25, Crowded Teeth and a Snaggle. Presque Isle, ME

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One week ago today I got my first tray! My teeth...

One week ago today I got my first tray! My teeth (mainly one of my two front teeth) have been slowly moving since high school. I'm nearly 25 now, and at15 I had nearly perfectly straight teeth. Now I could use my snaggle as a can opener.. But not for long! Dr. White says 9 months--1 year!

The first day of wearing Invisalign was brutal. The first few, actually. I'm getting the hang of popping them in and out now and this tray hasn't hurt for two days or so. The first night, j took them out to eat supper, and thought I pulled my snaggle tooth right out with it. I complained about it to anyone who would listen for days. Now it's fine. I'm sure the next tray will be pretty bad for a while, I'll find out in a week!

Almost half way!

Am on tray 8/18. Thrilled with my smile and feeling more confident! The first tray was the absolute worst one, and wouldn't blame anyone if they put them on and decided it was too much. However, it's worth sticking it out because after that, they get better! Now, the new trays just feel "tight" and hardly painful at all.

In additional to the initial pain, they feel thick, it's strange to have plastic in your mouth, and you'll talk funny. After a few weeks, you really do get used to the feeling, and used to talking with them. You get used to taking them out to eat and brush, as well, but get ready for your life to feel dedicated to your teeth. Especially if you care if your Invisalign as directed. So. Much. Brushing.

Maybe I've just had good luck, but I've had a great experience, and would recommend it to anyone. After the first tray, they have not rubbed in my mouth or caused sores. No way around it, they are gross though. Slimy, need to be cleaned constantly (I just brush mine, no soaking as others do) and if you skip a cleaning they get very nasty. My mouth isn't constantly dry though, and I've just accepted being more gross than usual, pulling them out and what not. People don't notice them on my teeth, either.

Oh, little complaint though. My alignment is off when my trays around out. It is also constantly changing, but constantly off. It's a strange sensation, never knowing where my teeth will line up from week to week, and sometimes results in the accidental rubbing of two teeth in an uncomfortable, grinding, chills kind of way. The dental hygienist (assistant? Not sure, the woman who check on me last time and gave me trays) didn't say it was common, but I read it is.

Overall, SO excited about the progress! The weeks having Invisalign has flown by and can't believe my smile will be straight soon!

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