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Today was my consultation with Dr. Song. I don't...

Today was my consultation with Dr. Song. I don't know where to start. Beautiful facility, friendly staff and Dr. Song was very informative. He explained my options what procedures could be done and the amount of time it would take. I may be doing 2 surgeries, but will talk about the second one when the time comes. My surgery will consist of a tummy tuck with lipo around abdominal area and flanks as well as a breast reduction/lift. My current breast size is a 32DD. They will be reduced to a full C, I haven't had a C cup since 6th grade!! Yes I developed very fast. Dr. Song showed me photos of results I could expect for my body type. I found this very helpful! He also told me that he would keep in touch with me and contact the person taking care of me the evening of my surgery to check on me.

Dr. Song informed me that with every client that undergoes breast sx he sends a sample of the breast tissue to a lab to test for breast cancer.

Price.... I was pleased with the price and EVERYTHING it included. Compared to my last consultation I will be saving about 2,000. And I was told 100% of what I pay is refundable. And the price also includes insurance, which covers specific complications within 30 days of surgery up to the maximum benefit. The down payment is 750 for sx more than 2 hours, my surgery should take 6 hours.

Im very excited and pleased with my decision!

3 months pre-op photos

Here are my before pictures, not so great quality. Will post better pictures as it gets close to surgery. Maybe even before pictures of my tatas.... grrrr. After taking these pictures I realized Im not as big as i thought I was.... But I was 190 at my heaviest and when I fix my ipod I will definitely upload those photos to compare to my after photos. Some may look at my photos and think I can work out but Ive tried!! I even was on nutrisystem for awhile I lost 30lbs from nutrisystem and even workout tough!! And Ive just been at a plateau... So im just giving my body a little kick start. I hate when I jump and my flap follows me... Ugh. Also I never had a nice body, well I did but I was 16... Before I got pregnant. Yes I was a teenage mom, so I never got to enjoy my body EVER! So this is my gift to myself. Im almost 30 and want a fit body in my 30s. This is supposed to be my prime and I want to live my 30s with no regrets and comfortable in my skin.

Before pictures

Getting butterflies

Sooo I know Im still 2 months away but Ive been reading some horrible articles about what could go wrong when you don't choose the right doctor. Now I'm not saying I didn't choose the right doctor. My doctor is double board certified, but what does that mean to a layperson like me? I really don't know but it gives me peace of mind. If your still looking for a doctor please please please read my last update on my other review!!!! Women are dying and people don't talk about that on here. I know we don't want to hear it, I know I don't but we need to educate ourselves. These surgeries are serious. How much do you really love yourself? Educate and guard yourself. I pray for every women on here that they achieve there goals and aren't just masking what's on the inside by fixing the outer appearance. Were not all going to look like a Kardashian or have a Nicki Minaj butt. Why would you want to be someone else other than yourself?

I have been working on myself internally, physically and mentally for years. I feel that I am ready for this new chapter. Everything has been falling into place and the timing couldn't be any better. Im not trying to attain something unachievable. I just want to get the body I never got to enjoy due to having a child as a teen. I want to feel comfortable and confident to match my inner self.

Be yourself, be happy in your skin and achieve the results most attainable for you. As women we need to lift each other up and support one another.

Some good information

The photo attached is just an example of info provided from the following link. Its a must read it includes advice concerning pre-op and post-op care as well as must haves and checklist and even more.

Diet prepping

So I am preparing my diet for my pre and post op sx. And no it is not a diet where I will be eating fewer calories, I want to consume a healthy amount of calories for the healing process. This diet is to aid in faster recovery and assist in reducing inflammation. I've been reading a lot of reviews where reviewers are asking what foods to avoid because of swelling. So I've been doing my research and planning my diet while I eat this spinach, grapes and cottage cheese concoction. According to Bradley Hubbard, "What you eat in the month before your procedure and during the post-operative period will help your body recover faster. Any surgery, even the most benign, stresses the body. Your healing time will be accelerated and your risk of infection and scarring lessened if you follow your physician’s advice about nutrition, optimizing your surgical outcome and your recovery." Below I have provided a link to Hubbard's plastic surgery diet article. The article covers what supplements to add to your diet, what to eat and what not to eat. Although it is not a thorough article wth a list of good and bad foods, it is a foundation for me to begin my diet prepping.

Very important: Five times as many nutrients than usual are needed after surgery to help prevent infection and foster quick healing. Good nutrition supports your immune system as it starves off infection, and reduces swelling, pain and inflammation.

I will post a list of top foods to add to your diet, but as of right now my favorite is tomatoes!! According to advance tissue, "Tomatoes are rich in vitamins A and C as well as lycopene, which promote efficient wound healing." Vitamin A assists in cellular growth, whereas vitamin C aids in tissue growth and repair. Again I have provided a link to this article below as well. I have also provided a screenshot, for those who cannot copy and paste link. Anyways I plan on eating tomatoes with my salads, a tomato sandwich, tomato soup, sauted tomatoes, peppers and chicken. Honestly theres a lot you can do with a tomato!!! So happy I found this information I just had to share it.

Old pictures

Just wanted to share some pics I had of myself at almost my heaviest. I say almost because I lost/deleted pictures of myself at my heaviest. Getting nervous as the date gets closer!!


I don't know if this will help in my recovery but I will try anything and everything to have a smooth recovery, as much as possible. So I don't think it would hurt to try it out. Currently looking for some good essential oils. According to the article, that I will provide the link to (I won't forget this time):

You might want to consider aromatherapy if you’re heading into surgery soon, too.

One recovery room study showed that lavender oil reduced the need for post-operative pain relief following gastric band surgery. Another showed that peppermint spirits eased nausea—one of the most common side effects of surgical anesthesia—in women immediately following a cesarean section.

Which highlights another key use for aromatherapy—it could be a real game changer for new moms.

Research shows that essential oil massage can reduce rates of pain relief interventions—like epidurals and spinal blocks—during labor. But the benefits don’t end there.

Studies show that lavender oil may also aid episiotomy healing (an incision made to assist in childbirth), helping to reduce redness and irritation during the recovery period. And aromatherapy can also be a low-risk option for combating postpartum depression and anxiety.

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Very professional and knowledgeable. Spent a good amount of time with me during consultation, wasn't rushed. He was realistic and wasn't trying to sell me a dream.

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