35 Yr Old Mother of 3, Suffered 4th Degree Posterior Tears - Chicago, IL

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I'm 5'2 and 115 lbs. 1st vag delivery was to a...

I'm 5'2 and 115 lbs. 1st vag delivery was to a healthy 7lb baby, no problem. 15 months later my 2nd delivery was to a 9.9 lb baby where he was stuck for 3 hours in hard labor resulting in 4th degree posterior tears. Awful! I suffered fecal incontinence and would pass gas uncontrollably for the 1st 6 months post delivery. Symptoms improved but never went away. Then, 10 years later, I delivered my 3rd and final baby. He weighed 8.5 lbs and I suffered an anterior tear. The stitches tore resulting in my labia splitting and coming completely unattached- it was just skin hanging down, so gross. When my husband and I resumed intercourse my sensation was lessened to say the least. Before babies my orgasms were so strong and I thoroughly delighted in sex! Post babies I could barely feel my orgasms. My husband finally admitted 'I lost my grippers' after intercourse where he lost his erection. After a few times of intercourse where he would lose his erection because all tightness was gone no matter what position I tried - I decided to have surgery. My OBGYN assured me everything would go back together and referred me to a Physical Therapist specializing in the pelvic floor. He said it's just a part of being a mom. I'm so glad I accept this and went for a 2nd opinion. I found Dr. Wolny on this site and during my 1st consultation with her she immediately recognized the problem! As she explained, my muscles were either unattached or so stretched resulting in a V shaped vaginal opening. My vaginal opening was too close to my rectum opening. She explained she would correct this via perinoplasty, correct my hanging labia via labiaplasty and tighten my vaginal canal to 1-2 fingers via vagioplasty. I've been complaining to 2 OBGYN's for years and they kept telling me everything is normal because I've had kids. Dr. Wolny impressed me she immediately identified the problem and mapped out a surgical plan. She even gave me a backup plan in case this doesn't work to our expectations that would include laser treatments. I was at the point where I didn't care how mutilated I looked down there- I just wanted to be functional again so I booked the surgery that day! 2 weeks later I did it! It was supposed to be 2 hours but Dr. Wolny found extensive damage taking her 3 hrs to correct. I'm on day 7 of recovery and oh boy it's been a ride!! The swelling is so bad I've had a catheter placed. It will possibly remain for another week. I was expecting a ton of pain and burning but that has not been the case. It's more pressure and discomfort. The 1st few days I laid down on my sides all day everyday. I went to the ER because I thought my bowel was coming out but turns out it was just severe swelling. Dr. Wolny gave me her personal cell number and we talked/text frequently. She was super concerned for me and my health and I felt assured I was in good hands having her in my corner! She reached out to me each day until I assured her I was on the mend. She is truly a patient advocate! I will see her tomorrow for my 1 week follow up. I expect at the very least an eight week recovery. I am in no rush because it's top priority for me to heal correctly. Before this, I couldn't tolerate gore and I had a phobia of catheters. After this I no longer squirm at the site of wounds healing and have accepted catheters as my best friend :)

7 days post surgey - swelling reduced

Swelling has reduced but I have a lot more healing ahead of me. I was able to have my Foley catheter removed after 6 days. I would rate my pain/discomfort a 2 on a 1-10 scale.

18 days post op

Swelling is still there. I began using estrogen cream on my labia minora to help with the swelling. I'm excited to see I now have spacing between my vagina and rectum! Those areas had practically morphed into 1 due to my failed episiotomy from my 2nd vaginal delivery. A significant quality of life improvement post op is I no longer constipate! I have DAILY bowel movements now :) No more hard uncomfortable stools. I'm still pretty unsightly due to the swelling but I can see where I will be very satisfied once I heal.

13 weeks post op

Due to the swelling the stitches on my labia didn't hold so I'll go back sometime in the future to have it fixed. Not a big deal at all. I begin physical therapy for my pelvic floor to compliment the magnificent job Dr. Wolny did! My husband and I are very pleased with everything

Dr. Wolny is a true patient advocate! From listening to my concerns, to mapping a treatment plan to billing my insurance! She was involved in every area of my case! I've never experienced that in a physician before! She answered her cell at 8pm on a Saturday night to coax me through surgery side effects. She remained available until the ER doctor spoke with her then she contacted me 1st thing on Sunday morning to see how I was! I cannot sing enough of her praise.

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