Upper and Lower Bleph Scheduled for September 5th !!

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This is the beginning of my journey! I am 57 and...

This is the beginning of my journey! I am 57 and like many of you, I am always being told I look tired or mad! One thing I really hate, is that, I cannot wear eye makeup anymore. My lids are so loose that there is a flap that covers my whole eyelid where the eyeshadow would go!! Maddening!
I did a lot of research and chose Dr. Kierney. He has great reviews and I liked him very much at the initial consultation. I was told that in order to have the procedure done, I must first have an EKG. So, I have scheduled that for August 22nd.
Here is a photo of my eyelids right now. Not the best photo, but, I will put more. You can see how the left one (well, my left ...but YOUR right) is much droopier than the right one. Both need fixing, but, one is clearly worse than the other.
I will keep everyone posted!


Had my EKG today, as required by the Dr. prior to any surgery. It was normal and was immediately faxed over to my surgeon. So, that part is done! The 22nd is my pre-op appointment. Counting down the days to Sept. 5th!

PRE-OP CONSULTATION w/Surgeon on Aug. 22nd.... DONE!

I had my pre-op consultation. It started out with Ann taking my vitals...all is well. She went over my health history. I have always been very healthy, and getting sick is a very RARE thing for me. I don't have any allergies, and no other health issues except for my thyroid. (hypo) ... and I DID ask the Dr. about that because I have seen some people with thyroid issues say that there was some sort of problem. Maybe they had the type of thyroid issue where it causes your eyes to bulge (Graves?) I don't have that one... But, anyway, my thyroid meds keep everything normal and the doc says it is not something to worry about. So, that was that.
I had a lot of photos taken of my eyes from many different directions and then I got to see them all. I asked for copies and she said that I would get them after the surgery.
After Ann was finished with me, the anesthesiologist came in and talked to me. I can't remember her name! She was sooo nice, and very re-assuring. She shared some stories with me, one was about her husband getting the same surgery as I am getting and she said it made a WORLD of difference!! She told me what to expect, and that I would need someone to drive me home and take care of me, etc. My husband will be doing that. Anyway..I really liked her, I wish I could remember her name!!
After she left, the Doc came in. He showed me in detail again, everything he was going to do... I tried to understand it all, but, really I didn't- not 100% anyway.....so, I am trusting him to be the expert and know what he is doing! He has great references and I didn't find any complaints about him anywhere! He asked me if I had any questions...I asked about the thyroid thing (mentioned above)
Anyway, not really very much to tell about this visit!! Oh...I asked about taking bromelain and arnica and he said that was Ok and that people have good results with those for not bruising so much. I tend to bruise VERY easily!
Oh, I forgot to mention, I was tested for anemia on this visit too.. which I don't have.....
I was given about 6 different prescriptions for things. One is for a pill I have to take that morning of surgery....I forgot what it is for! I think anti-nausea though. I am not allowed to eat or drink ANYthing from midnight the night before surgery, up to the surgery itself. Not even water!! Even when I take that one pill, it cannot be with a lot of water...only the smallest sip!
So, now...nothing to do except get the prescriptions filled, stock up on the recommended supplies that have been suggested on this site...and then count down the days to SEPT. 5th!!


I'm on the 5 day count-down now! I have to go and get my prescriptions filled...I got about 6 of them...plus, tomorrow I will go buy some arnica montana and bromelain..everyone says it is to help the healing process and make the swelling go down.
My husband took off work from Thursday though Monday, and will be there to take care of me, so that was really sweet of him. I didn't expect that! My son had already volunteered to look after me, so, now he is going to take some of my work load instead-since I will not be able to SEE very well for the first couple of days.. .At least that is what I have heard...is that true??


I go for my surgery one hour from now. Of course my mother came over yesterday and told me a horror story about one of my sisters friends who's lower lids came out HORRIBLE. I had nightmares about it last night. Especially since I am hypothyroid and that is one of the things that is cause for "concern" on these types of procedures. But my surgeon knows about it- he didn't seem the least bit concerned about it...so, I will ask him once again when I get there today. I'm pretty nervous!


Wow! I can't be on the computer long, it hurts my eyes, but, I wanted to give you all an update on how things are going. I went in yesterday morning, the staff was ready for me. My husband came along too. First thing they did was check all my vitals, making sure everything was ok. Then they started an I.V. drip of antibiotic about 10 minutes prior to the surgery. The Doc came in and went over what he was going to do...and again I asked about the thyroid thing, he said nothing to worry about. I am hypo (underactive) and the problems happen more often to hyPER.(overactive) The anesthesiologist came in and spoke to me...her name is Lynn, and she was VERY encouraging. Next thing you know, I was awake and it was over! My eyes were already purple! I DO have pictures to post, but, not tonight, I will try to get them up tomorrow. I spent the night sitting/sleeping upright and icing all through the entire night. I am super swollen, but, I can tell on the ONE eye, the left one, it's looking pretty good. The right one, I can't really tell yet. Really, everything is just too swollen right now to know how it's going to turn out. But, I think it is going well so far. I have had very very minimal pain. I am taking the hydrocodone. My son set me up with some stand-up comedy that I could listen to... and it's getting me through the boredom. This afternoon, I went for my postop so they could see how it was going,. They said it was looking normal and they gave me some ointment to put on the stitches areas...and I will go back on Tuesday to get them out! Let me know if anyone has any questions. Tomorrow I will post some pics.

Day 2, Sept. 6th, Friday.

I put a photo up of my before and the rest are from yesterday, day 2. I had a teeny tiny bit of nausea for a few minutes TOTAL. Since then, nothing at all. I feel good! I don't have watery eyes, I don't have dry eyes. I DO have a TON of swelling and bruising. Check out my pics!


I spent the last couple of days icing! Swelling is going down slowly, bruising is getting better too. Each day brings a bit of progress. Right now the stitches are itchy and bothersome and my eyes feel like they burn a lot. I get my stitches out tomorrow, so I think I will be a LOT more comfortable when they are out! I feel pretty good about it so far.

Days 5 & 6

Yesterday I went and got most of my stitches out, and let me tell you, THAT was the very first real pain that I experienced through this whole process! OUCH city!! I will have to go back again tomorrow to get one last one out because I was still too swollen to chance pulling at it any longer, so, they decided not to keep trying. Some of the stitches came out easily, no problem, but there were a bunch that really hurt. It honestly felt like she was cutting my skin, but, she wasn't! I'm such a big baby! HA! Today is my 6th day, and it's looking pretty good. I'm still swollen, so I'm icing continuously, and most of the color is turning to yellow. So far, so good! I will post some photos later on today!

Last stitch is out! It's been ONE WEEK now!

I went and got that last stitch out today. You may recall that I was too swollen to get it out a couple of days ago. It was much easier today! Plus, I am going to post a couple of photos. I still have some purple, but, wow...a LOT of yellow!! And very swollen- like a chipmunk!!

Day 8!

Nothing new to report, except this is a photo of Day 8 ! I am still swollen and yellow, but, I fully expected it to be this way, and worse! Stitches scars are flattening a bit each day. Eyes are not as itchy anymore, but, I DO feel swelled up throughout my whole face and eyes.

Photo Taken @ 3 WEEK MARK

First...my deepest apologies!! I meant to post an update a lot sooner than this! To catch everyone up... I am right around a month out now and I am very pleased so far! I am still swollen under eyes, and above my cheek area, and there is still some bruising and slight bags. Some days they seem worse than other days, but, I can tell more healing is taking place each day. I took a photo at the 3 week mark on the 26th of Sept., and got too busy to post it!! I will upload it today. I decided to try makeup that day, and I decided to go with purple eye shadow..it sorta blends in with the scarring! HA... My eyelids are still numb, so it was a bit of a strange sensation- and I guess it's too soon for eyeliner and mascara because within minutes my eyes started burning like crazy! I will wait another week or so and then try again. But, look at the difference with my eyelids from before! I have my follow-up appt with the Dr. on Thursday, the 10th.

A bit closer up.... 3 week photo

Dr. Phillip Kierney

First I scheduled a consultation. Dr. Kierney was very attentive and very knowledgeable. He went over all aspects of the procedure- told me what he COULD do and what he COULDN'T do, and showed me in a mirror while describing what he thought would be best for me. He told me I have to schedule an EKG first before any surgery could be scheduled, so, he is safety conscious too. His staff is very friendly too.

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