35 Year Old No Kids, 135, 5'5, 13.5, Low Profile 300cc

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Just went in for my consultation. I had seen other...

Just went in for my consultation. I had seen other docs in the area, but Dr. Case made me feel at ease. Easy to work w and down to earth. I liked that he handed me the sizers without the size discussion, I know we get really caught up on things when it comes to size. I felt very comfy with 300cc, but have looked at community members & saw 300ccs to be honest they looked huge. I'm going for a natural sporty look. Don't want to be too heavy as I'm very active, 5-7 days a week. Worried about the 10lb weight gain associated w surgery...yikes. 12/5 is the day, so nervous! I'm currently wearing an A or padded B... hope to be a small C.

Pre-op done the countdown is on

Still a bit nervous about the size that I've chosen, my goal is to have a cute, subtle and sporty look with the ability to play them up or down. I feel 300cc, moderate classic mentors, will do the trick. I'm 5'5 135, very athletic. The pics on here make them look HUGE on the other ladies I've viewed, but this is what fit well during the consultation. Not looking forward to 3 weeks off the gym, but I'll make it work. This website has been super helpful. Anyone use a body pillow vs a wedge? Gathering items for the recovery currently... any advice helps!

1 week pre-op update!

Getting super nervous as the 1 week countdown begins. Attached are pre-op pics. Working out double time in preparation for the down time. Watched the actual procedure on YouTube...wow. Wish there were more ladies w moderate classic profiles.

On the other side day 1 PO

Got there at the surgery center at 6am, super nervous. The nurses were very cool, they did however, poke me 3 times hitting a vein hit the IV. Anesthesiologist greeted me, he was very kind and informative. Dr. case met me and he was cool, told me dry humor jokes which I could totally get behind. Then I got the happy drugs and boom in recovery. I woke up w a huge amount of pressure of my chest. They shot me with Demerol and all was well. I'm walking around slowly this morning, and I asked they give me anti nausea before I left. Not hungry, & not looking forward to pain meds. Valium saved my life w the muscle tightness. Groggy, but overall feeling great. I peeked at the girls & they look beautiful!!!! Not too big like I was initially expecting

Post op day 1

The procedure went perfectly and the implants looks great right off the bat. I was so scared they were going to be hanging off my clavicle. I'm really pleased with the size I chose, even if the swelling goes down it will still be very flattering in a natural sporty sort of way. I weighed about 5 pounds heavier than normal today, which I understand is routine after going under. They are pumping a bunch of IV fluids in you, and that causes you to gain a lot of water weight, not to mention the implants themselves weigh about 2 pounds together. I'm feeling much better today, And have stopped taking the pain medications I am just taking the muscle relaxer's. I finally got to take a shower which was divine. A little confused on went to massage them, I'm not sure if I'm supposed to or not this early. Also I was not given A band around the top of my chest, so I used a sports bra and had it just covering that top part ever so slightly. I tried on a bikini right before I got into the shower and I was so happy with the results. I'm really hopeful that things go well and that this recovery ends up great. So far so good and I couldn't be more pleased.

Day 3 PO

I'm really not a fan of payments so I stopped them yesterday and I have to say I don't feel any pain at all. Some soreness and some difficulty getting up out of bed, but nothing major. Currently I'm just taking the muscle relaxer and the antibiotics. They look like they are slightly dropping a little bit which is really cool. Again I'm super happy I picked this size. I took a brief walk yesterday and I'm going to take another one today, but I'm going to listen to my body and if I feel any discomfort I'm gonna plop back on the couch. It's just really hard to lay around for a few days. I checked the scale this morning and I was down 3 to 4 pounds, I'm guessing the 5 pound weight gain was due to the IV fluids and overall surgery bloat. I've been focusing on a high protein vegetable food plain. Today before my shower I tried on a few bras for fun and I was so happy with the outcome. I also tried on a tank top, because it's so common to see pictures of just breasts and I tend to like to see pictures in clothes to get a perspective on how they would look normally.

Up and around more 4DPO

There is a park down the street from my house where I have been trying to do some very light walking yet. I've just been laying around so much that I needed to get out and get some sunshine and walk very slowly. I had my heart rate monitor on so that I can make sure my heart rate is low in order to prevent any bleeding. Managed to get in a 30 minute walk, at maybe a 2 mile an hour pace. My right side incision has been giving me some pain so I cut it short, anytime I feel something uncomfortable I go back to rest. I am still off of pain medications and I'm taking bromelain, Arnica and glucosamine. In the morning I will take muscle relaxer's along with my antibiotics. Appetite isn't much but am eating 3 light meals a day. Thankfully I haven't experienced any post surgery depression, but I might be a little moody because my period starts in a few days. I tried on a regular sports bra, which is very supportive with a zipper in front to wear for the day. It feels much more comfortable. Also while in target I tried on a 34 and a 36C bra just for fun, this 36C fit perfect. I was ideally going for a 34C but I am still swollen currently. Healing has been OK so far gonna take it easy.

Starting to feel like my boobs

Sleep went well, rest was better, energy is back. Snuck on a reg sports bra while mine was washing.

Another shot in clothes

Let the massaging commence

Went to my post op yesterday, it was super brief, but that's ok. Took the white strips off and now I'm to press on my breasts 5-6 times a day... still can't work out, but can do light walking. Dr. Case was informative and I'll see him again in Jan. hopefully he gives he the go-ahead then to work out again. I suppose a break is ok, and having had surgery (even if for vanity) it's ok to allow our bodies time to heal...plus I'm midway through a doctoral program so... I'm begrudgingly welcoming the rest... and a newfound addiction to Netflix. My breasts are less painful and sore, but I have a weird bruised feeling on my upper ribs? Anyone else have this? I feel like Ronda Rousey roughed me up... like pre-Holly Holmes Rousey...

Mondor's cords

Apparently I've developed a Mondor cord on my right breast. Dr. Google said it's pretty common and it will go away, it is rather annoying and explain some of the upper rib cage pain that I've been experiencing. None of the pain is excruciating or anything it's just kind of nagging. I'm just going to buck up, take Anti-inflammatories, and put a warm press on it in the evening. Other than that, the breasts are really taking shape and I love the way they fill out clothes, I know everyone says they wish they would've went bigger, I'm not experiencing that at all I'm really really happy with the conservative size I picked. About to leave town within the week, really looking forward to working out in the next two weeks. I work a very high stress job and that's my coping mechanism.

2 weeks down

3 weeks can't come soon enough. Started developing increased sensitivity in my breasts and nipples lately. Some minor pain on my incisions due to the bra rubbing against them. Still hurts a bit when I reach up and grab things due to the mondor cord, keeping warm compresses on it and taking anti-inflammatories. Overall despite the minor aches I'm feeling well, walking a bit more. Tried on a bralette @ Victoria's Secret and loved the shape of the new breasts. I know I haven't experienced the 'drop & fluff' yet, so didn't purchase anything, but it was fun.

3 weeks!

It's three weeks out and I need to work out like nobody's business, but I'm being good and waiting for the surgeon's blessing. The girls appear to be settling well, and I am getting used to wearing clothes with them. Definitely avoiding loose, flowy tops as they make me look 20lbs heavier lol. Form fitting tops from here on out... they look great in tops and I tried on a few sports bras today, they fit and I'm hoping to wear them as they keep my breasts from bouncing. Had a weird sharp pain under my right breast after reaching for something too much... that was humbling. Still have the mondor cord...but it's not painful. Incisions are sore, but they are getting better, numbness around my beasts is subsiding. Still some nipple sensitivity, mostly from my seatbelt when I'm driving :) I have some side boob, but I can manage that with a proper brother a once cleared to get rid of the granny bra... that day cannot come soon enough. They have dropped, and honestly I don't want them to drop anymore

1 month post op

Had my one month postop with the doc, he said everything was healing well and told me not to worry about the mondor cord. The implants are settling, and they are feeling like a part of my body now. The best news I received is that I can work out! Darn straight I went to the gym. And took a class even, but I did not go full force. push-ups are a no go, and it feels weird doing some moves that require chest. The implants are a little larger than I would've liked, but I am getting used to them, and if feels like I have a new body. I do love the shape of them, and I feel they look great in clothes. Went to Victoria's Secrets and was sized at a 34 D, holy shit! Anyway, bralettes are my best friend right now.

8 weeks PO

So I've been back at the gym for a month and I feel great, still can't do all of the exercises I used to but that's OK. I absolutely love my breasts, it's super fun shopping for clothes now. I can still fit into all the clothes that i used to wear, just fill them out a lot better. Some minor differences, sometimes when I use my arms or chest too much I get this weird congested feeling, but it is lessening overtime. Some soreness when strength training, I'm just trying to listen to my body.

Working out normally

They feel like a part of me entirely. Some minor aches & pains here and there, but nothing intolerable. Happy with the decision and the size is perfect!


Someone asked to see a profile so I attached a profile pic. I love that they don't poke out a lot. I find I can wear "old" shirts and don't feel too heavy. Incision areas are a smudge tender, but it is getting better over time. Don't have to go back to the PS anymore and I'm good to go! Can't wIt fir summer bikini time.
Tucson Plastic Surgeon

My breast aug went as planned, felt in the know and at ease during the process. Pleased with the outcome.

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