skin ! My skin isn't aging but Im sure with lazer it won't be the same texture with out these methods! Iv found it really really really made a difference!

tablets for skin nails and hair

Skin care! Also take these tablets when i remember! Is really good for your skin!

today blog

Since joining real self i thought i was 1 in a million to make this mistake! . I felt so down about my self . For something that i thought would make me feel proud has ruined my life for 3years. Although iv tried to not let it get the best of me. :-) everyone on here is experiencing the same stuff same pain its so welcoming, encouraging
And spirit lifting! Since this time i did decide to get another tattoo which i love! Hopefully in years to come i dont regret that one too... Bloody he'll... But its black and grey and is so lightly done which is an great!.. Hahaha!

new tatt


today's blog

Today i am on my way to get a passport and travel over seas for the first time in July! So excited! Im hoping by this time i may have had 2-3pico sure treatments and possibly be tattoo arm free!!. I take extremely good after care probably why i have no lumpy parts heavy burnt scared bits to this day! Although there might be the odd Werid line from were the needle drew on me i believe this will heal with time and be fixable.. In the future! With other harmless treatments and procedures.Im extremely keen to try the cylcone sheets i think they would be very effective. I remember once cutting my finger at work deep and it healed over with a large lump stayed like that for 1month ++ so i wore a bandaid for ages over it . Noticing it became very moist all the time. It disappeared :-). Anyway off i go

today feeling unknown :'(

Okay so off to the doctors this morning to see how my skin is going and if i should be refered to someone any further! Then tomorrow at 4.30 pico sure consultation. My hopes are that it will all be fine when it comes off if not i may be considering a cover up by a expensive artist. But i would really just like it off.. So see how we go. Ahh doctors at 9.10am

Pico treatment done

Guess what friends i had a picosure treatment! Cost me an arm and leg but it was worth it the results are amazing! Im nearly crying. Only 2 more treatments and its gone no more worrying about hypo! . My arm is mildly scared from previous laser. But can be fixed and smoothed with dermalrolling plus my age is a huge help! I feel i can breathe for the first time in a long time.

after pico

Is it strange to feel no pain no Sun burn , and minimum swollen. No crust no blisters? . . Did it work. And is it ment to peal ? Cause i feel like it will not peal.

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