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This was easily, the most nerve racking decision...

This was easily, the most nerve racking decision of my life. Up to the day before my procedure, I was asking myself: "are you really going to do this to your body". I almost contacted the doctor's office and cancelled the procedure. I believe we all go through this struggle, as it is a huge life decision.

On the one hand, I knew I really needed the procedure. My breasts have always been big and droopy, with limitations on what I could wear. I have never had perky breasts, and I could only see my nipples if I was looking in the mirror (and they were always pointing downwards). You can still see the dark rashes underneath my breast today (which were at times itchy and smelly), as well as the bra strap marks on my shoulders. I'd had enough.

On the other hand, there were the risks. Infections, necrosis, horrible outcomes (sorry AngelEyes 281) and of course, the scars. We are literally willingly subjecting ourselves to "mutilation". If it wasn't for the brave ladies of Real Self, and the confidence I had in Dr Song, I probably would not have gone through with this procedure. It is because of you ladies and Dr Song, that I decided to pay it forward, and to post this review. (Sorry it took me so long, was waiting until I was on vacation).

I did my procedure on July 13, 2016. Five weeks hence, I have absolutely no regrets. I love my boobs. A huge joker's smile comes across my face whenever I look at them in the mirror. I am ashamed to admit, that I stare at them in the bathroom mirror. I would leave the bathroom, then go back in to stare at them again.

I will periodically post pics of how things are progressing

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Scars - I thought I was mentally ready for them, but I wasn't

I removed the steri strips on July 30, exactly 17 days after the procedure. Dr Song had instructed me to change the strips again (2nd change), about 5 days after the procedure. He had removed them 2 days post surgery, in my first post op consultation

I couldn't remove the strips though. I was a absolutely terrified. I wanted to wait until I was absolutely positive that the incisions had closed up, and I didn't have to deal with the "mess" on my own. I know.....I am a real chicken chit.

The moment I first saw them (scars), I felt light headed. I really wasn't prepared. They looked horrible.

The only upside, is that it was the first time I was seeing my boobs without the strips. They were full, nice, high and round. Just what I asked for. i reapplied new strips, as I hadn't received instructions to start scar treatment. I started scar treatment, this past Saturday August 13 (a month after surgery), when I was positive all my incisions had closed. I still wear gauze every day, (and plan to do so up to the3 month point), to prevent any irritation caused by my bra rubbing against the incision sites.

Swelling - 17 days post op

I forgot to mention, that I was extremely swollen in these pics. Salt will do this ladies. I had about 2 cups of salted nuts, before I took these pics. Stay away from the salt. I just couldn't resist. I am addicted to peanuts.:)

I took these photos so that I could examine the incision areas closely. I knew I still had openings, so I wanted to know which areas to focus on.

Cleaning - once I removed the strips for the first time, I cleaned the area (upper torso) with hibliclens, using a clean, damp wash cloth. I have used only white wash cloths to clean my torso since surgery, so I can be certain that the wash cloth is clean. I then used a dryer (set on cool) to dry the area properly.

After I dried my breast, I applied neosporin to the few openings (to prevent infection) and arnica gel over my breast excluding the incision areas (for the swelling). I then dried my breast again with the dryer, then reapplied steri strips and gauze. I do this twice per day. TRY TO AVOID USING A TOWEL on your breast. This is just another avenue to instroduce infection. Use a dryer.

I took my first full shower (head to toe, running water), a month after the procedure. Before that I showered only from my navel down, underarms, back and back of neck. No running water on my chest area (to avoid infection). I used only a damp cloth with hibliclens to clean from my neck to my navel. It worked for me. I had no infection, pussing, oozing or bleeding. My incisions have been dry since surgery. Even when Adriana (nurse assistant) removed my gauze for the first time post op, I was surprised that there was just one small spot of blood on the gauze and that was it.

I knew showering would expose me to infection based on something Dr Song said to me. I had received a written guide from the hospital where I did the procedure telling me to check the incision area daily for infection. Dr Song called me the pm of my surgery to check on me (loved that). I asked him what I should do to care for the incisions between then and my 1st post op (2 days later). He said to just leave it be. Don't touch it, don't shower, just leave it be. I asked him about checking for infection (like the hospital guidance notes warned). He said, "no, that will only be applicable, ONCE YOU START SHOWERING". I knew then, that showering was dangerous, increased risk of infection. So no more full showers for me :). Well until I was confident all my incisions had closed :)

Removing the steri strips

Different doctors have different dates when they would direct you to remove the strips. Most doc's recommend 14 days post op, Dr Song directed 5 days (because showering would make them soiled and gross).

I didn't do a full shower like I said above, so I first removed my strips 2 weeks and 3 days later ( I know.....I took a long time). I was afraid to remove them.

It literally took me an hour to remove the strips. Pressing down the area with the fingers on one hand, and slowly lifting with the fingers on the other.

It is much easier to take off in the shower, allowing the moisture to lift the ends of the strip, but as I was off showering that area, I used coconut oil.

I think rubbing alcohol would help as well (alcohol removes adhesiveness), but I was afraid it would burn (like I said, I am a real chicken chit), so I just used the oil.

Some of your skin may/will come off with the strips, you can see that in my pics (along the vertical incisions and around my right nipple).

I had to share this. Love this bra.

I was searching for a new post surgical bra as the one I received from the doctor had done its time. I wear it every chance I get. It was the perfect bra. Anyhoo, I went to Walmart on the weekend and found this bra. Seriously, the bra is not expensive, but it holds everything in place, firmly. I bought size 34, because i find the tighter (closer) the fit, the firmer the hold. The bra was very cheap - 2 bras for $10. And it holds the girls up. I am so paranoid about my boobs drooping. Gained a little weight over the summer (hate vacations), and the boobs grew. Got me paranoid they are going to return to my original size. Arghhh. But I love this new bra.

Removing the stitches - and massaging

I remember when I went in for my second post op consultation and Dr Song removed some of the stitches and told me, that I would have to remove any remaining stitches. (I dont live in the ATL and was leaving the State shortly thereafter. )

I said "okay", but remember thinking: "nope, they are staying in there until my next consultation. I am not taking them out by myself.'

I didn't think I would be able to handle it. I am very squeamish and could barely manage looking at the incisions, what more, putting a scissors to them. I knew from the reviews on here though, that if the stitches are kept in longer than they should, that it would affect the healing process. I remember really touching/examining my breasts about a week later, and realizing that I still had five knots in my left breast (that I could feel), and four in my right. I felt I was going to go crazy. Was I really going to have to remove them myself?

I knew I had read on here that massaging helped to soften these knots/stitches so that they would fall out on their own. Dr Song had given me the go ahead to start scar treatment. This was now (week 4 or thereabouts). I had purchased a scar serum on Amazon that had a massage applicator. So I thought I would start with that. It helped me to massage the incision areas directly, and therefore the stitches/knots.

I couldn't believe, I was about to shower one morning and I was massaging my left breast and I actually felt when a knot came off on my fingers. I examined my left breasts and all the knots were out. The same for the right, with the exception of one knot along the vertical incision line. I tugged on the knot gently but the bastard was firmly in. No room to even put a scissors between the knot and the incision.

I kept massaging with the applicator and a few days later, I felt the knot softening up. So I took the scissors (washed it with hibliclens), held the knot with one hand, and snipped with the other hand. The buggers are now all out (I think....I hope). I am not feeling anymore. So I am now doing my scar treatments in earnest.

Is it just me, or do you guys find these scar gels ridiculously expensive? Seriously, $20 for a 0.2 ounce gel. And these things barely last 2 weeks.

I have attached a photo of the serum with massage applicator. I really hope it helps someone who was as nervous as I was about removing the stitches.

The genie bra

Hey. I thought I would post a pic of the genie bra as well. It's not very costly (I guess). I bought 5 for $40 on sale, and they also fit my boobs great. I bought 2 mediums (on account of post surgery swelling) and 3 small to wear after the swelling subsided.p. I am now wearing the small (just remove the padding). Just buy one, as a test. I promise you will not regret it. The boobs don't move when I wear them. They hold the girls Firmly. I will write about the tape on my breasts tomorrow. I need your opinions on the tape.

Scar treatment - need your help here ladies.

I started scar treatment about August 11/12. I think it was August 13 actually. It was a Saturday am.

I applied the "scaraway silicone tape" in the am and wore throughout the day. I liked the tape. It had a silkly smooth feeling. The only problem was, the tape didn't stay on. This silicone tape is to be removed and washed daily. I don't know if that affects its adhesiveness. I think washing is a bad idea, but, is recommended by the manufacturer.

I know I wanted to wear some form of tape daily, because based on my reading, the tape flattens the scars. I believe that is true, and that even the steri strips have that effect. I wore steri strips up to the morning I started scar treatment. That is, for exactly a month. And if you look at the photos attached, you would notice that the appearance of my scars had (in my opinion anyway) improved significantly. That was ALL on account of the steri strips. Because I had started scar treatment only 4 days earlier.

In the pm, I used the scar away serum with massage applicator - pic above. I needed something to massage the scars. Massage is important in reducing tightness in the area, and, as I discovered on Real Self, in loosening up the stitches. The massage applicator also emits a gel. So there is really no need to apply another gel at night. But, on some nights, I would also apply the "scaraway silicone gel". I purchased all on Amazon. But you can also purchase at Walmart (online). You are to ensure that the gel applied to your skin is completely dry, before putting on your bra. And yes, I still wear a bra 24/7. These girls need all the help they can get. :)

Well the tape and gel are now finished.

I started the mepitac tape yesterday. (Also bought at Walmart, but discovered on Amazon). I found the scaraway silicone tape did not maintain its adhesiveness. It just kept falling off. The mepitac tape is much better (in terms of adhesiveness), but it is too soon to tell, if it improves appearance.

Have any of you ladies used the mepitac tape before? Please tell me, what was your experience in terms of overall improvement!

I am thinking about starting the "mederma pm" tonight (the scaraway gel is finished). It had some good reviews. I need your help here as well ladies! How well do they compare in your experience? I.e. The scaraway silicone gel versus the mederma pm?


Gosh. I just realized (scrolling down) that I write some long arse reviews. Sorry ladies. I will try to do better

Arghhhh - mederma vs silicone gel

So I woke up early this am, and started freaking out. You remember I told you I would be starting "Mederma pm", as I was now out of the Scaraway silicone gel. (I had bought different types of scar treatment for experimenting based on my research).

Anyhoo, I was examining the scars, and I think the gel was really working. My scars are actually quite "light" and are already fading. Arghhhh.

I guess we will all be riding the "mederma pm" cream for the next month. Please give me your feedback on how the scars actually look over the next few weeks

Oh Well, the plus side is that the mederma cream, has a nice smell


I promised to post a review on the bras, I have worn since the procedure.

1. The white silkly bra, was my surgical bra. Looooved it. Made my breasts feel nice and firm. I also loved that the fasteners laid flat on my chest between my breasts. I think it helped to keep the girls separated. I haven't found any bra to date that has the exact same effect.

2. The black and beige sports bra is a high impact bra I bought at Walmart. It kept the girls reaaaal high, but I didn't like the padding. It hurt my nipple post surgery, but is fine now (wearing it today).

3. The black genie bra - wore it on alternate days (when surgical bra was dirty. Made my boobs feel like rocks. I swear. I actually loved that it gave that firmness to the girls. I think it helps to contour my breats

4. The white and grey bra - 2nd favourite (after my surgical bra).

5. The grey and black, I wear for V neck shirts and dresses. You will never believe the cup size for that bra - a "B", I don't think I even wore a "B" when I was 10 years old. I bought a couple at Macy's

Getting ready for the procedure

I have had a few questions from readers who were about to do the procedure, but who were extremely nervous. My response is always the same. Focus on getting ready. It will take your mind off things. So I thought I would do a post on how I got ready.


At my highest I was 174 lbs (using my scale, not the ridiculous doctor's scale, that has us all weighing 20 pounds more :)

I was worried about losing weight post surgery, and having my boobs deflate. So I amped up my exercise regimen. I started doing Jillian Michaels' workouts (many options on YouTube.). At the point of surgery, I was doing BodyShred weeks 1-8. I dare any of you, to do week 7 from beginning to end. I barely survived it.

I focused a lot on the upper body - Jillians Michaels loooooooves push ups (can't stand her :) I thought if I had some muscle in the chest area, it would help in terms of post surgery outcome and to burn some of the excess breast fat.

I did "shred" the weight. I am now 128 pounds (Dr Song and his silly scale would have me at 141). But most importantly it took my mind off the procedure. I had a new focus (completing Body Shred week 7), so it kind of distracted me from surgery .........until I got to Atlanta.


Most of us are already on some form of supplement. The problem is, most multivitamins contain Vitamin E, which is a blood thinner and which has to be discontinued before surgery. So we have to cease taking the multivitamin altogether, although it contains OTHER nutrients that our bodies need for the surgery - a case of throwing the baby out with the bath water.

So what do we do, do we go out and purchase separate tablets for each nutrient that is required? Remember too many pills is not good for the liver. So I focused on substitutes.

PROTEIN LOADING (wound healing - it repairs tissues).

Instead of getting a medicinal supplement, I bought protein shakes (Walmart has 12 packs), ate a lot of meat and fish, yoghurt, eggs and of course, peanuts which I am addicted to.

It's not complicated ladies. I just had eggs for breakfast, a shake and yoghurt (probiotic) for lunch pre and post surgery, and a salad with some form of meat/fish and lots of vegetables (mostly dark green leafy vegetables and tomato) for dinner.

VITAMIN C - (wound healing and for the immune system).

I took vitamin c tablets because I wanted to expedite wound healing as much as possible, and fight off infections. I also had fruits that are rich in vitamin c throughout the day - oranges, mangoes (I am from the Caribbean, so could pick these off trees), blue berries, straw berries and cantaloupe. Vitamin C is also in vegetables (kale, spinach etc) which form part of my salad for dinner.

I have read where some ladies were taking vitamin c supplements with 1000mg daily. Our bodies cannot absorb it, so I don't think you need to do that. Just get a basic vitamin c supplement and snack on fruits (and peanuts :) throughout the day.

ZINC (good for slow wound healing).

I also took a supplement for this (everyday for first 2 weeks, and then alternate days). You can also have foods rich in zinc - beef, pork, chicken kale, some seafoods, nuts.

So basically, the same foods you take for protein.


I saw where a few posters also took these supplements. Vitamin A and B help in maintaining immune system health (fighting off infections). And since zinc and vitamin c accomplish the same thing, I didn't feel the need to take these.

Plus remember ladies, these vitamins are found in meat , fish, vegetables and fruits. So if you are already eating right, there is really no need for all these extra supplements. (My opinion anyway).


lots and lots. (I tried to drink more than a liter per day)


I did a lot of research on foods rich in certain nutrients. Because I didn't want to take a lot of pills. Remember, we will have to take pills post surgery for pain, blood clot, anxiety etc. So I did a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. I have already told you what my menu was under "PROTEIN".

I Just stocked up on the fruits and foods I knew were good for certain things and snacked on them throughout the day.

I talk a lot about Walmart, because there was one walking distance from where I was staying. They sold salads (sea food and chicken) which made my life easier. I has a salad each night for dinner.


This is a side effect from the pain meds.

Trust me, if you eat, as I suggested above (fruits, vegetables, water and probiotics), YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE THIS PROBLEM. I went regularly, everyday, without missing a day. It will save you from taking extra medicine from constipation. Add bananas to the menu. It helps to move things along :)

That's it


I forgot to add a note about our cycle. Yes ladies, I am afraid it does come on prematurely post surgery, like other posters stated.

I had my cycle a week before surgery and did cartwheels in my living room (thought I wouldn't have to deal with it during healing. )

To my dismay, it came again, the day after surgery. So be prepared ladies.

3 month mark

I can't believe it has been 3 months since my procedure.

I have absolutely no regrets, except for an horrific encounter I had with 5 donuts last week Thursday.

Still doing my scar treatments. Hope you ladies are doing great.

Scar Update - mederma pm

I haven't posted any close ups in a while. I wanted to give the the "mederma pm" scar treatment a fair chance.

I started the " mederma pm" about 1 month and 2 weeks ago, and I must say, my scars have improved significantly. I can barely see the scar under my right breast.
And I am now at 3 months and 1 week.

Additional close up

4 month (and 1 week) update

Hey ladies. Just posting pics to show you the status of the girls

CHECKLIST - supplies for surgery

Quite a number of ladies on here will be doing their surgery in December, so I thought I would post a list of the supplies I found useful, as well as those that were recommended by other reviewers:

1. VITAMIN C, ZINC and PROTEIN supplements. These will assist in expediting wound healing and warding off infections.

2. SPORTS BRA - I found that the "genie zip front bra" at was the most comfortable immediately post surgery. The band lies immediately below the horizontal incision line. Just remove the padding. The pads will hurt your nipples like a mofo.

3. HIBICLENS (breast cleaning) and DETTOL ANTISEPTIC (lower body cleaning). Didn't want any germs on my Lower body to affect my upper body :)

4. DIAL ANTIBACTERIAL BODY WASH; hand soap and sanitizers. Very important to prevent infection.

5. Extra WASH CLOTHS. I used a separate (white) wash cloth to clean my breast and torso. And I changed them three times weekly to prevent infection.

6. a BASIN (I used the basin to handwash my bras). Don't mix your surgical bras with other laundry. It will reduce the chance of infection.

7. HYDROGEN PEROXIDE as a back up (I didn't actually use). But you don't know what will happen. Hydrogen peroxide is good for closing wounds and preventing infections.

8. Bicorneum ointment ( or MICURION OINTMENT; NEOSPORIN) in case of an infection. I applied the ointment after week 2, on any openings that took a while to close. Just to make sure there is no infection. Do not apply anthing, to your open wounds. I used the ointment ( 2 weeks in) when most of the incisions were closed and there was just small openings, especially at the T junctions.

9. ARNICA GEL - (didn't use the tablets; was taking too many pills already). I used the gel to reduce swelling. Apply to the outer areas of breast only, avoiding incision lines.

10. Some ladies got BROMELAIN for bruising and swelling . I didn't take bromelain. Was on too many pills already. Pineapple is also good for swelling. So I bought a lot of pineapple instead.

11. Something for constipation . MIROLAX etc. Something that worked for you in the past. Some PRUNE JUICE, PROBIOTIC YOGHURT and BANANA will come in handy as well

12. ZIP FRONT JACKET and SWEAT BOTTOMS. You need a zip front jacket, button front shirts/dresses etc. It is going to be difficult for you to put anything over your head. And some crocs (slippers) for the day of surgery.

13. STERI STRIPS - try Amazon. These were extremely important. I wore the strips for a month. They ensure the incisions are closed properly before you start scar treatment. They also help to flatten the scars.

14. Some ladies got ICE PACKS, and SPECIAL PILLOWS (I guess like the ones you use on the plane.) If you have a RECLINER, it will come in useful as you will be required to sleep on your back post surgery.

15. GAUZE PADS (sterile) I wore them months later. Believe me, even after your wounds heal, the incision areas will be extremely tender. The pads shield your closed, but tender incisions, from your bras. Amazon sold a good stock.

I didn't like the adhesive gauze pads. I Just got the basic sterile pads. The adhesive ones tug on your nipples and skin when you try to remove them. And when your nipples are tender, trust me, they hurt like a real mofo (forgive the French) when you try to remove those adhesive gauze pads.

16. MEDICAL TAPE - to keep down the gauze pads (try Amazon)

17. SMALL SCISSORS - to cut the tape and your stitches (when your boobs starts to push the stitches out). Use the Hibiclens or dettol to clean the scissors before and after use.

18. Ask the anesthesiologist for an ANTI NAUSEA PATCH on the morning of surgery. Or try to get one of your own pre surgery

19. HONEY CANDY for throat post intubation. I didn't use (had no difficulties post surgery), but some women do.

20. BLOW DRYER with a cooling switch. It helps to dry your breasts and the steri strips after showering

21. You can worry about SCAR CREAM later. But smurfette1 has done an excellent review on scar treatment. You can tag her for when you get to that stage.

Not technically supplies but:

22. Ensure you go on slow 15 minute walks (about 3 a day) starting in the pm after surgery. It will help with blood circulation and just generally you will start feeling better faster. Don't lounge around. Blood circulation is important to not only prevent clotting, but to get oxygen to your breast tissues.

23. Massage, massage, massage after the 2/3 week point, depending on how fast your incision heals. I wish I had done this continuously up to this point. It really helps to reduce scarring.

5 month mark (and a couple of weeks)

Hey ladies. I wil try to post pics once per month until the 1 year mark. You will not see many 1 year post op pics on here. And I always wondered how the girls will hold up at that stage. So I will try to fill that in.

I slipped up and started using the silicone strips in the days (together with mederma at pm). Bad move. I believe it caused the scars to darken. I don't think you should use more than 1 scar treatment at a time. I am using mederma at Nights. (started using the mederma gel yesterday). And I use natural oils (Vaseline/coconut/ palmers vitamin e) in the mornings.

Merry Christmas

6 month mark

Hey Ladies. I am now 6 months in, and can report:

1. SENSATION - I have sensation in both nipples. (I had no sensation pre surgery).

2. TENDERNESS - the tenderness is now completely gone. It took alittle over 5 months to get to that point. I was still feeling tenderness along the sides, especially after my cardio workout (I believe along the lipo points), and only when I tried to massage the areas

3. SLEEPING ON SIDES - I wasn't able to sleep on my side or lie on my chest without any discomfort at all,until about 5 months post surgery. I could sleep on my side at the 3 month stage, but I would feel a little discomfort.

Now, if someone could send me a husband, I could report on whether I am able to beast feed post surgery :)

7 months !!!!

Happy to be here. The girls are still hanging in there.???? Still love the shape and fullness.

8'MONTHS !!!!!!!

Time is surely passing by.

Everything is back to Normal.

I still go through the motions - days when I think my boobs are still too large; and then days when I feel they are too small. :). But all in all, no regrets. My boobs fit my frame, I have very wide shoulders.

I have settled in at a large C. I wear 34C. Haven't tried a D, but will let you know if I do.

I still wear a sports bra 24/7; the tighter the better to keep these girls in check.

If you half any questions, just me know

9 months

Hey ladies. It's been a minute.

Just wanted to post some pics I took at 9 months.

Nothing much has changed. I am fully recovered. And the girls are staying in place :)

10 months and 2 weeks


The shape looks different depending on the lighting. But nothing much has changed. They haven't dropped any further.

I will post until 12 months so that you can see how the girls hold up at 1 year

11 months.

Hey ladies. Just giving you an update

(Please forgive the dirty mirrors)

Close up

Scar appearance
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Dr Mike Song is a true gentleman. Extremely patient, with a calming spirit and demeanor. This was important to me, given the stressful decision to proceed with this procedure. I knew nothing about plastic surgery or surgeons before I decided to do this procedure. I had never met or spoken to anyone who had undergone plastic surgery (I am from a small island). I read the reviews on over a 100 plastic surgeons on Real self, including the "top doctors" in Atlanta. One particular review stood out for me. The patient was what I would consider "fussy". She had consulted about 5 plastic surgeons and Dr Song was the 3rd doctor or so, she had seen. After she consulted with about 2 other doctors, she went back to Dr Song. I liked that. But I especially liked, how Dr Song's patients desrcibed him: skillful, with an eye for the "aesthetics" (beautiful breasts) and painstakingly detailed. I never forgot the use by one patient of that word: "aesthetics". A word I would have never thought of associating with breasts. I therefore decided to go in to see Dr Song based on these reviews. When I met him, I knew he was the right one. He was so calm, not garrulous, but very detailed in his explanations. Although I had about 2 pages of questions, there was no need to ask him all the questions, I had prepared. I just felt settled. I do not need to go on and on about Dr Song's skill, competence or aesthetics, and you do not have to take my word(s) for it, just look at my pictures! Each time, I look at my breasts in the mirror, a huge joker's smile, comes across my face. Words cannot express my gratitude Dr Song. You gave me exactly what I asked for, and helped to increase my self confidence. Shout out to Wanda (patient coordinator) who was always sooooo patient with me, and responded to all my emails promptly. And thanks Adriana (nurse assistant) for really helping me with the healing process. When I came in to remove my stitches, you were so engaging, that it took my mind off the process. Thank you Dr Song and your team.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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