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Today was my consultation with Dr. Song. I don't...

Today was my consultation with Dr. Song. I don't know where to start. Beautiful facility, friendly staff and Dr. Song was very informative. He explained my options what procedures could be done and the amount of time it would take. I may be doing 2 surgeries, but will talk about the second one when the time comes. My surgery will consist of a tummy tuck with lipo around abdominal area and flanks as well as a breast reduction/lift. My current breast size is a 32DD. They will be reduced to a full C, I haven't had a C cup since 6th grade!! Yes I developed very fast. Dr. Song showed me photos of results I could expect for my body type. I found this very helpful! He also told me that he would keep in touch with me and contact the person taking care of me the evening of my surgery to check on me.

Dr. Song informed me that with every client that undergoes breast sx he sends a sample of the breast tissue to a lab to test for breast cancer.

Price.... I was pleased with the price and EVERYTHING it included. Compared to my last consultation I will be saving about 2,000. And I was told 100% of what I pay is refundable. And the price also includes insurance, which covers specific complications within 30 days of surgery up to the maximum benefit. The down payment is 750 for sx more than 2 hours, my surgery should take 6 hours.

Im very excited and pleased with my decision!

3 months pre-op photos

Here are my before pictures, not so great quality. Will post better pictures as it gets close to surgery. Maybe even before pictures of my tatas.... grrrr. After taking these pictures I realized Im not as big as i thought I was.... But I was 190 at my heaviest and when I fix my ipod I will definitely upload those photos to compare to my after photos. Some may look at my photos and think I can work out but Ive tried!! I even was on nutrisystem for awhile I lost 30lbs from nutrisystem and even workout tough!! And Ive just been at a plateau... So im just giving my body a little kick start. I hate when I jump and my flap follows me... Ugh. Also I never had a nice body, well I did but I was 16... Before I got pregnant. Yes I was a teenage mom, so I never got to enjoy my body EVER! So this is my gift to myself. Im almost 30 and want a fit body in my 30s. This is supposed to be my prime and I want to live my 30s with no regrets and comfortable in my skin.

Before pictures

Getting butterflies

Sooo I know Im still 2 months away but Ive been reading some horrible articles about what could go wrong when you don't choose the right doctor. Now I'm not saying I didn't choose the right doctor. My doctor is double board certified, but what does that mean to a layperson like me? I really don't know but it gives me peace of mind. If your still looking for a doctor please please please read my last update on my other review!!!! Women are dying and people don't talk about that on here. I know we don't want to hear it, I know I don't but we need to educate ourselves. These surgeries are serious. How much do you really love yourself? Educate and guard yourself. I pray for every women on here that they achieve there goals and aren't just masking what's on the inside by fixing the outer appearance. Were not all going to look like a Kardashian or have a Nicki Minaj butt. Why would you want to be someone else other than yourself?

I have been working on myself internally, physically and mentally for years. I feel that I am ready for this new chapter. Everything has been falling into place and the timing couldn't be any better. Im not trying to attain something unachievable. I just want to get the body I never got to enjoy due to having a child as a teen. I want to feel comfortable and confident to match my inner self.

Be yourself, be happy in your skin and achieve the results most attainable for you. As women we need to lift each other up and support one another.

Some good information

The photo attached is just an example of info provided from the following link. Its a must read it includes advice concerning pre-op and post-op care as well as must haves and checklist and even more.

Diet prepping

So I am preparing my diet for my pre and post op sx. And no it is not a diet where I will be eating fewer calories, I want to consume a healthy amount of calories for the healing process. This diet is to aid in faster recovery and assist in reducing inflammation. I've been reading a lot of reviews where reviewers are asking what foods to avoid because of swelling. So I've been doing my research and planning my diet while I eat this spinach, grapes and cottage cheese concoction. According to Bradley Hubbard, "What you eat in the month before your procedure and during the post-operative period will help your body recover faster. Any surgery, even the most benign, stresses the body. Your healing time will be accelerated and your risk of infection and scarring lessened if you follow your physician’s advice about nutrition, optimizing your surgical outcome and your recovery." Below I have provided a link to Hubbard's plastic surgery diet article. The article covers what supplements to add to your diet, what to eat and what not to eat. Although it is not a thorough article wth a list of good and bad foods, it is a foundation for me to begin my diet prepping.

Very important: Five times as many nutrients than usual are needed after surgery to help prevent infection and foster quick healing. Good nutrition supports your immune system as it starves off infection, and reduces swelling, pain and inflammation.

I will post a list of top foods to add to your diet, but as of right now my favorite is tomatoes!! According to advance tissue, "Tomatoes are rich in vitamins A and C as well as lycopene, which promote efficient wound healing." Vitamin A assists in cellular growth, whereas vitamin C aids in tissue growth and repair. Again I have provided a link to this article below as well. I have also provided a screenshot, for those who cannot copy and paste link. Anyways I plan on eating tomatoes with my salads, a tomato sandwich, tomato soup, sauted tomatoes, peppers and chicken. Honestly theres a lot you can do with a tomato!!! So happy I found this information I just had to share it.

Old pictures

Just wanted to share some pics I had of myself at almost my heaviest. I say almost because I lost/deleted pictures of myself at my heaviest. Getting nervous as the date gets closer!!


I don't know if this will help in my recovery but I will try anything and everything to have a smooth recovery, as much as possible. So I don't think it would hurt to try it out. Currently looking for some good essential oils. According to the article, that I will provide the link to (I won't forget this time):

You might want to consider aromatherapy if you’re heading into surgery soon, too.

One recovery room study showed that lavender oil reduced the need for post-operative pain relief following gastric band surgery. Another showed that peppermint spirits eased nausea—one of the most common side effects of surgical anesthesia—in women immediately following a cesarean section.

Which highlights another key use for aromatherapy—it could be a real game changer for new moms.

Research shows that essential oil massage can reduce rates of pain relief interventions—like epidurals and spinal blocks—during labor. But the benefits don’t end there.

Studies show that lavender oil may also aid episiotomy healing (an incision made to assist in childbirth), helping to reduce redness and irritation during the recovery period. And aromatherapy can also be a low-risk option for combating postpartum depression and anxiety.

Pre-op and supply list

So I had my pre-op earlier this week. I am ready, all set! Everything is paid for I have all my supplies and medication. I plan on using embrace silicon strips which I will order next week, thats pretty much the only thing I am needing. I also forgot I will need to buy another garment for backup (I forgot to ask dr which is best). Less than a week left, can't wait!
Here is a list of supplies I currently have(I also provided pictures):

Bodymax pillow
Heat pad
Neck pillow
Training pads
Milk of magnesium
Embrace silicon strips (ordering soon)
Bio oil
Arnicare gel
Tiger balm
Ginger candies (for nausea)
Ginkgo Biloba
Quercetin with bromelain
Personal cleansing cloths (cant shower for a week, can't get scars wet)
Ole Henriksen grease relief cleansing cloths
Sephora express cleansing wipes
Not your mothers dry shampoo
2 night gown oversized shirts
Throw away cotton panties
Chamomile tea
Smooth move tea
Nighty night tea
Essential oil diffuser
Orange essential oil
Lavender essential oil
Peppermint essential oil
Frankincense essential oil
Prescription medication
Plenty of reading material

Although basically none of this my doctor told me to get this is all for my comfort. Everything I really "need" is paid for and provided by facility.

Its about that time!!

A few more hours until surgery!! I included a couple of current pics including pictures of my breasts. So basically even though I've already posted what I am getting done..... I am getting a breast lift/ breast reduction, lipo of flanks and side of breasts, and a tummy tuck. That sounds like A LOT!! The surgery should take about 6 hours. Reminding myself that the surgery is not the worst part, I believe it is the recovery. So just want to get this surgery over with , have been anticipating this forever and now it's finally time!

This morning

It was hard to get out of bed! Ut hurt so much. I kept trying not to use my abdominal muscles, but it's hard! This is the worst pain, mentally and physically. Honestly there was nothing that could have prepared me for this.

Made it to day 3

This is the best day by far. I had a bm last night and another one this morning. It did not bother me as much as others. I drank smooth move tea and milk of magnesia day two and have snacking on prunes since day one. The first bm was a struggle, sat there forever relaxing trying to relax my muscles.

The pain is tolerable. I haven't taken any pain pills today and it is now 4pm. My chest is not as tight anymore, I have been doing deep breathing exercises to open up my chest. Ive been moving around the house and getting rest as well. Im nervous to take off my garment and look, I would rather let the doctor do it at my post op appointment. Ive been able to take a look at my breast but not that much. I guess everything will be a surprise during postop.

My drains are not filling up like they used to. Very clear redish yellow now. Drained one time today one drain barely had any fluid and the other maybe 10.

Im looking forward to the days to come and the day I can stand up straight. My back hurts from being hunched over! I use a heating pad for my lower back but dread getting up after using it.


This is the best I can do for now. My son keeps bothering me... ALL DAY! And walked in on me while taking this picture.

Today I feel AMAZING!

Im trying to walk straighter, head up with hips erect. I still look like quazimoto or Igor when walking lol. Im watching comedy movies laughing like a robot, thats what I've been told I sound like. It hurts to laugh or cough or do anything with your abdominals. How long does that last? Because I love to laugh lol!

Does anyone know when I will be able to walk straight up or normal?? It is a pain on the back so Im sitting back against my heating pad, which feels amazing! I plan on taking a nap later so Im going to lay on my body massager, I got for my birthday, Im going to put that on my body max pillow. I will probably just have it on for 15 mins or say before I take a nap. I look forward to taking naps because I get tired throughout the day. I also know your body does some amazing things while you sleep, such as healing and repairing itself. Im just doing what I can do and letting nature, my body, do the rest.

I haven't been draining anything at all? Is this normal? There's just a tiny bit of clear reddish yellow liquid. The last time I drained them was 9pm last night. There is really nothing in them.

I took a peek at myself last night, I finally got the courage! It wasn't so bad, I didn't fall apart. My waist is shaped like an hourglass! Can't wait to fully heal and take pics! I would have took pics but I didn't have my phone with me and I didn't feel like getting my phone.

If anyone has any tips and advice please share!!

Ginger candies!!

They are my favorite things to snack on! No one else in the house likes them accept for me, so I guess its an acquired taste. They say ginger candies help with nausea, anti-inflammatory and pain. I can't attest, Im not actually sure, but I have been doing fine not in a whole lot of pain, no nausea, I'm not sure about inflammation. Need someone to run to Walgreens pretty soon to get another bag.


I feel great today. Gave myself a little sponge bath. Excuse the dirty mirror. Almost 1 week post op. Abdomen is swollen and very tender. There is still a noticeable amount of bruising on breast and sides.

1 week post op comparison pics

Before and after comparison pictures

Looking for compression garment

So I know I can't wear one now, but I'm looking around and searching for a compression garment for when the time comes. I like to be prepared. So if anyone knows of any good brands or compression garments please let me know!!

Post op appointment MUST READ!

So today was my post op appointment. They removed some stitches, I'm guessing where they liposuction. They also removed the tape that was covering all my incisions/stitches. And most importantly they removed one drain!! I was dreading what I've read on here about how it hurts or feels weird when removed, so my doctor tricked me into that old trick by asking me a question (distracting me) while he was removing it. It was quick and I didn't realize he removed it! I have the most amazing surgeon and certified surgical tech! She has been amazing through this whole process! And she wrapped me up tight in my binder! Im so cozy right now I hate to take it off and take a shower, well not really. So yeah I've been cleared to shower and I will be doing so pretty soon, can't wait!!

Im currently watching stand up comedies. I told my bf if he would have had this on a couple of days ago he would of had to turn it off! I am laughing sooo much! Not like a robot no more either, but I have to control my laughter a little bit. A few times I laughed too hard and my muscles would tighten up and it would hurt!! Its amazing how much different my body is feeling!! Im not as tight, I'm breathing deeply, I'm walking straight. But when I do talk I do need to take more breathes and yes I still get tired easily and I love taking my naps!!

Ive been off my meds completely since day 3. I needed them the first 2 days!! I finished my antibiotics yesterday and I'm finishing up my blood thinners. If were being completely honest here, the thing that is keeping me happy and sane is my medicinal green!! Completely medical grade, nothing but the best! I even feel it is helping my body with the recovery. I believe it is making a difference. After a session I feel so good and relaxed. My muscles feel VERY relaxed that I feel like stretching my abdomen. I feel like I have energy and I feel just happy! I am in no way telling any of you women to run to some random block and pick up a sack from Darius, lol! But it is pretty AMAZING! So if you live in a state where marijuana is legal or medically legal, get a sack or a whole bag!!

Deciding whether to get the surgery or not?

I want to be an open book to everyone here making this very difficult decision. Thats why I am being completely honest and open with my entire process because you need to acquire as much information as you possible from experiences you read to make a complete informed decision, internally with yourself.

This is a very hard decision to make and it is a commitment. This is really a process and I still have a long way to go. I still have to wear my binder for the next 6 weeks and then I will attempt to try waist training, notice I said attempt. I have to continue to force feed me this blan food they call nutritious. Im eating foods to heal my body, I can't eat fast food no more!

You also are involving your family with your situation. I haven't been able to cook a proper meal for my family! Yesterday, I cooked my son pancakes, because my bf was not home at the time, while sitting on a chair. I was too tired to stand their and flip pancakes over that hot stove. They are constantly checking on me, asking me if I need any help, everyone has been a big help but I can see how different it is around the house without me doing as much as I do around the house. But anyways, like I was saying, this is a process where your body will need the most time and effort to fully heal.

I kind of looked at my situation like a sports injury. I have to care for my body, by feeding it the foods it needs to repair, let it rest to recovery, and soon rehabilitate itself by performing activities to rebuild strength and movement. According to an injury-treatment article from the website, there is a seven step process to sports injury recovery:

Allow healing. ...
Restore full range of motion and function in the injured area. ...
Regain normal gait. ...
Regain muscle strength. ...
Regain endurance. ...
Regain skills. ...
Regain confidence.

I am taking this outlook on my recovery process, but also taking it easy on myself since I am not an athlete.

This has become a lifestyle. If you make this decision you are making a commitment to yourself.

Week one update

Just sitting up in bed, looking how I don't have any rolls! the waist band on my pjs still have indents where it would fold, but they don't bend or fold no more! I know I have my binder on but even without it its still a HUGE difference and this is only week one.

Last night was my first shower. It felt soooo good!! The water running down my body. It felt good to just have my back facing the shower and have the water run down my front. My entire front was just so sensitive. And it felt very weird to have my binder off, so I did take a prompt shower.

Im curious when do u get the feeling back to your abdomen area? It just feels so weird!!

Bodymax pillow review

I really love this pillow!! It may not be for everybody..... the other option was renting a recliner, which I didn't feel I needed, just my opinion. This would not be for you if you do not have someone to assist you the first few days to get up and out of bed or couch, then you DEFINITELY need a sit to stand recliner.

But if you have been looking at this pillow, I think it's a great investment! Im still using it a week after. I figure I can put it up and it may be needed again in the future, for anyone in the household. It helps me to stay comfortable throughout the night. It can be adjusted to your comfort. I still use other pillows for comfort as well, especially my neck pillow!! I felt really comfortable still being able to lay in my bed!

It was a great buy and well worth the money! I bought mine on their prices are crazy! And the cost is always changing but was the lowest price I found anywhere else. It was once 115 on!

Healing is going great!!

So when I was looking at my scars I noticed what an amazing job my body is doing at healing itself!!! I have not put anything on my incisions have done nothing but having them bandaged up except during showers. I can't even imagine what my scars will look like after scar therapy!! And my embrace scar silicone strips should arrive any day now!! This week I will also be getting my 2nd drain removed!! So excited!

Christmas was crazy! I felt and looked great, but when I got around everybody they kept asking me if I was ok.... everyone said I looked tired and kept insisting I sit down. Sooo I guess I'm feeling better than I'm looking. I am able to sleep flat but prefer to be elevated, it feels so much more comfortable! I am able to twist and bend so much more!! Im feeling great, but I still get tired fast and easily. I sweat at night A LOT! What is that about? Is that the anesthesia wearing off? I hope everyone had a great Christmas!


So I decided since I've been eating so well I could treat myself to a slice or two, who are we kidding, 3 slices of pizza last night. I am regretting it!! I have never seen myself this swollen! I was fixing my binder while lying down slightly bent and my stomach is just poking out, the top part of my scar. So lesson learned, only eating clean from now on. And from now on when I have a cheat meal it needs to be in moderation. I plan to put that white willow bark to use and see if it helps and I will drink plenty of water today. What do you ladies do when you get an extremely swollen belly?

Started scar treatment

Yesterday was post op number 2. I got ALL my stitches removed: breast, belly button, and tummy. But most importantly I got my second drain removed!! So I'm drain free! I feel like a weight has been lifted and I am free to move around more. My doctor told me I'm healing great for 2 weeks! He cleared me for light exercise, such as walking on treadmill, stair master, elliptical, etc., but no crunches or ab work. I was also cleared for sex, but honestly I'm not ready yet. Im just not comfortable to have sex right now. I can start belly button training, or whatever you call it. I am using an earplug. I was also cleared to start scar treatment!

I am using embrace silicon scar sheets. I ordered the mommy makeover set. I'm disappointed that I received 7 large strips and could not think of how I was supposed to use them on my breast. So when ordering make sure you confirm what size and how many sheets you will receive. I just cut one in half to use on my vertical scars. I read that you're not allowed to use on nipples, so I am using Biocorneum around my nipples and under my breast, its hard to apply the embrace strips under my breast.

It is really easy to apply. I love how it feels like I have nothing on my scars, very lightweight. Attached are photos of day 1 application on my tummy tuck and vertical scars on breast. After application you do have to wait 1-2 hours before putting on compression garment. So I am currently waiting an hour lying down. I just don't feel comfortable moving around without my cg, is that weird?

I also switched compression garments. I bought the Marena compression garment. It's the one with the straps and covers thighs. I LOVE IT!!! My doctor said the one I got was perfect for shaping my body. He also told me he really liked that brand and that type, he told me he might have to switch to that one. It has a lot more compression than the binder I was using. It also gives me free range of motion to move around. It doesn't feel tight where I feel constricted. Marena actually has continuous clinical testing and is FDA registered. If you're interested check out their story at Their resume is impressive.

So basically, everything is going great! I'm able to basically do the things i was doing before my surgery, I just get tired easily. How do you feel at 2 weeks or more? So you still get tired easily? When will my energy be back?

Happy healing to everyone!

Belly button

I have one spot on my belly button that is a scab but the middle is open and yellow. Its not oozing, but it has me a little concerned. I put peroxide on a qtip and cleaned it after I showered, hopefully that will help it.... Any suggestions on how to care for a small wound that is open and yellow on the inside?

One week after embrace silicone strips

This is my one week progress with the strips. My scars are shiny in the pictures because I put Biocorneum on them. Im letting my scars rest until Tuesday when I have my next lymphatic drainage massage...

I had my first massage today!! It felt so good and relaxing!! My massage therapist could feel how tight and tense my muscles were. She did one quadrant at a time, she let me feel the first quadrant (my left tummy area) and feel the other area that she did not massage yet and i could feel a complete difference! The side she didn't massage was so hard and swollen while the other side was smoother and felt more relaxed. This was the most relaxed my body has been and it felt so good! I felt like jello afterwards and just wanted to melt into a deep sleep.

But back to the embrace silicone strips I will take a break until Tuesday, like I said. She told me not to apply silicone treatments for now because scar tissue is forming and that they need to be massaged out, something like that. So she told me just to apply vitamin E and Bio Oil for now.

I did miss my post op appointment today so I had to reschedule for Monday. I just have one concerned but I spoke with my surgical tech about it. I have a hard lump in between my armpit and breast. She said something about it being tissue and that I should massage it. I'm not medical savvy so I don't remember exactly what she said it was.

Today has just been great, I feel like I'm on cloud nine...

Finally feeling sexy...

And my body is still healing and changing everyday! Best decision I've made! This has really changed A LOT..... so far. I feel like the days of getting ready, can't find anything that looks good on and feeling miserable and sorry for my outer self is OVER! Even though I am battling swell hell I can still get ready and feel good about the way I look in my clothes and lingerie!!

Inches lost update

I have been keeping track of my inches and it has really boosted my confidence watching the inches just melt off! One week after surgery I was actually 2 more inches more around my waist and under breast, from swelling. Finally last week, 4 weeks post op, I measured my waist and under breast and I lost a total of 2 inches from swelling. This morning I lost another inch! So in total I lost 3 inches, around my waist and underneath breast. To be able to measure the decrease of my swelling is Amazing! I notice I tend to stare at my body a lot, I stay in the mirror, so it's hard to notice any changes with my body by just looking. In the mornings I feel really thin! And unfortunately like many woman at night I am very swollen, but 5 weeks out the swelling is not as bad I am able to deal with it without huffing, puffing and complaining.

I do not weigh myself, well ok I have but I don't even pay attention to those numbers anymore. I am currently 5 lbs lighter than my pre-op but post op I literally weighed the same, of course from all the swelling. I'm more focused on my measurements.

I am just starting to work out again. I didn't feel comfortable working out so soon especially since I would become out of breathe from just getting dressed! I now feel comfortable because I'm not sweating and breathing hard after getting ready and even while grocery shopping. I'm able to walk 2 miles without being out of breathe, which feels amazing! I just want to jog but my doctor told me I couldn't, but that was 2 weeks ago I'll wait until I get the ok from him.

I still am getting lymphatic drainage massages and I love them!! I'm getting them every week instead of twice a week. I'm not sure if my swelling is melting off so fast due to the massages but if it is great! The massages feel great and I'm looking forward to one tomorrow!!

Other than that I'm starting to feel real normal again! Happy Healing!

Belly button

I don't really have any update. Everyday has been better than the last. Working out everyday!! Start weight lifting next week. Just wanted to share a picture of my belly button, so pleased! It looks like the scar is receding inside so I don't have a ring around it.

3 month update

Feeling better and better..... obviously. I still get swollen especially after an intense workout. Wasn't able to do situps until just recently, it was very difficult. My surgeon said that's because my abdominals were far apart and are now closer together so my body is getting used to the new abdominal position. It was almost like relearning how to do a situp. I'm starting to workout my core but in moderation. It still hurts to do a full extended pushup, I can currently only do push-ups on my knees. Its a tight pain feeling in my abdomen when extending my legs, can't do more than 2 pushups.

The embrace strips are mediocre. Honestly, it's overpriced and isn't really doing much. They did more harm than good on my vertical scars on my breast. I used them twice on my vertical scars and each time it would irritate my skin and cause open wounds. Other than that not a big difference between my tt scars, where I used the embrace strips, and my scars underneath my breasts, which I did not use the strips.

FYI the open wounds/spitting stitch open wounds, that were brought on by irritation due to the strips, healed better when I used Neosporin. The first week that I got them I did nothing but wash and keep dry with a nonstick gauze pad, and it took forever for the wound to close, over a week or 2. The wounds would ooze a yellowish color. But the second time I got the wounds I applied Neosporin and it healed VERY quickly, at least within 2-3 days it was completely closed.

Excited to see what six month post op will bring. The swelling keeps going down slowly but surely. Can't wait to see what no swelling looks like.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Very professional and knowledgeable. Spent a good amount of time with me during consultation, wasn't rushed. He was realistic and wasn't trying to sell me a dream. During and after my procedure I could not have asked for a better doctor! He really made me feel comfortable and really cared for me and my wellbeing. I truly feel blessed to have found him! He is the perfect package as far as a surgeon!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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