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I had my second bullhorn lip lift performed on...

I had my second bullhorn lip lift performed on Friday 7th October 2016. After my first surgery that took place on February 2016 I felt that I did not have enough skin removed. That was the main reason why I decided to have the revision. After the first lip lift I stayed in touch with the clinic. We exchanged many emails over the next few months and both came to conclusion that the second lip lift would be very beneficial. My doctor was understanding and agreed to remove more skin for a small fee. I was really nervous about the procedure because I remembered well the pain of local anesthetic shots and discomfort during and after the surgery. However my overall experience was great, just like the first time. Staff at the clinic is very friendly and supportive. I am really happy that I went for a "touch up" to the same place.

Day of the surgery

I arrived at the clinic at 10am to have a very brief consultation and to get ready for the operation. I travelled with a friend of mine and she had a chat with the same doctor about her lips. Unfortunately her face proportions are not making her suitable patient for a lip lift procedure. I thought it was great that doctor was honest about it. Other surgeon could just say YES! I will do anything you like, just pay me the money (but he didn't). Everything went smooth even though I was extremely stressed and felt nauseous. Luckily Dr Osuch knows how to calm me down. He talks in a very friendly manner and there is always music playing in the background (I love it!). My second lip lift took a little bit longer then an hour. Doctor told me that he cut off 3/4mm. During my first surgery he removed approximately 6mm. If I remember well I started off with 20mm. I measured my philtrum yesterday and it is 11/12mm long at the moment. To be honest I think it's enough. My lip corners started to drop a little, so I am glad the procedure wasn't too drastic.

To impatient people here on Real Self: I have more pictures to upload and lots of tips! Please bear with me. :)

Day 4 | Bandage Off

So here is my face and lips on day 4 just a couple of minutes after taking the bandage off. I didn't feel any pain at this point only discomfort when talking. Smiling was impossible and still is limited 3 weeks after my op. I do recommend leaving the scabs on. They look gross but have an important purpose. If you try to remove them you might end up with bigger scar. Bear that in mind. I just clean the wound very gently with TCP (liquid antiseptic) once a day.

Medical Report and Drugs

This was a document I was given after my operation. I was advised to take antibiotics (Unidox) and Paracetamol for 5 days. I didn't feel the need of taking painkillers for that long. My suggestion is to avoid too much talking or smiling while healing. I went back to work on 4th day, so I got many people staring at me for two weeks straight... If you can take time off then I suggest you to do it.

I was also prescribed Elosone Cream that works by reducing the accumulation of skin pigment and hampers important processes within the cells - reducing the production of substances in the body that cause inflammation and allergies - slowing the growth of diseased blood cells. I started using it after sutures removal, as I started noticing small skin bumps on my wound. Same thing happened to me after the first lip lift. Such a shame as up to this day my wound was healing beautifully.

Following Days

When recovering lips get really dry. I highly recommend regular balm/lipstic/moisturiser application. Unfortunately just like the first time my lips deflated very fast. I would suggest lip lift to people looking to fix facial proportions. You will not get your lips bigger or plumped by doing this procedure. However the results are very natural they can be impactful and noticeable straight away. My nose was quite large for the first two weeks. It's coming back to it's original size now.

Sutures Out

My nose (cut) looked really, really good after the sutures removal. I took them off myself. It is fairly easy. However if you don't want to do it yourself you can visit your local GP and get one of the nurses to help you. I bought the suitable scissors on ebay. Don't forget to disinfect your tools!

Before & After Comparison

I tried to select best photos for the comparison, so you can see the improvement in my facial proportions . My top lip was very thin naturally and would almost be invisible when being "serious". I always smiled when somebody would take a photograph of me. My lips looked kind of all right when smiling because the pink part would get slightly revealed. I used to hate my lips and thought of fixing the way they looked for a very long time. I used to get them injected with hyaluronic acid, but the results never lasted longer then 2/3 months (and they are quite expensive too!). Injections also caused uneven formations, so my lips didn't look symmetrical for a while. I am really happy that I had a lip lift done. Next year I want to get a fat graft to get some more volume. :)))

Scar Reduction

So I decided to try serums this time to prevent development of a visible scar. Dr Piotr Osuch told me to stay away from any "creams" but I decided to give them a try. After the first lip lift I was quite unlucky and ended up with eneven, bulky white scar that was very noticeable (see my blurry photos). Don't get me wrong - I knew it might happen and I never regretted the surgery! :) However I have seen many, many examples here on Real Self of girls that would not develop any scarring! How lucky! Anyway I did some research and purchased Skinception Dermefface FX7™ and some standard serum from Boots. Hopefully they will work magic. :) I will keep you updated. At the moment my cut is still red as well as skin surrounding the nose. I would recommend waiting with any serum application until your incision is 100% healed, as it can affect healing, cause some irritation or even infection. Please be patient! :)

Feel free to recommend me other products that worked for you.

My scar at seven weeks

Many people here on Real Self asked me to update my review and post some more pictures. I tried using scar reduction serums about two/three weeks ago, but I think it was too early. I developed small skin irritation. Now my incision looks 95% healed, so I give both serums another try. I really wanted to posted side by side photos of my face before and after lip lifts (for better comparison), but I struggle to find decent shoots.

Let me know if you have any questions. I am going to record a video next month and provide more details, tips etc.


Watch this video to find out my helpful tips. I am really happy with my lip lift outcome.
Dr Piotr Osuch

Dr Osuch is very professional, friendly, understanding and knows how to calm the patient down.

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