PRK Laser Eye Surgery: Not Perfect, but a Miracle Compared to Before!

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I had custom wavefront PRK, which is different...

I had custom wavefront PRK, which is different from LASIK because instead of opening the eye like a can opener and using the laser, the cornea is scraped away to expose the eye for the laser, and then grows back over several weeks. I chose this because it was recommended by my doctor, who I trust, that I was a better candidate for this type of surgery. I also opted to have one eye slightly overcorrected and one eye slightly undercorrected to put off the need for reading glasses in the future.

The recovery period was slower than LASIK and took 3 months to completely reach the final vision result. It seems to me that both eyes are slightly undercorrected. My eyesight is now 20/25, which is disappointing, but I was completely blind before, so I can definitely live with this as a vast improvement over before. I notice the difference when driving, but not much anywhere else. I can read without glasses or contacts, which is awesome!

The procedure was painless, just uncomfortable, like a dentist appointment. The valium was perfect. The actual laser part was kind of cool, I could see what looked to me like a psychedelic eclipse of the sun. The first three days afterward were sort of uncomfortable. I could basically do nothing but sleep and put drops in my eyes. Then the next two weeks were slow going, I had the time off from work, which was nice.

The price above is what I paid for both eyes after all discounts and insurance. They offer a free correction within six months, but I wasn't ready for that since the difference between my current sight and 20/20 is not enough to go through surgery again. They do offer follow up surgeries at half price, so I might do that later on, especially if the price drops even more.

Overall, I am very happy that I did this. I would definitely do it again if given the choice over again. Even though what I have now is not perfect, it is a minor inconvenience but completely acceptable. My vision is now not the handicap that I had for so many years before.

Jodi Abramson M.D.

Experience, competence. Came highly recommended by other doctors who I trust. Surgery went well.

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