Puffy Eyelids, Frown Still Strong As Ever

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I'm 37 and decided to try Botox on my frown lines...

I'm 37 and decided to try Botox on my frown lines in between the eyes because I catch myself squinting in a strong frown all the time...I do it while I work, I do it when I'm discussing something important, I even do it in my sleep! Sometimes I wake up with a sore forehead with this troubled squint. I just can't stop myself from doing it. I wanted to try Botox not necessarily for cosmetic reasons but in hopes that I might re-train my forehead muscles not to do this all the time or just to get a few months relief from this constant strong squint. It was a scary step and I confess it made me feel guilty to try it because of the expense and the vanity. I did it in secret and didn't tell anyone in hopes that no one would notice but me.

The only thing I got from 200 dollars of Botox is severely puffy upper eyelids that are terribly uncomfortable and 8 days out from the injections my frown is just as strong as ever. No effect at all! The horizontal lines on my forehead were affected - I now only have 2 lines by the hairline and a strange patch of frozen forehead in the middle, but that was not the area of my concern in the first place. It didn't touch my squint/frown muscles.

Luckily for me it is early April and I'm blaming my swollen eyelids on allergies so I don't have to tell anyone about my expensive mistake. What a joke. This stuff is so hyped and it sucks. My forehead feels sore all the time, like a mild frontal headache, and my eyelids are sometimes so swollen that I can barely open my eyes.

Even if this did cure my frown, it is not worth the ugly effect it had on my eyelids. I hope this goes away soon. I've read that it doesn't last as long as they tell you it will, and in my case that's what I'm hoping for. What a total waste of money.

I'm amazed at how many positive reviews there are, and also that some people (celebrities) seem to have great results. Is it just a crap shoot or what? So you spend hundreds of dollars and HOPE it turns out, or else you spend several months hoping it goes away?


Go to a doctor or dermatologist instead. Not sure these people are really qualified.

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