38 Yr Old Breast Reduction and Tummy Tuck - South Africa, ZA

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I have wanted a breast Reduction since I was in...

I have wanted a breast Reduction since I was in high school and I have finally decided that now is the time, I am going to fix this rather than put up with it for the rest if my life. There is no insurance or cover for cosmetic surgery in south africa so this is a cash deal...ouch. I feel though that it is worth it to get these horrible grooves off my shoulders and the strain off my back. I'm curious about how it will feel to have less boob? I've had to adapt so much of my life to fit in these ginormous knockers I guess it will take a while to adapt. I'm really hoping the doctor can make me a super small b cup but we will only see later I guess. Tonight I'm going to officially measure my breast size and take some horrifying before pics lol, something I have avoided for a long time.

Ta Ta Ta Ta's :-)39 Yrs Old, Size 36FF Breast Reduction with 2 C Sections

Hi everyone, i have been stalking everyone on this site for over a year already and finally its my time to start my adventure, well i am still trying to get to grips with the idea of posting my gargantuan boobs online, immortalizing photographic evidence of what has been a real complex for me since they arrived when I was 12 years old, i will work up the courage and do it soon because it has really helped me to see that there are other girls out there who feel exactly as I do. my first app at a plastic surgeon was when i was 18 years old , then i had porn star boobs that really messed up my attempts to look classy in any outfit ( not to mention any sport!!!) the doctor then scared the daylights out of me and its been 20 years trying to work up the courage to face this complex, while my then porn star boobs have now turned into long droopy melons (eeeeeek!) and ive created huge grooves in my shoulders trying to defy gravity so now the time is def right- no more ! finish and klaar. my op is in exactly 6 more sleeps and I am soooooo excited, scared, happy, nervous... you name it, im feeling it. my Doctor is Nicolette Landman and so far I think she is just the bee's knee's, but i live out in the african bush , its a five hour drive to the city so i cant just pop in for a pre consult or anything, we are leaving on saturday to make the trip to our "holiday house" for the next 2 weeks. My kids all think im having a back op (I have AS so it was a handy fit) I feel terrible about keeping them in the dark but dread the questions my little 5 year old boy would ask lol Did you guys tell your little ones? how did you word it?

Dr Nicolette Landman

So far so good I made appointments at two different Surgeons to compare and I am so glad I did, I had such a lovely welcome at Dr Landman and a truly awful experience at Dr Saul Braun. I am very happy so far and just nervous for next week Monday this time. So Far she is incredible, i considered a few before i chose, so you can trust me im a picky customer hee hee

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