23 Years Old, MicroLipo on Abdomen

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I have been fit and healthy my whole life but have...

I have been fit and healthy my whole life but have never been able to get rid of the lower belly pooch. I've tried non-invasive laser lipo, cryogenic lipo (which helped a little but never got rid of pooch), so I made the big decision to give microlipo a try.

I had my consultation in June, Dr Gupta explained everything well and everyone at the clinic made me feel comfortable. 3 months later, I decided to go ahead with it.

I called the clinic and spoke to Kasia, someone had cancelled their slot so I was booked in for the following week!! I was so nervous for the whole week, constantly researching and reading people's reviews. The day before the procedure, I picked up my prescriptions the clinic prescribed and bought additional Arnica tablets (herbal remedy for swelling). Took an antibiotic tablet and Lorazepam, & before you know it the nerves had subsided and I was off to sleep!

The morning of the surgery I got a call to say they were running about half an hour late, I didn't mind as I was in a bit of a rush myself. I arrived to the clinic and was met by very friendly staff and nurses. They gave me another lorazepam to calm my nerves and other tablets to lower blood pressure. After a little wait, I got changed into my surgery clothes and was lying on the operating bed! Dr Gupta had a smile on his face as soon as I walked in, reassuring me that everything would be fine. He debriefed me and told me if at any point I didn't feel comfortable, I should tell him and he would stop.

He started off by drawing lines on my abdomen, then he numbed my stomach. He inserted about 3 Litres of the tumescent fluid inside, this was a little uncomfortable but not painful. In fact it was the part I dreaded the most and in 15 mins it was all inside me. He then left me for about 45mins for the fluid to settle (a nurse stayed in the room with me). During this time I fell asleep due to the lorazepam.

He came back in and got started with the procedure! It took roughly 2 hours, I felt no pain but could feel the cannula going in and out of me (it didn't bother me at all I was still able to relax). It was so satisfying seeing all the fat coming out, especially from the pooch and he even commented I've got a really deep pocket of fat in my lower stomach for someone so slim.

After it was done (1.2L of fat removed), I was wrapped up in pads & compression garment, given ginger biscuits for energy and jumped in a cab home!

In the evening the numbing started to wear off and I felt a little pain, nothing that some codeine didn't fix. I had to change some of the pads as they were drained already!

This morning, I changed one of the lower pads again and had a cheeky look at my stomach. It is sooo wrinkly!!! I'm guessing that's from the absorbent pads I'm wearing, and it looks quite swollen. Obviously I'm not too bothered as it hasn't even been 24 hours since the procedure. I'm drinking lots of water & ginger tea, taking arnica tablets, avoiding salt & anything unhealthy. I'm not in any pain, I just feel quite uncomfortable with this compression garment.

I will post before and after photos when the leaking stops in a couple of days. Feel free to ask me any questions :)

It's been 1 week...

It's been 8 days since my procedure and I'm getting a little worried. I don't look that much different to before. I know it's probably because of the swelling but I'm scared it'll never go flat! I have attached a picture of my tummy before and one day after surgery. It was completely flat, so I'm hoping that will be my end result. It stayed flat up until around 3 days after procedure.

I was advised to wear the compression garment for at least 24hours after the leaking stopped. I did this, and didn't wear it all week but I have started to wear it again in hopes it will help with swelling.

I'm feeling no pain & no discomfort (other than when I accidentally roll onto my front in my sleep).

So overall it's been a good experience but just hoping it goes back to being flat in the next few weeks/months.

2 weeks later

In the photo attached is pre surgery, 24 hours post, 2 weeks post. Notice how it was completely flat but is now puffy. I'm pretty sure it's swelling (I've been eating very well & start gym tomorrow) so the fat couldn't have grown back so quickly. The swelling can be so demotivating so I'm trying not to let it bother me.
Dr Gupta

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