Pubic Liposuction

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I did this because I've always been a slim person,...

I did this because I've always been a slim person, with an extra amount of fat on the pubic area. Researching into it I realized I wouldnt lose it from exercise. Pros, it didn't hurt - and i barely bruised. Cons, can barely notice a difference, and I am now more self conscience then ever about the area. Very confused why the before and after photos on the PS website look amazing, and my results are horrible. It seems like fat was only taken on out the side and not in the middle where it protrudes the most. And still does.

About 2 months ago, I had liposuction & lift of the Mon pubis area. I am very unhappy with my results, i still have a large amount of fat and it is still visible from side and front view. It has made me even more self conscience because I felt this would be a life changing experience. My plastic surgeon has told me it could take a year to see the results, yet on his website a before and after of the same procedure after 3 months - the patient looked great and you could no longer see it "puffing" from the front or side view. How often is it that it could take a year for the final results? I have tried to contact him, and he never returned my call, and my next appointment with him isn't for another month. I am feeling very down about this and don't know what went wrong. I did a lot of research on this surgeon and felt he was perfect, I even drove 3 states away to go to him, and I feel like it was a waste of time. Should I wait a full year or just see someone else to have liposuction done. This is something I can no longer live with, I just want to feel normal - and wear whatever clothes I'd like to.

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I feel like he didn't do exactly what we talked about. I feel like there was a very small amount of fat removed and I can barely see the difference after a few months of recovery. In a way I feel like this was expected, so I would go back to have it fixed.

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