32 Year Old Mother of Five. Im Not Looking for Perfection I Just Want to Be Comfortable in my Own Skin. - Princeton, NJ

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I had my twins at the age of 17, I went from...

I had my twins at the age of 17, I went from barely hundred pounds to 190lbs. It really stretched my body everywhere. I've always been very insecure about my stomach. I now have five kids and there all starting to get bigger I feel ready to do something for me that would make me feel sexy again for myself and for my husband. Even though he says he loves me the way I am, I also know he will enjoy the new girls once they are in.... I'm having a tummy tuck and great aguementation. I'm feeling super scared and excited all at once.

Whenever I doubt - 26 days pre op

Every time I doubt doing this I have to remind myself why I decided to do this to begin with. I attached pictures of me in a two piece swim suit my sister in law gave me this two years ago because it didn't fit her ( I don't know why I kept it or took it to begin with) with my clothes on I like my body but when the clothes come off my stomach bothers me sooooo much. I don't know if after the surgery I will feel comfortable wearing a two piece in public but it would feel amazing just to feel comfortable in the bedroom again. I really hate when I feel it hanging I'm always keeping him from touching it.

So hard to lose weight - THANK YOU HOLIDAYS!!!!

Seems like the closer I get to thanks giving the more junk food I'm eating, chocolate desserts, sugar frosting gooey deliciousness!!! I wanted to lose w few pounds before but it seems like a mission impossible..

Worried After Pre Op

I remember the first time meeting with Dr. Hamawy he was very attentive. I left this appointment feeling a little brushed off. I did realize he was overbooked. There were two other patients waiting and one was complaining about how much longer she had to wait. I understand that happens but this is the only time I would see him before the surgery I still had questions. I went from finalizing the size implant I was going to have to being escorted out of the room to finish filling out paperwork. I'm already paid in full and I have no doubt that I'm in good hands I trust him, I only wish I had more time with him. I'm also super nervous never been under anesthesia before. This already has been an emotional up and down and I haven't even had the surgery yet yikes lol. I hope he takes his time during the surgery :(

Husbands true feelings come out

During a disput my husband said I've made the surgery I'm going to have a vanity idol. I don't even talk to him about it unless he asks me. I'm getting a very small implant so it won't be noticeable 270cc he hasn't gone to any appointments. I don't know how this seems to him how I've made this an idol. I don't like the way my skin looks I never have sex in the light, stretch marks all over my stomach my breast have lost all volume mass there's nothing left of them. All I wanted was to feel a little confident in my skin not to flash it around not to show my boobs off but for me behind clothes doors how is that vain... :(

The nerves are kicking in

Feeling so much anxiety. What if I don't make it ? What if I have complications ? What if I did all this and spent all this money and I'm not happy with the results ? I wish I could do it already so I could just go forward with the recovery because my nerves are getting to me.

5:30 AM

Is the time I have to be at the hospital for my surgery. Can't believe this is really going to happen!!! I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. Got my meds, my kids are with my mom, going to get my recovery area ready, my surgery outfit lol and try to sleep. I feel like a kid going to Disney lol

Good Luck to all the RS ladies going under tomorrow !!!!

Praying for you all !!!

I'm ALIVE lol

Finally home resting. My husband has been amazing I'm so thankful. So far the pain has been completely tolerable I hope it stays that way. Now the fun part begins Recovery!!!!

PO 1

My first night wasnt bad a few times I was uncomfortable and had some mild pain. As long as I stay on top of my pain meds the pain is tolerable. I really was expecting a lot worse. I've also been eating which I was surprise had soup last night and oatmeal this morning. I want to open my binder to peak but I'm scared. Maybe tonight I'll do it.

My first look = Me feeing happy!!!

Woke up feeling so much better today. Yesterday was rough for me I felt like the pain meds weren't doing anything. Getting on and off the bed was a nightmare. Had so much energy got off the bed went to the bathroom all by myself my husband woke up in a panic he thought something was wrong lol I also had enough courage to take off the binder so far I like what I see I didn't see my bb but the line looks very low and thin. Very very happy with the work my PS did.

How Do I ???

Wash my hair with out without wetting my drain site??

How do I get that clear tape off my belly button its like it's glued to my skin!!

First full shower!!!

It felt amazing I didn't want it to end and the got water down my back enjoyed every minute of it lol My husband has been the ideal perfect recovery partner I've had a hard time with bowel movement and some emotional moments and he has been the best encouraged supporter I could ha e possibly asked for. And I'm so happy with my results so far I want wait to see my belly button. The little stretch marks on the side of my hips and under my belly button don't even bother me. My breast are perfectly perfect my PS did a fantastic job so thankful I went with him. Today I'm feeling no regrets still happy with my decision to have done this.

It's Amazing !!!

The strength God gives a mom or parent when there is so much to do for their child yet they have no strength. I just baked from the box 48 cupcakes for my daughters Christmas party. I'm paying the price now but it was worth it to see how happy she was knowing she would be able to bring in a Christmas treat for her class.

Congratulations to me!!!! What a relief

I finally had my first BM !!!!!! It was the worst and best feeling ever my stomach feels so much better. There is hope ladies drink lots of water eat fiber drink milk of magnesium take lots of laxatives do it all and your BM will eventually come too lol

Waiting for that big break through :(

Where I feel completely mobile again. I have this huge swelling above my belly button that's causing me so much discomfort :( I have no other serious pain except that one spot. Trying to stay positive going to my first PS tomorrow we'll see what he says.

An update Finally

So sorry I've taken forever to update. This has been the most up and down experiencr I've ever been through. With that said I have not one single regret !! The recovery process isn't terrible as long as you stay on top of your meds. The hardest part for me is not being able to be active. Going from working taking care of five kids and being a wife to sitting in bed for three weeks was tough. I'm about 75% back to normal. I'm easily tired can't do as much as I would like to but that's ok every week gets better then the prior. Now swelling is not too bad for me, it's more like a bloating feeling it doesn't hurt but its annoying to see my lady part inflated lol. One thing I recommend for everyone is a heating blanket I have one and have used it every night, it helps with the swelling and the body aches, its the best investment ever got mine at Walmart for 20 bucks. This was my first week back at work I have a sitting job so it's not bad but I find my self every so often walking hunched over I hate it but I know that will soon be over. I have my next PO appt Janaruary 21st I'm already using scar treatment on my boobs. My left one looks amazing and my right one aka the problem
child is swollen dark and looks horrible hopefully it will start to look like the left one. My binder I have a love hate relationship with it I truly am sick of it but I feel like I'm held together with it. I know I shold switch over to Spanx or a faja but I'm not ready yet the past couple of night I haven't slept in it and it doesn't feel great but it's easier to turn from my left side to my right. I don't sleep flat on my back yet and as much as I would lovery to I don't see sleeping on my stomach in the near future. I'm very happy with my results. I still have stretch marks under my bb and on the sides of my hips but it's such an improvement fro before.

75% off Victoria Secrets !!!! Tonight is the big night to have an OG or not hats the question...

So I've been waiting for my breast to drop and for the swelling to go down some before I went bra shopping. I got measured and was like the happiest kid in the world when she measured me at 34C I could have kissed the lady lol. For the first time in my life I enjoyed shopping at Victoria Secret I was walking all around the fitting room so comfortable. The sales girl wanted to help me fix straps and check in on me now before I probably would have said no I'm ok today opened the fore wide and said come on in what do you think lol ugh this surgery as vain as it may be to some people has liberated me in so many ways only you ladies on here an understand. I bought five really nice bras for under 100 bucks. Tonight is my job's huge holiday party, we have a hotel room for the night. Tonight will be the first night my husband and I do the do lol I can't wait however I hope everything down there works properly as I've recently read you don't always experience an orgasism. I know I definitely feel arroused I have good sensation in my nipples, I feel extremely ready I just hope it feels good down there the way it should. Come on lady parts mommy is counting on you!!!! G spot lets get it together. I'll keep you all posted on the outcome and some pics on the bras I got.

I hope everyone is healing good and enjoying the new you.

Holiday Party !!!!!

It was a success !! I love to dance and I thought I wasn't going to be able to how wrong was danced my ass off. I had so much fun. Had many drinks sang karaoke and had minimum swelling.

Now for the after party in our room. I didn't feel everything as I would have but there were some position where I could feel the sensation more, we did oral and it wasn't the same but I just enjoyed it. No orgasism but thanks to a few out her ladies sharing there story I didn't feel worried. It will all come back. On the positive side we made a porn hahaha never did that before and we had all the lights on the entire time. I just felt so comfortable about how I looked. I can't wait for all the feelings to come back so I can really enjoy my husband.

Just a moment to Vent

I hope you ladies don't mind me venting on here. I can't really vent any where else. My marriage is struggling so bad. I've been married 11 years together 12 its been rocky from the beginning. There has been multiple betrayal even some abuse in the past but as many times as we've separated we've always got back together. I'm certain it's been because of the kids still being so young and you know you want to do what's best to keep your family together. I'm just so tired and I feel so trapped. He's a good father but the trust in our relationship has been severely damaged and I just don't see how it can be repaired. I hope everyone is having a better evening then me. I'm sure my night could be worse o just feel so down and discouraged. Life is not easy.

My daily Routine who can relate LOL

At work I go in the bathroom to massage the girls. I'm starting to wonder if anyone notices how long I'm in here for LOL. I feel like the massages have really been helping, my right breast has been slower than the left one in dropping but I'm starting to see some progress which is making me really happy. I've been secretly worried I would have uneven breast which happens but I would want it to be as unnoticeable as possible.

I hope everyone else is healing well and having a great day :)


I was definitely NOT botched by my PS but I truly need a BA revision. My MM experience has been more of an emotional experience then physical. Physically I've healed from my surgery without any complications and for that I'm extremely thankful but to come to this place where I'm unhappy with something that wasn't even the main thing I was unhappy with in the beginning and knowing the only way I can fix what's wrong is by going under the knife again and paying more money has me stressed out. My biggest insecurity was my stomach having the extra stretched marked skin and I wanted it gone!! Second on list was my extremely deflated boobs they looked like to small elbows however it was something I could have lived with. I remember Dr. Adam asking me the order of what I wanted to change the most. My stomach was #1 and my breast were #2. Aside from the stretch marks left on my stomach and hips I'm very happy with my tummy tuck. My TT scar is a little on the darker side but I know it has a combination to do with my dark skin and will lighten up more over the next year. One itty bitty thing I don't like about my TT is the little budge skin on the right side but I'm hoping over time of working out that will flatten up more. Now my breast implant I love them but have more hate for them. In clothes my chest area is full. I went from barely an A to a very full C cup. My implants are saline under the breast I'm going to say high profile but I'm not sure on the profile. (Will confirm) Coming to my PS I wasn't very educated on what how and why when it came to the BA. My PS originally suggested I get saline over the muscle during our first consultation but at my pre-op appt. I changed my mind and decided on silicone and to have the implant placed under the muscle. During my pre-op appt. I felt completely rushed. Some may say it was a sign but I tried to stay positive in-spite of the fear I felt that day. I tried to be understanding and said I came on a very busy day and put all my trust in my PS. My biggest advice to myself for next time would be don't leave until I feel comfortable and feel all my questions have been answered. Moving on to surgery day my PS had brought the wrong implants and after he looked through his paperwork he then had to have someone bring the correct implants. The size of the implant was a few CC's more then I wanted but not more that it would make a huge difference. This made me so nervous before my surgery it made me think that the PS did not review my case before the surgery and that he didn't care enough to get it right. I really wanted the surgery, I had taken the days off, I paid everything so no matter how fearful I felt there was no going back. I was extremely happy that I woke up from surgery and to be honest the pain was bearable and my healing was exactly like the books. I thank God I had no infections, swelling wasn't crazy (I still swell now), I can feel little by little feeling returning new my incision and belly button. After a month I started to notice my left implant was dropping very low creating a bubble looking increase. My left nipple is pointing north and it looks like I have two completely different breast they both have two completely different shapes in every aspect. My scars under my breast are also very large and lumpy not like my tummy tuck incision. I started wondering if during my procedure if my PS rush my breast and didn't give it as much attention as my TT. You know you start thinking all times of things. During my second post appt. I addressed my implant bottoming out.At this time he mentioned that the cut on the fold was made bigger on my left breast. He wanted the implant to drop evenly with my right breast since my left breast stood a little higher and was a bit smaller to begin with and if you look at my pre-op pic my PS is definitely correct but maybe he made the cut too big. I also dont like how my implants become deformed whenever I put strain on my arms. My last complaint is how my right implant feels like half of it is in my armpit. I told my PS I would need a revision but his response was let's see how things look when I come back for my next appt which is June 22th . I'm hoping during this appt I can really sit and discuss all of my concerns with my PS. My biggest fear is that I have the revision done by my current PS and it comes out messed up again. I really want to believe that he can fix my BA but also that he cares. I don't like feeling like just another patient. My BA was done for my husband and I to enjoy. Having my BA done was a really important thing for me and now I don't even want my husband to see my naked again back to my insecure ways. So I'm hoping to have some light shed next month. Pleas share your input on how bad you think my implant looks or if you've had a similar experience I would love to hear it. Thank you everyone for reading my super long post. At the end of the day being healthy is the most important
Princeton Plastic Surgeon

What I remember from my first consultation with him was He listened to me, he wasn't trying to sell himself to me, and I felt comfortable. The staff is also great especially this one nurse who has been so patient and awesome with me. Ive emailed her so many times and she always has responded to me and all my questions. I did have a good experience with my PS during my consultations. I felt he was very caring attentive to what I wanted. The office staff was great in answering questions too. My pre-op was were I didn't feel so happy with the service I felt rushed, I had so many questions about the BA and the paper work I was filling out during that appointment I felt a lack of support during this huge life changing surgery. I'm hoping to feel the way I did in the beginning with this PS if not I'd say it'll be time to look for a PS to do my BA revision.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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