A Scam Artist Wrapped in a Neat Lab Coat - Providence, RI

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Note: I had sent Dr. Enzer a few emails about...

Note: I had sent Dr. Enzer a few emails about this, and his response pretty much was "Oh well. Sorry you feel ripped off. Nothing I can do about it." Had he been more accommodating, I probably wouldn't be as upset as I am now. I even waited an entire year to write a review to see if I cool off and can think about this in a more rational manner. After much thinking, I've decided that I need to write this review so that he doesn't rip off more people.

Two main things upset me:
1) I paid for 2 hours of subcision, but 45 minutes of those hours were spent on small talk and getting ready. I was under the impression that the entire two hours would be used for the alloderm insertions. I would’ve been happy to pay more for the preparation portion, and then the appropriate amount for the 2 hours of alloderm. I had calculated out that the surgery itself would cost $30 per minute ($3,600 for 2 hours, not including the $500 facility fee - which is essentially the "prep"), so I’m unhappy that he spent so much of our time on prep. He also tried to talk to me about unrelated surgeries and life in general, which is nice, but at the price per minute I had calculated, I feel that we wasted valuable time. He also came in about ten minutes late, so there's that as well.

2) I had asked beforehand if 2 hours would be enough to finish my entire face, or if I should only do 1 hour on the major scars ,he assured me 2 hours was enough time. There was not enough time to get through all of the scars. If I had known that, I would’ve just paid enough to cover the major scars (there's no real difference to my face anyway - I might as well have paid 50% less for the same result). The only reason why I opted for the full amount of time was so I could get everything done, as I was told would be possible. If I had known it would’ve given me similar results either way, I wouldn’t have paid for that extra hour. I understand it is difficult to pinpoint an exact time, but if he had told me you couldn’t guarantee completion in 2 hours, I would’ve just paid for 1.

3) There is almost ZERO difference in my face. One or two of the major scars are less indented, but that's it. Do yourself a favor and spend that $4,000 on a car, or a vacation or something.

I've attached some pictures. Believe it or not, the picture where my skin looks better is the BEFORE picture (I had makeup on, but you can still see the indented scars). As you can see from the after pictures, there is almost ZERO difference. Please don't go to him. He may be polite, he may sweet-talk you into getting procedures, but he makes false promises and screws you over and doesn't care.

Here's a doctor, who makes a ton of money per year, screwing over a college student (myself) and then says "tough luck" when I politely tell him I felt deceived.
Providence Oculoplastic Surgeon

He is perfectly charismatic. Unfortunately, that only makes him a great businessman. Then again, if he were a good businessman, he would've treated me better when I voiced my concerns to him. Even if he had offered me a small credit, I probably would've come back and given him more business. Instead, he chose to respond in a somewhat arrogant manner (his closing statement was, "let me end by saying I am sorry you did not realize this beforehand and it caused you to feel taken advantage of afterwards" - if you read between the lines, he did not actually apologize. He said he was sorry that I was too dumb to realize him talking to me for 45 minutes at a rate of $30 per minute was part of the plan).

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