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This is my 4 day post op. I did my surgery on...

This is my 4 day post op. I did my surgery on thursday at proforma Clinic in Stockholm, sweden. It all went really quick, I arrived to the clinic at 12 pm. My surgeon came 30 minutes later and started to mark on me. At my consultation we decided to take 450 hp but that felt so wrong to me so I changed to 350 m+ on my surgery day. By 13 pm a nurse took me to the surgery room and I was put to sleep. Then I woke up around 15 pm. It didn't hurt that much but it felt like a heavy pressure on my chest. I didn't had any problem breathing or so. The nurses where so kind and took really good care of me. I slept over at the clinic, I didn't have any problems with pain it was bearable. But I felt dizzy when I went to the bathroom. Probably for spending the day in bed. I went home next morning and was able to walk without any dizziness.

I haven't struggle with the pain, it's the worst in the nights and mornings but it's really bearable. I've got paracetamol and tramadol for the pain but I feel like they didn't make any difference. It's the pressure that hurts the most and the tight skin. Day 1 post op was the "worst", day 2 did I went for a walk outside and took a shower without any help. It's day 4 now and I am staring to feel like a person again. The pressure and tightness is still here but much better. I need to wear the surgical bra 24/7 for a week, then only on the nights for a couple of months. That bra hurts so much, it's so tight. The breast hasn't changed anything, a little softer but very swollen. I'm very excited to see the results ????

Some pictures ????


It's been a couple of days

Since the surgery. I've been painfree since day 7-8 post op. They are still a little bit sore. They have already begin to soften and drop. I'm so happy. I can also lay on the side when I sleep finally. I have started doing some cardio and light weight training for the legs without any problem. They feel like my own.

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Totally painfree!

I have started to work as usual with no pain. They really feel like my own :D I'm going to take out my stitches on Monday, excited to see how the scars are doing

Pain during sleep

I've started to experience quit strong pain when I'm sleeping. I stretched my arms this morning and felt a massive pain in my right breast and nipple. I've been in some pain during the whole day. Feels like an electrical pain sorta. They are both sore today but especially the right and my nipple :( hope it get better sooon

Left: post op 2 Right: post op 15

Dropping a little and getting softer

Took away the stitches today

It was so painful! I almost fainted. But I think that happened because I didn't ate breakfast. The scars looked really good. My right boob is still a little more up than my leftie. My right boob has really starting to act up with those electrical nerve spasms. Horrible, but bearable. My surgery process has gone so well so I won't complain :D

Wow... What a difference

From an A cup to a D cup ( I think )

Love theeeeem

Soon 4 weeks

Im so happy that I did the surgery. But as expected I've been thinking about if I should had gone bigger. I know that they will look bigger as the time goes by and as they settle. I don't think they look big under clothes, which has both their negative and positive sides actually. But I'm very happy and pleased with the size ether way, just having some brain ghost lurking around :D I have no pain, still some nerve spasms in my right breast. I can lay on my stomach but it feels weird. I have not done any massage or exercises, I don't know if it will do any good because they feel and look so good only 4 weeks post op? Share your thoughts :) I've started to train in the gym again but still not as heavy as I'm used too. My doctor recommends to start training again after 5-6 weeks but I started to train carefully only 1-2 weeks post op and have not experienced anything "unusual"

Pictures almost 4 weeks post op

Day 1 and day 26


7 weeks post op

Feel completely like my own. The muscle spasms are gone finally. I have my strength back at the gym but I haven't tried to train breast yet. The breast muscle feels weird in some exercises, for example in some abdominal or back exercises, but it doesn't hurt. They have got a lot bigger since day 1 and softer. Still quite hard but they are getting more and more softer. I have textured implants so I don't need to massage them or anything for them to get softer. Here are some pics

Is this normal?

I uploaded a post a couple of weeks ago with pictures on my scars. They were nearly unnoticeable. This is how they look now and they're deeper, more red and noticeable. Is this normal? The scars may been "settling" or something
Dr Örjan Gribbe

He's good at his work but not on communicating and give information. I had to do research for my self about sizes and profiles etc. But I am very pleased with the results and the clinic is very professional and helpful

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