Picosure Tattoo Removal - London, GB

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Hey guys. So I've finally saved up enough to try...

Hey guys. So I've finally saved up enough to try the picosure laser tattoo removal. This is a fairly new procedure here in the UK but having done a lot of research on this laser I decided to go ahead with it. It costs me $1094 / £720 for 4 sessions. My first session will be on Saturday (24/01/2015). I've previously had 6 sessions on the Ruby laser with mild results.

Background on my tattoo: I have 3 black stars on my forearm and a wrist tattoo in red and black. I've had it since 2012 and have undergone 6x sessions on the Ruby to try to remove it with not much luck. I was going to try for the Yag laser this time around but the technician recommended Picosure and that's when I did my research and decided to save and go ahead with it. I'm not too bothered about getting the red removed, as long as the black is gone (heard Picosure is crap on red).

So anyway, I shall be updating regularly on my picosure removal journey. I understand results aren't usually seen until 4 weeks post treatment, so I'll just have to be patient.

Before picosure photos

Photos of my tatt a few hours after my 1st tx

Second Picosure treatment

Unfortunately I didn't take any photos before my second treatment *gutted*
Well, had my 2nd picosure tx today, have uploaded some pics.
Don't see much fading tbh, was really expecting faster results considering the price I am paying. I may consider going to the yag laser if after 4th picosure I still don't see much fading.

7 week post 2nd picosure tx

Can see a bit of fading
have my 3rd picosure tx one week today

1 week post 3rd picosure tx

Before picosure/ after 3rd tx

just wanted to show a side by side pic of before pico and 3 treatments after

After 4th pico

5th picosure

had my 5th pico tx 2 days ago

Two day post 7th picosure tx

Hey guys I had my 7th picosure tx two days ago, pics attached

2hr post 8th tx

Hey just posting an update, here's pics of my Tatt two hours after 8th treatment

4 week post 9tx

Post 10th treatment

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