Weightlifting Mommy of Two, 26 Years Old, 5.5', 128lbs, 350cc - Tucson, AZ

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My surgery is 4 days away! I'm very excited,...

My surgery is 4 days away! I'm very excited, especially since I've wanted implants for so long. I've decided on 350cc, sub muscular, Sientra moderate. I'm very pleased with my surgeon, Dr. Case in Tucson. After reading several reviews and a comfortable consultation I decided to go with him. My pre-op went well two days ago. I started this journey wanting 275cc but after months of research I decided on another size. I'm very excited about my choice of 350. I think it will fit my body type and the look I'm going for. As much time as I spend lifting weights (over my body weight heavy) I've reconciled that a break is necessary. I have more than enough help with my kids for two weeks. They are under the age of 6.


I signed the dotted line so it's a done deal! Surgery is in 3 days! Ahhhh!! Prescriptions are filled and cute new zip up jacket was purchased. The latter wasn't a necessity but oh well Ha! I'm feeling anxious only because I'm ready to get it over with.

Surgery Day Post Op

6 hours post op. Feeling great. Haven't slept yet. So pleased.

Surgery Day

A little more pressure. It's 9:25pm. Surgery was around 11:30am. Haven't slept a wink. Feeling alright though.

Day 2

Wholly pain train! I definitely feel more pressure on my chest and it's way more difficult to move my arms. I guess I have the classic "T-Rex" arms. All in all the pain is tolerable but I'm also taking my pain meds like clockwork. I can't sit up on my own so I need assistance with that. Even though they are super swollen and hurt I'm SO excited to finally have boobies!!!

Sientra to Mentor

I nearly forgot to mention this! On Saturday, two days prior to surgery, I got a call from my surgeon. He received an email about Sientra implants and how surgeons have been temporarily halted from using them. If you google Sientra you'll see the most recent news regarding their implant. The only other option for me was to go with mentor. I totally trusted my doctors opinion on the matter. Considering mentor had the same size and dimensions as Sientra it was no bother for me to switch. I actually like that Mentor is US made and has been around for a long time. I'm glad he got the email before my surgery!!!!

Day 1...still

Not much sleep. Took a 2.5 nap earlier and that's it. It's 9:10pm here but I'm not that sleepy. Going to watch an old movie and hopefully dose off:)

Day 2

Woke up with less stiffness and swelling. Slept like a little baby last night and still managed to hear my alarm to take pain medicine. I needed that good sleep! I haven't had the extreme pressure on my chest that I read about from many entires. I nursed my babies collectively for 30 months so maybe all that engorgement prepared me...? I still feel loopy from the pain meds but I feel very strongly that I'll be off of them by the weekend. Going to walk around the house a little more today. I had baby giraffe legs the first day and needed assistance from my hubby to walk around. Each day I've seen improvement in all areas.

Day 2 Evening

Wow, I feel like with each hour there is improvement in overall feel. I can use my arms way more than from this morning. Still on my medicine schedule. To include arnica Montana pills and bromelain. The swelling is down also. I took a shower today which was glorious! I've been drinking a ton of water also!


The most painful part of recovery thus far.

Day 3

Today I have felt great! I've only taken two pain meds and I staggered them more so than I have thus far. I slept well last night but I also took a long nap. My range of motion with my arms has improved. My breasts are not very stiff and really the only irritation is itching around the sutures. My post op is next Tuesday. I'm hoping Dr. Case is as pleased as I am! I'm still taking arnica montana tablets and bromelain. I ordered them on Amazon for less than $20.

I have to say that my recovery has been way better than I could have ever imagined. I contribute that a lot to my very supportive husband, family and friends. My spirits have been high for the beginning and I know that has positively impacted this entire process.

Day 4

Better each day! Less meds today, only 1. I finally got out of the house today for about an hour. Enjoyed every minute!


I should have mentioned this on day 2 but I forgot. I bought some lightly adhesive medical tape from Walgreens with gauze to put over the sutures after I shower. It prevents the bra from rubbing on the sutures. So much more comfortable! Night and day on the comfort front:) I highly recommend this!

Day 5 Wee hours of the morning

3am and horrendous pain in my right booby. It's tight, sore and achey!! I'm going to have to walk my tired butt to the freezer for an ice pack. It's bad!! The left isn't so bad and not nearly as painful. Naturally, then worry wart in me is thinking the the worst. Did anyone else experience this?!

Day 4

Day 5

Feeling great. Appetite is back, minimal pain meds. I've iced a few times today which feels amazing and helps with my pain. Only sleeping on my back at an incline and was instructed to at least until my post op appointment.

Day 10

Feeling great:) Waiting for my left to settle. Went to VS and measured at 34C. Kind of made me a little sad. I was hoping to measure larger even though a specific size was never a huge factor.

Day 11

They're uneven. Someone please tell me they might look a little differently when they settle.........

Sports Bra

I'm not sure when I'll return to the gym but trying on my old sports bra's made me antsy!

Two Weeks!

Slight pain near my suture area. I think it's just healing and it's the nerve endings recovering. It has been very, very hard not having full range of motion and not being able to lift more than "a gallon of milk." Especially with two small children. Despite that I feel like my recovery is coming along. I haven't taken any meds since last week. I'm preparing to start my vitamin/supplement routine again. I can post a list of those soon.

2.5 Weeks Post Op

I was lying to myself when I said I'd stop pain meds the first weekend after surgery. I've had to take it sporadically due to pain. Mostly tightness and swelling discomfort. All has been mostly tolerable. I have two kids so there's not a lot of rest during the day.

Overall, I'm so much more confident and excited about this change. Trying on my clothes almost feels like I got a new wardrobe. Although my husband never pushed for the surgery he is definitely excited and has showered me with compliments. Kind of feels like when we dated!

I took my toddler to the book store today and felt alright. I still worry about over exerting myself but I owed him some fun! I've been calling myself "Mombie" on account of my low energy.

3 weeks

3 Weeks

32C Bra

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