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I am scheduled for surgery on 12/4. I have decided...

I am scheduled for surgery on 12/4. I have decided on saline implants but have not yet decided on size. This has been something that I have considered for the past four years on and off. I am a 36a and I would like to be somewhere between a full B and a small C. I like Nicole Richie's size as a reference.

I find myself mostly concerned with the pain of the procedure as I have never been through a major surgery. Any advice/thoughts are welcome!

Counting down & Happy Thanksgiving!

I am counting down to my surgery on Monday. I find myself vacillating still between excitement and fear. I think that I have been reading too many negative posts so I am going to try to stay on the positive until 12/2. How did you feel pre surgery?

Two Days Left!

Prepping for the big day.. Countdown is on! I feel fairly prepared but also a bit nervous. I have been out of town so I have to get everything organized for the big day! Any last minute tips ?

Freaking out !!

This day has been a whirlwind of emotions. I have had moments of excitement but there has been a lot of anxiety as well.
I just took a shower and plan to relax and try to quiet my mind for my 345 am wake up call! ;)

Did it !!

Hi Ladies,

Made it to the other side this morning! I woke up trembling from the anesthesia and in pain from the pressure belt felt no nausea and have done pretty well all day. I was so thirsty when I woke up that the apple juice tasted as though it was from above ! ;) I can also relate to t Rex arms and I find that it is nearly impossible to move my upper arms. I have been taking pain meds every 4 hours sometimes with less time in between. I have my handy neck pillow which has been a savior today. My caretaker has been taking great care of me and I am excited/nervous to shower tomorrow and see where things are !! Hope that you are all well!

New pics!

Less pressure today but still in pain..

1 week 1 day post op

The pain has finally started to subside. My chest muscles have felt extremely right and it has been difficult to sleep. I also went through a slight sadness around days 5 and 6 that I think had to do with the combination of pain and my boobs still being high and tight and uncomfortable. I feel as though I have turned a corner today. Things are normalizing a bit and I am in less pain. It was also nice to try on a few dresses that I could never wear without a super padded bra. Stretching, light massage and icing have been helpful!!

6 mos Post Op

One year anniversary

A year later, I am very happy with my decision!
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