35 Year Old No Kids, 135, 5'5, 13.5, Low Profile 300cc

Just went in for my consultation. I had seen other...

Just went in for my consultation. I had seen other docs in the area, but Dr. Case made me feel at ease. Easy to work w and down to earth. I liked that he handed me the sizers without the size discussion, I know we get really caught up on things when it comes to size. I felt very comfy with 300cc, but have looked at community members & saw 300ccs to be honest they looked huge. I'm going for a natural sporty look. Don't want to be too heavy as I'm very active, 5-7 days a week. Worried about the 10lb weight gain associated w surgery...yikes. 12/5 is the day, so nervous! I'm currently wearing an A or padded B... hope to be a small C.

Pre-op done the countdown is on

Still a bit nervous about the size that I've chosen, my goal is to have a cute, subtle and sporty look with the ability to play them up or down. I feel 300cc, moderate classic mentors, will do the trick. I'm 5'5 135, very athletic. The pics on here make them look HUGE on the other ladies I've viewed, but this is what fit well during the consultation. Not looking forward to 3 weeks off the gym, but I'll make it work. This website has been super helpful. Anyone use a body pillow vs a wedge? Gathering items for the recovery currently... any advice helps!

1 week pre-op update!

Getting super nervous as the 1 week countdown begins. Attached are pre-op pics. Working out double time in preparation for the down time. Watched the actual procedure on YouTube...wow. Wish there were more ladies w moderate classic profiles.

On the other side day 1 PO

Got there at the surgery center at 6am, super nervous. The nurses were very cool, they did however, poke me 3 times hitting a vein hit the IV. Anesthesiologist greeted me, he was very kind and informative. Dr. case met me and he was cool, told me dry humor jokes which I could totally get behind. Then I got the happy drugs and boom in recovery. I woke up w a huge amount of pressure of my chest. They shot me with Demerol and all was well. I'm walking around slowly this morning, and I asked they give me anti nausea before I left. Not hungry, & not looking forward to pain meds. Valium saved my life w the muscle tightness. Groggy, but overall feeling great. I peeked at the girls & they look beautiful!!!! Not too big like I was initially expecting

Post op day 1

The procedure went perfectly and the implants looks great right off the bat. I was so scared they were going to be hanging off my clavicle. I'm really pleased with the size I chose, even if the swelling goes down it will still be very flattering in a natural sporty sort of way. I weighed about 5 pounds heavier than normal today, which I understand is routine after going under. They are pumping a bunch of IV fluids in you, and that causes you to gain a lot of water weight, not to mention the implants themselves weigh about 2 pounds together. I'm feeling much better today, And have stopped taking the pain medications I am just taking the muscle relaxer's. I finally got to take a shower which was divine. A little confused on went to massage them, I'm not sure if I'm supposed to or not this early. Also I was not given A band around the top of my chest, so I used a sports bra and had it just covering that top part ever so slightly. I tried on a bikini right before I got into the shower and I was so happy with the results. I'm really hopeful that things go well and that this recovery ends up great. So far so good and I couldn't be more pleased.

Day 3 PO

I'm really not a fan of payments so I stopped them yesterday and I have to say I don't feel any pain at all. Some soreness and some difficulty getting up out of bed, but nothing major. Currently I'm just taking the muscle relaxer and the antibiotics. They look like they are slightly dropping a little bit which is really cool. Again I'm super happy I picked this size. I took a brief walk yesterday and I'm going to take another one today, but I'm going to listen to my body and if I feel any discomfort I'm gonna plop back on the couch. It's just really hard to lay around for a few days. I checked the scale this morning and I was down 3 to 4 pounds, I'm guessing the 5 pound weight gain was due to the IV fluids and overall surgery bloat. I've been focusing on a high protein vegetable food plain. Today before my shower I tried on a few bras for fun and I was so happy with the outcome. I also tried on a tank top, because it's so common to see pictures of just breasts and I tend to like to see pictures in clothes to get a perspective on how they would look normally.
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