~ BA/BL Mentor 450cc Mod+ ~

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I’ve wanted my breasts done since I was 17 when...

I’ve wanted my breasts done since I was 17 when realised that was it for my breast growth! So almost 20 years later here I am ready to finally get the boobs I felt I missed out on….WOO HOO!!!!!

Love this site!! It’s taught me so much so hopefully my story might help someone else during their research. I’m going to post pics for 12 months to show the outcome of my scars as this was what I was most interested in when I was researching.


I went to my first consultation and must admit that I left in tears. Once I told him that I wanted to lose another 5kgs (11lbs) he pretty much stopped the consultation and told me to come back in another 6 weeks when I was at my goal and wouldn’t discuss sizes with me. I then had another consult via phone & photos and he recommended teardrop implants no lift.

I really wasn’t looking forward to my last consultation as I felt so humiliated at my first consult I almost cancelled the appointment but my husband made me go. I was SO glad I went! He made me feel extremely comfortable, was upfront and I felt he was extremely honest with me. He picked up that I have tuberous breasts and it was so weird but I just felt so relieved that there was a name for what I knew was wrong with my breasts. No one ever understood my frustration with them, in bras I had a great cleavage as all of my breast tissue is up the top and I pretty much have no lower pole so while I was an A cup that was fine but after pregnancy weight gain/weight loss that tissue at the top of my breasts had no support and basically they just sag like two cones. I also only ever liked my breasts when my nipples were erect as they were always puffy and being erect it made my breast look more round otherwise they just looked conical.

So after discussing the limitations of me having tuberous breasts I was told that I would need a lift. I was so dead against a lift for so long, so scared of the scars but after seeing some not so great results of implants being placed when a lift was clearly necessary I am really excited to get me some big perky boobies!!

At first I was only going to get a benelli lift but at my pre op I showed him a wish pic and told him I was worried about them not being perky enough with the benelli and I am now getting a full lift. Although its more scars I just don't want to have to go in and get them lifted again in 12 months because I'm not happy.

2 more weeks to go!!!!


Bra size - 12B (34B)
BWD 13.5

I’ve already had 2 consultations with my surgeon (poor guy) and & I went back April 13 to finalise the size. First consultation he recommended Mentor CPG anatomical’s and I wasn’t convinced that I wanted the anatomical’s, so after some discussions and trying on sizers he decided on Mentor rounds mod plus 450cc.

I want a really full look. The thing is I want to look big naked but not so big in clothes. I don’t want my breasts to be the first thing that people notice about me but I want to be WOW for hubby!

So hopefully the 450’s will be right. I keep going back n forth still if I should have tried on the 500’s, if I should have got the anatomicals (I REALLY love the look of them I just couldn’t go as big with them)

Anyhoo 2 more weeks & I’ll find out if I’ve made the right decision I guess lol

~ Boobies tomorrow!! ~

Very excited & nervous, just can't picture how they will look?? Hoping everything goes well..I'm scared of the anaesthetic the most. I'm in at 7 for surgery at 8 so glad I'm first up.

Still can't quite believe it's happening!

~ I got boobs! ~

I'm on too many drugs to write too much lol so just the pic for now hope everyone else who's had surgery is going ok :)

~ Week 1 ~

Had a really rough recovery vomiting & in a lot of pain.

It was a week yesterday & I feel great spent the day out with my sister & was fine just very tired last night.

I'm in love with them, just impatient to see the end results lol. They are still very high & tight & my left one has more swelling which I have to keep an eye on. Dressings changed yesterday & I saw the scars, they look so much better than I ever expected he's done an incredible job.

~ Hematoma ~

I've been in hospital since Tuesday as I had a hematoma in leftie.

I went back into theatre Tuesday night and they took the implant out washed me out & replaced the implant. So I'm now on IV antibiotics here for another night at least, just waiting to see how i go and when my drain slows down.

I can't help but feel so stupid. I knew that there were risks I signed an acknowledgement of the risks but you always hope you won't be the small percentage that it actually happens to. I just feel like I've let my kids & husband down not being there for them all because of my vanity.

I feel very lucky that I chose a fantastic surgeon who was proactive and looked out for my best interests and I'm so lucky that it's being treated and I know it could have been worse but it's just being away fromy kids and husband and putting pressure on him when I chose to do this to myself.

~ 4 weeks ~

To be honest I've had a really rough recovery & have found it much harder than my c section. I'm only just starting to not be in pain all day & I'm only in pain of an afternoon evening which I think might be nerve pain as pain killers do not work.

Having said that I LOVE them I'm so happy I did this I just can't believe the shape I have now! I do suffer from boob greed lol I don't look much larger than my padded bras obviously I do naked though which is exactly what I asked for so I don't know why all of a sudden I want them bigger in clothes lol. Once I can wear a proper bra I'll be able to play them up & honestly they are pretty big lol. I was maxed out at 450 so at least I don't have regrets thinking I should have chosen a bigger size as it wasn't possible!

I'll put some more pics up a bit later I haven't really taken that many but took a quick side boob one cos I love it haha! Can't wait to get the tape off in a few more weeks and start scar treatment.

~ Love them ~

~ Incisions ~

I've had two small openings at the bottom of each nipple incision, sent a pic to my PS & he got me to come straight in the next day. He removed some stitches that were still in there irritating the openings and put silver on the bigger hole and taped them both up. Hoping they will heal perfectly. I'm so happy with my PS post op care he's awesome!

Next Monday is my 6 weeks so I can remove the tape and start scar treatment which I'm excited about but it will feel weird not being taped up it's sort of makes me feel held together!

Sleeping on my side for small periods but I always wake up on my back. I feel pretty much back to normal just tender still when I've done too much. Overall feeling pretty good & still loving them :)

~ 9 Weeks ~

I am just loving having breasts for the first time in my life its seriously one of the best things Ive ever done for myself!

After having the hematoma my left breast has been smaller & higher & firmer, I was a bit worried about it. I saw My PS the other day & he's concerned that it may be the start of cc in that breast so I need to see him again in 6 weeks. I'm not really that concerned at this stage, I know I have a higher chance of developing cc in that breast because of the hematoma but I've decided not to worry until it happens, because it may not!! Plus in my pics I feel like it is catching up more now so to me thats a good sign & its only a little firmer than my right so if it stays like that I can live with it...I am still so over the moon with my PS he's just the best I can not fault my care at all with him, he's true to his word & thats pretty rare to find in any business :)

I'm feeling self conscious of my scars & hesitant to post pics but thats all I wanted to see when I was researching so I've decided to do it, plus I said I'd post pics til the 12 month mark lol I am so happy that, to me, my nipples seem very even & that was absolutely THE most important thing to me. I know that its early days & they will fade but they are still very red & the spots where I spit the sutures bother me. I can't help being a little jealous wondering what it would be like to have only had a BA? I would probably just be naked pretty much the whole time LOLOL!!! :) Perhaps my scars have stopped a monster developing haha

~ Pics ~

~ 3+ months ~

Think it's been about 4 months now but I've only just got round to posting pics.

Everything is going great although they're still very tender to touch when my kids sit on my lap or someone hugs me & my husband can't play with them yet.

Scars still bug me but as I've said all along I'll wait for the magical 12 months!

Finding it hard to find a bra that fits I'm in an E cup but most are too snug & an F cup gapes at the top & don't get me started trying to find the correct band size it's just driving me crazy haha guess they might still have some settling to do.

Still love them still happy & the best part is getting out of the shower & not feeling like I have to cover my saggy boobs now it's just trying to hide my tummy!!!!

~ Stressing ~

My breasts especially my right haven't been feeling right lately. I have a tightening and tingling sensation in them more apparent when I move particular ways. Over the last month or so I have been increasingly unhappy with them in tops feeling like I have too much upper pole but it didn't look good so I have been wearing higher necks to cover them. I went to do this update about my scars & got hubby to take the pic & thats when I really knew they had changed :( Have my ap with my surgeon the beginning of Feb so I guess I will find out then if I really do have cc but I can't think of why else they have moved up & changed shape? Anyone else had cc that looked like mine? Or any thoughts? On a more positive note my scars have lightened!! Yah! & my nipples go hard again both at the same time...before one would respond & the other wouldn't so I am so happy about that!!
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