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The doctor was one of the best but I found that at...

The doctor was one of the best but I found that at the end of the day implants were not for me. It's difficult to describe this feeling until they are inside you.. They just didn't feel natural. I am jus.t glad that the staff was very nice and understanding of my feelings. If ever I needed anything else done I would go to the same surgeon. I will be having them removed in 2 days time

My doctor only charged me 500 and then 560 for the...

My doctor only charged me 500 and then 560 for the anestesiologist. I had initially paid 8,000 to have them done and after 1 month i will be having them removed. This Thursday will be my big day. yeahhhh me.

Ok ladies this morning is my big day. Can't wait...

Ok ladies this morning is my big day. Can't wait to tell you how it goes. So far I feel extremely happy and blessed to have 3 phenomenal sister and all of your support here. I am so happy to finally have these watermelon out. Can't believe I wanted them so bad to only reject them a few hours after having them in. Oh we'll. we live and learn and it's one more story to add to my history. Wish me luck. The doctor said I would not feel much pain so will see if he is right. Lol.

Ladies I feel free. I had the watermelon removed....

Ladies I feel free. I had the watermelon removed. My breast don't look saggy at all. Just super soft. I will post pics later because I'm writing from my phone. I don't have pain. Just discomfort from the incision under arm. I'm a little loopy from anesthesia but didnt need pain killers. So good. :)

Day 0 post explant

day 0 post explant

Day 0 post explant

day 0 post explant

Ok Ladies. Here is my picture as promised. Day of...

Ok Ladies. Here is my picture as promised. Day of surgery went well. I had 435 cc removed through the initial implant site underarm. The doctor was really nice and asked me of course if i would reconsider a smaller implant. lol.. I obviously said no as you can see from the picture above. I wonder now though if i would have had the same feelings of rejection if i had initially gone with a smaller implant. Rather than going from a 34A to a small 34D if it would have made a difference if i had chose a 34full B to small C. I don't know but its a question that will linger in my head. I am choosing not to focus on that thought because at the end of the day i feel so very blessed to have my own breast back. I can now truly say that i can think clearly again. Prior to the removal it was weird but its like i couldn't do anything other than stress about the implants and how i felt i had made a horrible mistake. I can't wait to go to the store and buy myself some wireless 34A bras and embrace the beautiful small breast that god has given me. I was not prescribed any antibiotics and I have not taken any painkillers either. I think because i didn't have a capsule to remove. It was basically opening the same incision site under arm and taking the 435 cc out. My breast feel like jello.. I guess thats the only way to describe them. I hear it takes about 4 weeks to fill the natural breast fluffiness. "If you want to read more about this go to (iwantmylittlesback) she has more current recovery info on her site." The only thing i have had is a tiny bit of bleeding underarm that stopped on its own, but it was very minimal and it stopped on its own. The only discomfort is when i sneeze because of the obvious.. Will post more pics as i go.. If you ladies have any more question please dont hesitate to ask... I am here for you all.. Good look on self discovery of how beautiful our natural bodies are.. :)

Hi ladies. Just want to tell you all that I have...

Hi ladies. Just want to tell you all that I have been feeling great with my decision. The only thing that kind if sucks its that I wish I had a partner to make me feel special like I hear some if you ladies have. I guess I feel a bit if self continues about my breast now since this is healing time. I know I made the right decision for me but I just wished I had a partner to reinforce my decision. The guy I talk to right now just said he couldn't understand why I wanted them out after only getting them but he says he is ok because I have to do what I feel is right at the end of the day for me. Just wish he really got it and not just in a way kind of like saying I don't really care because we are not that serious. We have only been talking a month so I don't expect emotional response although it would have been nice

Quick question ladies. Why do some if you wear a...

Quick question ladies. Why do some if you wear a sport be and compression?? All I have is dressing on incision site underarm n I was told I can wear regular bras????

Also when will my breast stop feeling like jello

Also when will my breast stop feeling like jello

Day 3 post op: Here are the updates ladies. I am...

Day 3 post op: Here are the updates ladies. I am hoping to attach a pic of my breast as of today. Hope i can upload it. Breast don't hurt but from time to time I feel a quick 2 second sharp pain on the actual breast. It happens randomly and like i said it doesn't last long. I am assuming this is just the muscle and the skin trying to recover. My breast still feel very much like jello but not as bad. I am hoping its real and not my imagination trying to compensate. My breast still look a bit saggy since its only day 3 and i guess I am starting to become a bit anxious about how much longer before I start to raise my hands up in the air and have my breast fluff and feel real and mine again. If anyone on hear didn't have their implants for long can you please share some insight with me as to when i should expect my natural breast to fluff.

I have been taking partial showers because i can't get the incision beneath arm (Dr.recommendation) wet until it heals. I will be going to see the nurse on Thursday to have my stitches removed. Hopefully they have heal very nicely. I also can't wait to wash my underarms. I just can't stand the thought of stinky armpits.. lol
I have been having a bit of emotions. I am very happy to have removed them but I feel a bit dissapointed. I guess I was expecting people to be more understanding and I don't really feel like I am getting that. I guess I am a bit sensitive on the subject. Hoping things will look up once the stitches come off and i can start wearing a bra. I went to the store to buy a sport bra with a zipper in front and was unable to find it. I was going to order one online and decided to hold of on it since my dr didn't tell me to wear anything anyways. I also notices that in trying on a wireless bra i felt a bit of discomfort on incision site so I am going to let things be and heal up for now. I was told that in a week i can go back to the gym. Well ladies I am sorry I am complaining here. I guess I just needed to get it off my chest. On a brighter note I spoke to person I am dating and basically told him that i wish he was a bit more supportive about the whole process although he has only known me for 2 months. I am sure its hard for someone who met me and then a month later all they see is a girl who had surgery is in pain and then a girl who has yet another surgery and is recuperating again. I guess I understand him because its affecting him getting to see me in my normal everyday personality but i am hoping that if in the end he sticks this out then he will be worthy of me. Now I am rambling.. lol.. ok ladies

Just wanted to quickly share with you all that...

Just wanted to quickly share with you all that "angelface1' and a few other people here suggested wearing a fitted sport bra " Compression helps to heal the breasts tissue by compressing the tissue to the chest wall....I really know this helps ....heal faster..wear it 24-7 for at least a few won't regret it!,' "Walmart. Fruit of the loom has bras that are supportive, soft and open in the front.... Good luck " Check it out

I am 1 week an a day post op. I went today to get...

I am 1 week an a day post op. I went today to get my stitches taken out. The nurse was worried I had some fluid building up on one of my underarm incisions so she had a PA check it out and she said it was nothing. I have to go back to the doctors office next wednesday for my last appt. Basically for the doctor to give me the ok and this nightmare will finally be over. I felt kind of bad today because I still feel bad that i didn't figure out that implants were just not for me. I try to remind myself that we all make mistakes and theres no other way to learn from them but by stumbling and picking up the pieces and making due with what is left. Definitively a lesson learned. Love myself just as god made me. Breast fill good. Still a little soft and every once in a while I feel a bit of pain on breast. I am guessing its the tissue repairing itself. Its very suttle pain. Dont know how else to describe it. No fluffiness ladies. Still waiting for the fairy.

So here are the updates. 2 weeks post op. feeling...

So here are the updates. 2 weeks post op. feeling absolutely wonderful. My stitches were taken out a week after explant axillary. They are healing very nicely. I feel a lot of tingling sensation almost like needles. The doctor told me this was normal and its just the skin n tissue repairing itself. I also developed something which I don't know what the proper name is. Basically my nerves on the left arm stick out as though I were contracting the muscle. It goes from the axillary to the forearm. He told me this happens n it will also go away as the tissue heals. He told me to stretch the arm out. Raising and lowering it to create a wider range of montion. I guess I should also mention that I have a small enlarged lymph node in my right axillary area where the incision was. He says this can happen when there's any type of trauma to the skin. No fluffing. I am wondering if this is just how my boobs are suppose to look. I don't remember what they looked like before. Crazy huh! Also I went to Victoria and they measured me at 32c. Now I have always worn 34b and that didnt even fill the cup so I think I should be a 34a. The bras look wonderful but I am worry that after having them in for to long that they may feel to tight so I am going again tomorrow to try on 34 b and a. Will keep you ladies posted

Forgot to mention that my wonderful surgeon wants...

Forgot to mention that my wonderful surgeon wants to see me in 3 months. He is just wonderful n so caring about the outcome :)

Rosey I am taking the bras back to the store. They...

Rosey I am taking the bras back to the store. They feel to fitted around my back. So I'm going to try a few more bras. Prob end up getting 34 band which is a bit more lose so that means I have to go down a cup. Will keep you posted. I told my mom I can only be a c cup if we are talking about how wide my breast are because I'm flat as a pancake. Lol

So ladies I went back to Victoria secret and had a...

So ladies I went back to Victoria secret and had a different girl measure me. I tried 32c again as well as 34b and a cup. I filled up the A cup best and the 34 band was better because it gave me a little room to play with. The 32 was a big too fit. So 34A girls is my size. :). I will post picks tonight and maybe you ladies can give me pointers. Oh forgot to mention that Victoria secret will take back bras even after being wash and worn. They told me to wear my new bras for a months bad if I don't like it I can still return it and get something else. I was so confuse. I was like even if I wash it and take the tag of? They said yes. So let's see if my little girls decide to grow a bit. I know this is silly but subconsciously I am hoping that since I had implants and the skin was stretch out I am hoping that somehow a bit if fat accumulates there and gives me that b cup. Lol. Now I am dreaming. Lol

Ladies which bra looks better 34A or 32c??? Also...

Ladies which bra looks better 34A or 32c??? Also wanted to share that Victoria secret staff told me that once I purchased the bra I can take the tag of wear it n even wash it and if in like 2 months I feel they don't fit me right I can return them n get something else. I was shock. I though with lingerie that once you wore it you own them.

Thank you do much.

Thank you do much.

3 months BA removal

Feeling wonderful just a kick update of scars

Time heals all wounds

It’s taking me a long time to be able to write this review. Although my story may not be your experience I truly hope it helps some of you.

I was 30 years old. 5’4’’ at the time I was 116 pounds, 16% Body fat and barely 32A cup size. I was extremely into dieting and working out in the hopes of doing a body building competition. I had breast augmentation on March 2013 (430cc under the muscle gummy silicone performed through my underarms)

Due to my very small frame at the time I was in severe pain. I also developed a condition where you feel the tendons in your arms knotted and its very painful. (it goes away) Aside from all this I also suffer from a mild form of anxiety and depression. I wanted to get breast implant because I thought it would make me feel better. I would look better. Turns out I felt horrible. For one I was in a lot of pain and the fact that you are going from no boobs to large boobs It’s a bit of a shocker. I couldn’t get use to my breast being so large and frankly I didn’t give myself time to process it all. I spoke to my surgeon and his staff and they all recommended I give myself 3 months before making any decisions. They believed that by giving myself time I would give myself time to process the large breast. Get use to them and allow some of the swelling to go down. Its true you really need to give yourself 6 months to a year to really see the results. Yet, I didn’t listen. I just wanted them out and out they came a month later.

Initially after having them remove I felt so great. I went from something unknown back to what was normal and known to me. The pain was initially gone because without the implants pushing the skin there was no pressure. Then after about 1 month I was looking at some pictures I took of myself with the breast augmentation I was able to see that they actually didn’t look bad. It was a distorted image my anxiety and depression created. I am aware that this all sounds crazy. That’s why I was so hesitant to write this blog but I know that there are many people out in the world making rash decisions because they may for 1 not have all the facts about what to actually expect following surgery or other underlying issues like my depression.

1 year after breast surgery removal I had breast implant again. This time I was more knowledgeable about what I was getting into. I also made it a point to go with smaller implants. The initial size I had picked was too large for me. Although everyone around suggested that bigger is better it wasn’t true in my case. I now weight 130 pounds and now have 390 cc under the muscle implants.

I truly hope this helps at least 1 person out there. Please take the time to do your research. Realize that you may not fit into a small size dress anymore because of your implants. That base on the size of implants you get it may be a bit uncomfortable to workout or go running with them.


Uncertainty is caused by a lack of knowledge. Hesitation is the product of fear

Through a cousin who had the same procedure done.

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