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Hello & thank you for reading my blog! Let...

Hello & thank you for reading my blog!
Let me start by saying I’m 21 years old, weight is about 65 kilos and am around 5’3. Since high school I have always been more developed than all my friends. At that stage I liked it because I have always wanted big boobies. By the time I was 17, they were about a size F and I was barely coping. The size of my breast made it extremely hard to do everything- I mean fitness, especially running was out of the equation from the start. I was diagnosed with mild scoliosis in my back, which for years now, has caused me a lot of pain, especially when it’s that time of the month! I have extreme neck, shoulder and back pain- my posture is shocking because of my boobs and not to mention the $$$ for bras, $200.00 + per bra. At the moment, my bra is a size 10J and I’m well and truly over it and ready for a new me ?

I have been pondering over a reduction for years now and have finally gained the courage to book it. I was originally looking to have this procedure done by insurance, but in Australia it’s very hard to find a highly qualified surgeon who will participate. I sent hundreds of emails to plastic surgeons to find a doctor, when one day I received a phone call (the first practice to actually call me to discuss, so I was very happy!) The lady’s name was Jackie, she explained to me that finding a surgeon to do it by insurance will be quite difficult. Jackie took the up most interest in my case and I am so thankful for that! She is the one who convinced me to pay for the procedure and get it done. Jackie checks in with me fortnightly with updates or articles I should read. I have done my research about the practice and can only see amazing reviews! I’m so pleased to have someone like Jackie and my plastic surgeon taking me through this journey!

So, enough of my story- let’s get to the dates ? my first consultation is on Monday 11th Feb 2013 and I’m filled with so much excitement! The surgery is booked for Thursday 21st March 2013. I haven’t had the surgery yet, and I already wish I had of booked this sooner! This website has been beyond amazing and has guided me through- I think hearing from other women who have actually had the procedure done is a lot more comforting than a doctor telling me what MIGHT happen, what might NOT happen.
So I will be putting up my before pictures soon, (I’m working up the courage) and will post my entire journey to help other women like you’ve ALL helped me!

PLEASE NOTE: I am in Sydney, Australia, so my price is in Australian dollars.

So I am 7 weeks today and can officially say I’m...

So I am 7 weeks today and can officially say I’m obsessed! From reading everyone’s reviews on here, to watching youtube videos, to dreaming about the bra’s I’m going to be able to wear! It feels like its going so slow & I think its because day by day I’m counting down and its constantly on my mind! I’ve told myself so many times to get it off my mind and not think about it so it comes faster… but easier said than done!

I’m beyond excited for my surgery, I think I’m just so over the pain and the uncomfortableness (Ill properly become really nervous closer to the date!). this website has been a blessing for me- I think I feel 100 times better about the surgery from hearing about peoples storeys who have actually had it done rather than just a surgeon if you know what I mean.

Will upload before photos soon, I’m extremely body conscious of them so give me a bit of time :)
I have my first pre-op appointment on Monday 11th Feb :)so ill keep you all posted!!!!!!!

I am a very organized person so i need to have...

I am a very organized person so i need to have piece of mind that im fully prepaired and have everything ready for surgery! Can someone please tell me, when i buy extra 'sergical' bras, what size do i get? 6 weeks to go & counting!! :)

I have been reading everyones reviews &...

I have been reading everyones reviews & everyone recommends different things. When packing my hospital bag, what do i need?

Ok! So today is my first consultation... I am...

Ok! So today is my first consultation... I am beyond excited, but also filled with nerves!! Its not until 6pm tonight, (counting down the hours!) but it cannot come quick enough! I really want/need to know everything that is going to happen. Im praying that ill be able to go down to the size i want, so fingers crossed! My lovely fiance is accompaning me to help take in all the information! So ill update you all tomorrow on how it went! WOO!!! :)

So I had my consultation yesterday. I can...

So I had my consultation yesterday. I can definitely say that I was very nervous! Not about the consultation itself, about taking my top off lol. But it went amazingly! So I had to fill out a heap of paper work for the consultation and the surgery, the practice manager Jackie is so very nice, she makes you feel very comfortable! I finally got to meet my doctor who was also extremely nice! He covered absolutely everything I wanted to know and also told me a few things that I didn’t know! So at the moment I’m in the range of an JJ cup and am going down to a C cup. I’m EXTREMELY happy that my sutures will be dissolvable and I won’t be having any drains!!!! WOOOHOOO :) haha. I was also worried about the horrid blood clots everyone speaks about- which he also made me very happy with, during surgery they will put massaging stockings on my legs to keep blood flow going & will inject me the next day with something than slightly thins out my blood to also prevent blood clots. Because of my size he does have to do the ‘Anchor’ cut, which I’m 100% fine with. The scaring is not a issue what so ever to me. I booked my next consultation for the 6th March then its my surgery on the 21st March and very much looking forward to it! All in all, I made a great decision with an amazing doctor!!! Couldn’t be happier right now!!! :)

My surgery date is getting closer and closer &...

My surgery date is getting closer and closer & since my 1st pre-op consult, the time seams to be flying by! I mean I booked this surgery over 2 months ago! Crazy! I havent even had the surgery yet and am wishing i booked it sooner lol! Well 3 weeks till my final consult than another 2 and my surgery! wooo

4 weeks till surgery, normally its the only thing...

4 weeks till surgery, normally its the only thing on my mind, but latley, I think I'm getting really nervous & scared that I havent been talking about it or even reading up on it... My stomach is already turning so I dont know how I'm going to feel on the day! I got a confirmation of my surgery last week, and my surgery time is approx 3pm... I'm not too impressed about the time, Id rather have morning surgery rather then sitting on it all day... I'm going to be a wreck lol!

Im pretty much craping myself right now... 3 weeks...

Im pretty much craping myself right now... 3 weeks to go, eeekk! Today my boss asked me if i could work half a day on the day of my surgery. i said no, i think i might be a mental wreck ahah.

Just wondering if anyone could help with a...

Just wondering if anyone could help with a question...
Can you have acrylic nails whist having surgery?
There is so many mixed answers on the intranet...


So my final consult is in 2 days & then only 2...

So my final consult is in 2 days & then only 2 weeks till my surgery. My Dr said the 2nd consultation is for me to ask any questions, etc... Although I asked all my questions in the 1st consult (breastfeeding, sensation, pain, scaring, hospital, procedure, size, etc) Is there anything else important I need to ask?? Your help is much appreciated ladies!!!

I had my final consultation yesterday. It was...

I had my final consultation yesterday. It was basically just revising all the information I was given at the first consult, any questions I had and what to expect from here.

So, the only test I have to go for is a blood test which is for this weekend, I cannot take any anti-inflammatory medication from now on (which sucks because I have really bad hey fever at the moment, not to mention stomach cramps) How to prepare for the day & what to expect. My Dr makes me feel very confident as he is so confident himself!

Today, there is only 14 days till my surgery & I’m starting to feel very sick just thinking about it!
This weekend, Hubby & I are spring cleaning the house and doing all the lawns, etc so everything is perfect when I get home ?

6 days until surgery ... I dont know what I'm...

6 days until surgery ... I dont know what I'm feeling, Im not scared or nervous (at the moment) but very excited, counting down the days! The last few months have flown by and I truely cannot wait for the 21st March. We have almost got the house ready, just a few things left to do- put everything I need/use regurly down low, and organize my sleeping friend (the lounge) haha. So glad my amazing fiancee will be at home with me the entire time, Im very blessed! Well, Ill check in again before I go into surgery & give updates! :)

PS: I will post before & after photos after surgery !

3 more sleeps... Eeekk! I went for my blood test...

3 more sleeps... Eeekk!
I went for my blood test yesterday and whilst I was waiting to go in, my stomach was turning and I was nervous, felt like I had to go pee... I can only imagine how Im going to feel on the day :|
I am very excited and nervous at the same time. Im not scared (yet) but Im sure that will kick in shortly. Well Im all ready for surgery, Im packed, got my lounge all set up for where ill be sleeping & the house is sparkling clean :) So now, I am enjoying being independent and snuggling with my fiance!! Im really going to miss it. I might update before surgery, if not, ill see you on the other side :) XX

My Journey My surgery was booked for the 21st...

My Journey

My surgery was booked for the 21st March 2013. I stoped eating and drinking from 7am that day and was to be checked into hospital at 12pm. When I arrived at the hospital, I was admitted and taken to my room with my arm band, dressing gown for surgery and special socks. It was a very long day, waiting around, not eating. Finally at 5.00pm the nurse came in and told me to get changed into my gown and socks as they are about to take me down to theatre. I was not nervous the entire day, until she told me to get ready. So I quickly jumped up and got changed and got back in bed. A male nurse came and got me and took me down to the theatre room. When I got there I was asked many questions from another nurse, name, age, allergies etc. The pushed me into a room where I was to wait to go into surgery. The 2 nurses in there were wonderful, really chatty and made me feel as calm as I could be. I met my anaesthetist and he put the catheter in and said he would be back shortly. My surgeon then came in to mark me up. Whilst all this was happening I could hear them setting up the surgery room which made me even more nervous and scared, I was pretty much shaking the whole time, I was petrified. They where playing lady gaga music while setting up haha. My anaesthetist came back in and gave me something to calm me down and then I was wheeled into surgery… All I can remember was a big pale blue room, I was given some sleeping medicine and asked to clime over to another bed, which was VERY narrow and black and thin. After that, I don’t remember anything at all! The next thing I know I’m waking up in a big area with a nurse looking over me asking if I was ok, I remember waking up feeling like I was extremely drunk and not with it. They gave me a sip of water and wheeled me back to my room. When I got back there I was asleep but when I woke up my fiancé and mum where there kissing me. I was very relieved to see them and I think the feeling was mutual for them. I couldn’t keep my eyes open for longer than a minute! The nurses came every 4 hours to give me more morphine, so I woke up every time they came in. I had to get up and go to the toilet through the night which the nurse had to help me, I remember it being VERY painful and I could barley do anything myself. The next day my fiancé and mum where there first thing when I woke up, again I could barley keep my eyes open, but at about 11-10am the nurse sat me up and gave me some water and tried to keep me awake. My surgeon came to see me and check on my boobies and said everything went perfect and he is really happy. That day I was discharged from hospital at about 1pm. The walk out of hospital was very painful, not to mention the drive home (I was in tears the whole way). My surgery went for a total of 4 hours and doctor said everything was perfect and he couldn’t be happier. As of now, I am 18 days post-op. When I first got home I pretty much went straight to sleep, I slept 70% of the day for the first about 4 days. I needed help getting up, going to the bathroom, I couldn’t even hold a cup to have a drink! I’m so thankful my partner was there to help! I had 3 weeks off work and I got better everyday. I mean some days are better than others but I can defiantly feel that my recovery is going good. So today is day 18 in recovery, I’m still in a bit of pain, driving makes me very sore, and sleeping is obviously still very uncomfortable. This is my 2nd day back at work and I’m very tired! After surgery I had my 1st check up 4 days after and another one two weeks later, both went really well and I’m 100% happy with my results so far! My next check up is in 4 weeks. My surgeon said I can start walking and swimming next week so I am very excited! I cannot believe the surgery is over, I waited so long for it and counted down the days for 3 months. It’s the best decision I have ever made and I could not be happier!
Sydney Plastic Surgeon

I heard many great reviews on the surgeon, and he came through for me without a doubt. He is responsable for my happiness and confidence today! I highly recommend Dr Ho, he made me feel comfortable in every way!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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