34 Years Old, 2 Childrens 6/2; I Had a Gastric-by-pass and Lost 160, but It Was Before my Babies. - Providence, RI

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I just hope to have a normal life, get rid of my...

I just hope to have a normal life, get rid of my depression ( ex call me cow, and that i look horrible with my ubres hanging) Plus i dream about using a dress without people asking about du-date. My doctor's appointment was 3 days ago, and she promises to smooth the most that she can because my surgery its cover by insurance but I'm not getting my muscles tide, but she said that it's going to be hip to hip, I feel really excited about it!!

surgery in less than 24 hours!!!

Well, tomorrow is surgery day and I feel so nervous about it, I keep dreaming about looking the same after surgery and my heart keep pumping faster and faster, my soul and hope are with God.

Surgery Day!!!

Well I am super happy, I had my surgery today!!!! Little pain and looking forward to go back home tomorrow :)

2nd day after surgery!

Well I'm feeling great, little pain but happiest person in the world :) Last night was not so good because I went to sleep in my bed, better choice my couch with lots of pillows :D .. Feeling like a normal person already.

2nd day after surgery!

1st post-op appointment!

Well today I went to the 1st appointment after surgery, my doctor took away the catheter with pain killer's, hurt a little bit but I'm alive :) also wether is not helping with pain at all :( More drugs to control pain as well, and she's hoping to take away one drain next week! Final, my bellybutton looks great yayyyyy :D

New me!!!

Dr. Rachel Sullivan

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