Breast Reduction for This 44-year-old Mom - Puyallup, WA

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I'm very excited that insurance has pre-approved...

I'm very excited that insurance has pre-approved me for my surgery. We were on the fence about whether or not we'd be able to swing it otherwise. Just five weeks out now! I'm nervous and excited can't wait to be able to fit normal clothes - well mostly, since being 4'11" doesn't help my cause either.

Before pics...

Less than four weeks until surgery date now. So excited to get rid of all this mass. I currently wear a 34G or 32H and would love to be in a C or D.

Some of my current bras

One of the things I'm looking forward to most is bra shopping. In a store. With the regular people. Here's most of my current line-up.

Trying to be brave...

I've been reluctant to put my girls out here on the Internet for all to see, but have been so informed and inspired by other people's stories and pictures that I would really like to do the same for someone else. Here goes nothing!

In other news, I'm 18 days out from my surgery and wishing time would stop crawling by. My pre-op is in just four days so I'm working on my question list. After that I'll start shopping/prepping. I want to have some meals in the freezer, books to read, pillows to bury myself in... Oh, and Netflix - I need to start Netflix up again!

Pre-op... Check.

Had my pre-op on Monday and got my prescriptions (six!) and all of my questions answered. Things are getting real! Now I need to get all of my shopping done - post-op bras, food, pillows, etc. Found out my PS rarely uses drains and I don't need a urinary catheter. Woohoo!

Post-op bra shopping

Grabbed a few bras for after surgery. I'm really clueless as to what size to get. The sports bras recommended by my PS are either sized s/m/l or just band size. Add in the fact that I'm not sure exactly how small he'll be able to go - recipe for confusion. Here's my pre-op breasts in the post-op hopefuls. Plus one no-bra nightgown pic for my future reference.

Two more sleeps!

My excitement has transformed into this crazy anxiety now that I'm less than 36 hours out. The reality of the pain, the risk and the not knowing what kind of results I'll get are tying my stomach in knots. In an attempt to alleviate my insanity, I tried on a handful of tops that I'm hoping will actually fit post-surgery. Enjoy!

Two days post

I'm very swollen and bruised, but feel pretty darn good. I still can't believe that I finally did it! Can't wait for healing and settling.

Update for yesterday (4 days post)

Right side feeling very swollen and sore yesterday so went in to see PS who (quite painfully) used a needle to withdraw excess bloody fluid. It did feel better this morning, so that's a positive. I'm making a bigger effort to rest. I've felt really pretty good and probably tried to do too much. Posting some pics from yesterday (mirror image). You can see how very swollen and bruised the right side is. Lefty looks pretty good, and PS says all incisions are looking good.

Feeling meh...

The good: steri strips came off - yay! And my swelling has gone down a lot since my last post. I went out in public with no bra which is amazing, but due to the exaggerated firmness and lift that will gradually taper off.

Today I was feeling more sore than I have recently, then I tried on some of the tops I'd been hoping would fit and they're still no-go's. :( I find myself disappointed that we weren't able to go smaller. I haven't been out to try on bras for size, but I'm still measuring a solid DD and don't think I'll end up less than a D cup when all's said and done. Much better than my G/H from before, but still bigger than I was hoping for. That said, my PS told me up front that he'd try for a C but that he wasn't sure he could safely take me smaller than a D.

And... I'm probably just in a funk and will pull out of it soon. Enjoying my pity party now, though. Ha! Maybe I'll go a bit smaller if I can lose the rest of the weight I need to lose. I'm down 45 pounds from two years ago and have about 20 left to go.

Posting some surgery before and afters...
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