5'4 122lbs 29 Years Old, 2 Children, Breast Aug and Abdominal Lipo - Provo, UT

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Like most people on this site, I am an active and...

Like most people on this site, I am an active and healthy person with some areas of my body I'm not super thrilled with. I exercise 5-6 times per week for 2 hours per day lifting heavy and HIIT. I have always had belly fat (even while on a competition cheer squad in high school when I weighed 95 lbs) I'm 5'4 and 122. My kids are 2 1/2 and 4 1/2 (not sure if we'll have any more) I am currently a college student majoring in Biochemistry also premed. I have about a year and a half left of school. So, thats all about me :) Being the nerd that I am, I have had 7 surgical consultations and did MUCH research before deciding on the best route for me. Although the thought of foreign objects in my body is not appealing and I would much prefer fat transfer, I don't feel like the technology is as perfected as it could be. So my plan is to get implants now and in 5 years or so have an explant followed by fat transfer. It may seem impatient of me, but I am eager to feel great about my body and a few years with implants will be just fine. I have no desire for a tummy tuck, although I do have a bit of loose skin, the fat is the most concerning portion to me! So I'm having PAL on my flanks and abdomen. In all honesty I am the most excited about getting rid of this unsightly belly!!! And finally seeing my awesome abs (or at least to be able to wear a t-shirt with confidence) I am having some hesitation about the breast lift. I am a true borderline as far as the lift is concerned and although I don't want to have any unnecessary procedures and scars, I also do not want to find myself unhappy with my results and then required to spend a few thousand more dollars to have a lift later. My current surgeon recommended a sub glandular (OVER the muscle) textured implant. He is alone in that recommendation and I do not know if I feel good about it. I am leaning towards 375cc because I have quite a lot of my own breast tissue although I am a deflated 36 B. (thanks kids! ;)) I am also thinking a lift with dual plane sub muscular placement. I'll add photos later today!! :)

My Before

So grateful for my capable body, but yikes these pics are SAD!

Wish pics

It's so tough to figure out what I like, because anatomy is everything and somethings are just not achievable! I love how natural these look and wouldn't mind if people couldn't tell for sure that I had work done. It'd be nice to leave them guessing. I am hoping I can achieve these results without a lift, but I'm not sure so I am emailing my PS today and we'll see what he says. THREE MORE SLEEPS! I'm so nervous!!!!!

I did it!!!!

Surgery was awesome and the surgical staff were FANTASTIC ! Lots of pain, mostly from lipo. I'll write again later!!!

Post op day 4

This has been far more intense than I was anticipating!! The most painful is the vaginal swelling. Hooooollllly shit balls! I knew there would be some edema but yikes. I could barely pee the first two days and no one was there to answer the phone at the surgical center. That really freaked me out. I went all weekend without anyone to talk to. I was very disappointed that the Drs office didn't at least have a nurse on call!! Anyways, bm on day 3 thanks to magnesium citrate, then I could urinate just fine thankfully so they didn't have to cath me ???? the office has called a few times today to check up on me so that makes me feel better. The hardest part is not being able to move or adjust yourself in bed. I am SOOO swollen from the lipo. And my lips bruised from the Juvederm which has never happened to me before. The nurse I usually go to is fantastic, I guess dr rose was just rough? I highly recommend staying on top of pain meds. Like an idiot I went to Tylenol on day two. When my hubby gets off of work and can watch my two boys tonight, I'm definitely popping a Percocet. It's unvelievable how much they help!!

One week

Feeling so so sore today. This has probably been my worst pain day as far as my breasts are concerned. They haven't really hurt up until now, mainly just been sore. I'm sure I've been over doing it the last few days with housework and taking care of my boys. I really hate taking pills but I think I'm going to have to take sone Tylenol today if I am to be at all functional. You can only have so many "movie days" before everyone goes crazy, amirite?! My swelling has gone down substantially and I can NOT wait to see my final result! To be able to wear T-shirts and jeans and feel comfortable without my paunchy tummy! Some days I wake up and I still can't believe I did this crazy thing to myself. But I'm sure as time goes on, it will be something I'm so glad I did. My boobs feel huge and the same size I had before at the same time. In clothes you would never be able to tell I did anything. Sometimes they look even smaller. I wonder if it's because they're still high and tight. My surgeon used a textured implant though, so I'm not sure how much they'll drop. and I know it will take a long while so I'm trying to be patient. At my post op I found out that he removed 25 and 30 grams from each breast with the lift and then he did the 415 hp textured sientra implants sub muscularly. He really wanted to go subglandular but I'm glad I pushed for unders. Even though my pecs hate me right now, I feel confident that in the long run I will be much happier this way! I have quite a bit of intra-abdominal swelling and while my diet hasn't been perfect I've been incorporating lots of salads, fiber, green smoothies, and tons of water. I'm thinking colonics might be my next step to try and get me all cleaned out ((gross right?!)) I'm also going to go for some lymphatic massages in another week when I can stand to be touched in my lipo areas! He was able to get almost 3 liters!!! I was in surgery for 5 hours which I think is why my body has felt so strange the last little while. That's quite a bit of anesthesia! Anyways, I'd better go pop a Tylenol so I can be a functional human to my tiny humans today. Happy Friday!! ????

5 days post op

Happy Mother's Day!!

I hope all of you wonderful mothers are having a beautiful day!! I'm feeling better everyday but still experiencing lots of bloating and constipation (yuck!) You can definitely see it in my pictures. I have been using arnica gel and doing some light massage a few times a day. The swelling around my sacrum hadn't subsided. Any advice? I have also sort of been using a foam roller. Nothing very consistent. It's still very tender. Any advice is very welcome ladies!! I'm working on my patience, haha :) But I'm mostly excited to be getting back to almost normal activity with my two sweet boys! ;)

Pre surgery. Trying on my homemade Sizers

Trying to get an idea of my new chest :)

Watching a movie with my boys

I realized that I had perky full boobs again!! Lol all this surgery business is starting to feel worth it! Can't wait to get back to the gym!! It's so fun to feel confident in just a compression bra, haha! Wahoo


I'm not really happy with the way my lips have healed. Most of the product ended up in the middle of my upper lip. At my one week post op my surgeon said to massage any lumps out. I've tried but I'm still not as happy as I have been in the past. What do you guys think? Any recommendations? I don't want him to dissolve the product, but is it too late to readjust?

Finally removed my tape!!

I still have quite a bit of swelling from lipo but my breasts are settling nicely and my scars are beautiful for two weeks. ????

Also fixed my lips!

My ps is awesome! He gave me another Juvederm syringe at cost. So I filled in my nasal labial folds and did more in my lips. A bit swollen still but loving it!

Over 2 months out

Loving my results!
Provo Plastic Surgeon

He is an artist!! So skilled! He took an extra hour during surgery to sculpt my midsection because he wanted to be sure I was thrilled with my result. My breasts are even after my lift, and I barely have any bruising! I highly recommend Dr Rose! His staff is also fantastic!! Holly and Casey have been so patient and kind with any and all questions!

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