2 Big Babies Left Me Deflated. Duluth, GA

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Ok so! I have found this site so helpful during...

Ok so! I have found this site so helpful during all of my planning and I decided i wanted to share my mommy makeover journey and hopefully help someone that's curious just like I was. I'm having this procedure done with Dr. Mike Song of prima center in Duluth Ga on March 25th which is only 5 days away and just as I typed that out I felt my blood pressure raise, I'm super nervous about being put under but I know or at least I hope it'll all be worth it! I decided on Dr. Song after already seeing him for Botox and juvederm, so I'm already very familiar with him and his staff and I love them all, I am having a full tummy tuck with a belly button float instead of a traditional because apparently I have a high BB and the only other way to do it would be to make a small vertical incision across the hip to hip incision and that scared me a little bit plus I don't have to worry about having stitches around my BB so yay! I'm also having an anchor breast lift with somewhere around the 445 cc silicone implants, he's ordered a couple of different sizes to "try on" in the operating room, my biggest fear is not going big enough and regretting it later, He said I have a good amount of breast tissue already so I should have a nice outcome, let's hope so for mine and my poor husbands sake hehe. Speaking of my DH bless his heart he freaks out anytime I try to tell him what they're going to do to me, lucky for him he gets to take care of me for a few days then my mother is coming to stay with me for about a week, I have 2 kids 8 and 12, both of them weighing 10lbs when they were born ???? I had one natural and one c section so of course I have that cute smiley face from that on my stomach with all 7,000 stretch marks I acquired, at least I had 2 beautiful healthy babies out of it all ??

Shots shots shots!!

So I'm not a fan of needles not that I know anyone who is but I got all of my prescriptions filled including my levenox shots to prevent blood clots, I'm still on the fence if im going to have the guts to do this myself or get someone to give them to me, I'm trying to get everything done that I need to before Wednesday I'm starting to freak out a little more now 3 days!!

The dreaded before pics...

Tomorrow is the day!! I'm so freakin scared/ excited it's not even funny! I took my measurements this morning just to compare in a few weeks

Before pics

Apparently I don't know how to use this site so I'll try again with my before pics

I made it to the flat side!!!

I'm home and so glad it's done, I'm extremely loopy still so I'll give a detailed update tomorrow :)

My husband is the best nurse :) 2 days post op

I'm still a little loopy from meds but not quite as bad as yesterday so, Here's what happened, After my markings they took me too the or room my poor husband had tears in his eyes bless his heart, anyway the only thing I remember was walking in getting on the or table he told me to scoot up to the top of the bed and then next thing I know I'm awake, sooo glad it's over I'm really sore like I've had a crazy intense ab workout and my incision only hurts a little when I walk, my boobs don't hurt at all just feel heavy ...he went with 457 cc silicone implants and. They look great so far from I can tell, I can't take the bandages off until my post op appointment on the 31st I'm so ready to see how I look! I was originally supposed to have a bb float because I had a high bb but it turned out I had a regular with no vertical scar!! I was worried about the other approach but I trust my doctor a million percent, this stupid binder itches like crazy though I think that night be the worst part ,,,and walking hunched over at a snails pace isn't the best either, my husband has been giving me the levenox shots to prevent blood clots and I NEVER even feel them I'm so glad because I was scared of that, the doctor said I had significant muscle damage so he did a lot of repair on them which is probably why I'm hunched over as much as I am, hoping tomorrow will be easier walking, I haven't had a appetite since I got home I've only eaten oranges and yogurt for two days, I've been sleeping all the time which is good I guess but I'm tired of typing this update ;) maybe I'll have more energy tomorrow and can post pics! Oh ps. The drains are a pain can't wait to get them out!


I'm not even joking when I tell you pain meds stop you up and it's no joke it has been 8 days since I went to the bathroom count them tall 8!!! After stool softeners and some disgusting drink that makes you go nothing worked except glycerine suppositorys ...maybe a combo I don't know but you can not skip this step. Ok other than that everything is going well I had one of my drains removed yesterday and the other one Friday, I was a little heartbroken to see I still had quite a bit of stretch marks on my stomach when the doc was changing my bandages but I still don't regret this decision one bit ??

9 days post op

Finally I had a little bit of strength to post some after shower pics I think everything is looking great so far just a good bit of swelling, I'm going to get my 2 drain out today so yay!!

9 days post op

I couldn't wait for swelling to go down

So I've always wanted a beach bunny bathing suit but considering they're over 200 for basically just pieces of dental floss I could never justify it ...plus I didn't want to wear it with my old body obviously. I have zero patience and when this came in the mail I put it on immediately knowing it would look like crap but it covers my scars perfectly my boobs may hang out a bit but the suits run small ( and I got an xl) but anyway I'm in love and can't wait until I can stand up straight and I'm not swollen :)

Bikini pic!!!

So glad I did this but...

I'm so happy with my decision to finally do this but today has been really hard for some reason, not pain wise just emotionally and it's the pain killers because I'm off of those I think it mainly hit me when my daughter wanted to hug on me and I haven't been able to snuggle with her she had tears in here eyes and asked me if I could sit on the couch so she could hug me and she promised to be careful, I litteraly sobbed I felt like the worst mom like I'm neglecting both of my kids, they're on spring break this week and they've had to sit home everyday this week because I chose to do this. Sometimes being a mom is too hard :( on a positive note I'm walking a little more upright today! Hope you're all recovering well!!

Infected sutures hurt just in case ya'll didn't know

Ok so its been awhile since I've updated I had a abscessed stitch on my hip that hurt like a mother when I had it removed but, I'm on antibiotics now and recovering well, I'm still so super sore I was 3 weeks post op yesterday and I pulled a muscle in my boob, no but seriously I pulled a muscle in my BOOB!! And I still can't drive because of it :( other than that I'm a little depressed because I thought by now I'd be doing a little better or at least standing up straight but nope. Anyway here's some updated pics

Finally made it to six weeks!

I love how I look first thing in the morning but once I'm up for about an hour I start swelling and I'm stitch spitting stitches like crazy

9 weeks post op

9 weeks today! I'm back to normal sleeping on my side finally! That was a nightmare trying to sleep I no longer have to wear compression garments although I feel like I need them to feel normal swelling is getting better every day I do have a spot that's draining puss still the doctor will have to do a procedure in a week or so if it doesn't clear up on its own he thinks it's another stitch but all in all I'm so happy with everything!!

4 months post

I was 4 months post on July 25th and everything is going great I haven't had any more issues with stitches after the last one was removed and my scars are starting to fade finally ??
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