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Hello rs peeps I am 30 years old and single mother...

Hello rs peeps I am 30 years old and single mother of two girls.
I have always been more on the chubby side, before I had my first daughter (now 6) I was around 160-170 after delivery I weight around 200 I was just devastated I hated the way I felt and of course looked. I started to eat clean, not have anything after 5pm and only drink water i had lost a bunch very fast when I started working out I had already some loose skin but nothing to horrible. It got better over time and my lowest weight was 135 lbs life was good I loved the new me. After about 3 years I stopped working and just by sitting at home I had gained weight again. Started being depressed and weight went up a little more and than I found I was pregnant at around 180lbs. Well after delivering my second daughter (now 7months) I was up to 230lbs. Very frustrating. Now I am againI on a very strict diet and I work out 4 x a week. When I can't get to the gym I walk. But I am always active. I am now at around 198 lbs. I had two csections and my tummy is now officially shot. I have that disgusting apron. Not only that but I also have some thunder thighs, with some cellulite, terrible love handles the huge back rolls and my arms yack nasty. I don't wear shorts I do t show my arms. I just really don't enjoy life like this. I have been non stop on this site and YouTube just reading up on tummy tucks. I am just so terrified about the pain. My first csection was so so. It was. It was very painful but not as terrible as the second one. I stayed at the hospital for 5 days each time. And if I could have stayed longer I would have. I would pop them pain meds like no other. I have no tolerance for pain at all. I am just a huge cry baby.
3 days ago I had an appointment with a plastic surgeon. Regarding my stomach thighs arms back and eyelids. (On top of all the things I would want to change on my body I have really bad eyelids too.) I was hoping to hear from him that I wouldn't need a tt that a lipo would do, or if a tt was needed that no muscles would be touched. Well he immediately pointed out the tummy and said he could fix that with a tt but muscle repair is needed. He was very honest. I went to see Dr. Song in Duluth Georgia. We spoke about lipo around my inner, putter thighs my love handles and as much as he could get out of the back rolls without having to flip me over. He also advised me that I just have to have an realistic idea and I wouldn't walk out of his office with size 2 legs. He was very professional and made sure we were on the same page. My eyelids he doesn't want to touch, I asked him twice and he said he wouldn't do it that I am too young. He quoted me $6328 he went down 15% on his charge due to my mother also getting a bunch of work and we were referred by a friend. I set a date that day but once I came back home and really started to think about it I started to hesitate. I need to see another ps or 2 or 3. I don't want to just go with the first one. Also what bothers me is that there is no hospital stay involved. I wanted to be flipped over so that he can get more fat out of the back rolls and maybe do a bbl but he doesn't want to do that at once. I just can't afford to have it all done separately. I have a very demanding 7 month old baby and my mother is really the only that would watch her but she works and she is already taking half of her vacation for her stuff. Also I don't want to be put to sleep again etc etc etc. I don't know maybe I am being just to demanding and I need to come back down a bit lol. At this point I just want everything under the sun done. I am still not a 100% sure if I could mentally and pain wise really handle the tt. Or am I just being a baby? Everytime I pull y shirt up and she that belly I am like oh yeah I need it done ASAP. But than I sit down and watch ppl talk about this on YouTube and the pain and than I am scared again. I also hate the way the belly button looks afterward. I am afraid of having a nasty scar. Even though my csection scar is very nice. Very flat thin just very well healed. I have also been looking at doctors in Dominican Republic since the prices here in Georgia are just very high for all what I want done. I am no stranger to DR. My husband is from santo Domingo and I lived there off and on over the years. But again he would watch my kids if I would to fly over there......aaaaa just frustrating....any advice? Any guidance? Any suggestions? Know of a relative "cheaper" ps here in the atl. I heard a lot about dr.j but his prices are to high for me and his work is not as impressive. I would appreciate any type of help or advice.

so here goes a little update chicas

I got a call from Diana @ vanity and you could tell she was really busy. She quoted me for a TT with 2 areas of lipo $4590 but if you pay the deposit this month of May its $4090 and for the BBL $5550 Dr. Fisher would be the PS. Heck by the time I fly to MIA from ATL and pay for the recovery house I might as well stay here. I am still waiting on Dr. C's quote. I was talking to a very very nice girl yesterday that took her time to consult me, give me support and make me feel good about my decision. I know of Dr. C thru her. And the best part about this ps surgeon is that he will do TT and BBL together. Is it a wise decision, Idk. So I have been doing the diet thing and hitting the gym so hopefully I can drop them lbs. Eating clean and moving that body sure makes you feel so much better. I need to get down to 150lbs and keep it there. So my house really needs some cleaning but this site is just so addictive its crazy. Happy summer break to all you mommy's out there :) Lets help one another thru this journey not all of us have the support we need. God bless and stay flyyyyy

Random question.....

How can I see if comments I posted on someone else's page were answered? And even my own without having to go onto profile? Am I just missing here something???
Chicas I can't wait for tomorrow to get here already, hopefully by then Vicki @dr.c office will email me back or I am just going to have to call her and bother her :) :) I also added a couple more options ( ps's numbers ) in my handy notebook...yes I got a notebook to write down random stuff that I catch here and there. I am telling you all this is an obsession. I don't know if this will be helpful to someone on here but Emory's residency program offers reduced surgeries. 404-616-5800 but there is a consultation fee and it's not cheap. I don't know the amount but my uncles wife works for Emory and that is all the info she could give me. Will update once I get my quote xoxoxox

Dropping that weight

Chicasssss not much to update so far. Got my appointment with dr c tomorrow. As soon as I get my quote I will post it. Can't wait... I am still calling and emailing different docs but really I hopeing that I can stop searching tomorrow. I have been working out 4 to 5 xa week and I am feeling great. I am down to 190 lbs woot woot. I would love to get down to 160 lbs before surgery. I have been drinking 1 protein shake a day and one green smoothie. I highly recommend the dash blender. It has the same motor as a vitamix and costs 160 at SAMs club. I am still going to see dr. Song this month to get some juvederm and Botox before my trip to see my family in Puerto Rico. I have been researching how to rest/sleep after tt and bbl so any suggestions are appreciated. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far.

Quick update chichas

Had my consultation today with dr. Cochran in Columbus ga. I was late about 50 minutes late. Everything that could go wrong did. The ladies at the office were nice about it and not upset at all. But there were a lot of other people waiting to be seen and they had to then squeeze me in. So yes I felt rushed but that was obviously not their fault. Dr c. is very nice and really there is not much more to say. The clinic is very old one can tell that he has been there for a long time. If anyone has seen for example Prima Center in Duluth, this one does not compare at all but really one can't judge the doctors skills based on that. So that doesn't bother me. It was clean and that is what matters. I would have liked to have seen some before and after pictures and I had a ton of questions I forgot to ask, again my fault for getting there so late. He quoted me $4900 for the tt and that includes lipo of hips and back. Not sure if full back or not. Lipo thighs $1000 lipo to the arms $400 and for the bbl $1000 total: $7300 ..... I doubt I can find a doctor that will do it for less. I have searched and searched and I am not quite done yet but so far he gave me the best quote. I guess the only thing holding me back is that I didn't feel like he is the one lol. Ohh decisions decisions. Maybe I just need a little time to think about it. Today was just a crazy day and I can't think straight. So that's it for this little review :) and support is always appreciated muacckkksss adiossss

Just one of them days......

Got done with my workout this morning and I should feel pumped and full of energy, how come I am in sad mode???? I get to the point where I am ready to go under the knife that same instant but a couple minutes later I am feeling regret. Yes I do dislike you, you hanging tummy but you have been with me for so that's what crosses my mind. To spent all that money on my body, the down time, my 6 year old having to see me recuperating and I am not to thrilled about the way the belly button looks like after a tt. Arrrrggg all that I think about. My babies father is so against it. He will not support it because I likes the way I look now...I don't see how but he believes I should stay the way I am and be happy. Not that I will follow his opinion lol but it does cross my mind also. I am just crazy yall? What the heck is wrong with me!!! I do need it, I just took some pictures and once you see it like that you realize how bad it is. Wish there would be hope for cellulite on my thunder thighs, those bother me just as much as the belly. Today is Friday and on Monday I am going back to dr. Songs clinic to take my mother for her preop and get my face right :) hope that being around "pretty people" and the source of it all, that I will feel ready to go and pumped about it again. Not that I am choosing him to do the body work but just being around a plastic surgeon and his very attractive staff will motivate me again. Also the hype over me wanting to go to Dom Rep is officially over, I have kids (like mentioned numerous times lol) I can't be experimenting. The body work is insane and I love what they do but I am coming back to be a stay at home mother that goes to church twice a week and i will be ok with just looking bomb lol I don't have to get video vixen ready :) but I do love to read and look at all these beautiful chicas on rs they do look truly amazing. Support is always appreciated :)

Botox and juvederm

Dolls....I had some Botox and some fillers do e today. So far I am a bit disappointed. I don't see a huge improvement yet :( as for the Botox I know it can take up to a week for full results but the Juvederm is instant. No bruising no swelling that's a plus. I had this done today by Dr. song he is very nice, prima center is very modern and they stay busy. Besides that, same old same old. Bought a couple things over the weekend to get my body ready for the procedures I would like to have done. Will try to upload some pictures later....

Not happy

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