Tummy Tuck W/Lipo/Breast Lift W/Implants - Prescott, AZ

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Its a decision that should be made with alot of...

Its a decision that should be made with alot of thorough research. Worth everything i went through. I am happy with the results. I love being able to wear clothing that doesnt require full bra with straps. I am still recovering from tummy tuck but am happy with results so far. The lose skin is gone and my tummy is smaller. Still really swollen.


I am 38 years old. The mother of one Child. I am 5'3" and weight 180. I have always struggled with my weight and tried everything, I always lose but gain back. I decided to do the Mommy Makeover to get me boobs higher and smaller and to rid myself of my mid section. No matter how much weight I lose and how small I get I always have a mid section. My goal now that I have done the tummy tuck is to get the rest of my body in shape, now that the resistant mid section fat is gone.

Breast Reduction, Lift with Implants

My reduction and lift was very successful. I loved the results. I did have a little mishap with an implant. My right side slipped out and fell down and my left side healed a little flat. My dr redid the surgery (at no cost). I love them even more, they turned out exactly how I wanted them to be.

Tummy Tuck w/Lipo-Before Pix, Day 1-3

Ok so I did it. I went to sleep and woke up with 7lbs less loose skin and 2lbs less fat from lipo. So Exciting. Day 1 I slept a lot and also Day 2. Day 3 was rough, I was in pain but mostly just uncomfortable. Make sure that you have someone staying with you that can devote all their time to taking care of you, my husband stayed home the first 2 days and my sister was with me the next 2. I went to the dr on day 2 for a follow up appointment and was exhausted by the time I got home. I was able to take a shower that night!!!


I highly recommend you invest in one of these shower chairs. Its makes it so much easier to shower


I don't have a recliner and didn't want to invest in one. I found this bed pillow called the Bedlounge and Leg Lounger on Amazon. It cost about $230 but worth the investment. Much better than trying to prop pillows up. It works great in bed or on the couch.

Bed Lounger

Day 5 OMG is that my Tummy

Today I slept til almost noon. I felt really good and rested and actually did some scrapbooking and work on my computer. I took picture today and I literally cried when I saw my tummy. I can't believe its mine!!!

Day 7

1 week post op. Dr appointment was hoping to get drains out but I knew I wasn't. I get to keep them at least one more week :(. They took the steristips off and I got to see the scar for the first time. Its not as bad as I thought but its still sad. I also had a mole on my face removed and got the stitches out. I love how it looks. You cant even tell. It was next to my lip. First trip out of the house this week. I felt good when I left the house but was really wore out by the time we got home. I went to the grocery store, quickly but it was good to be out in the real world.

Day 8/9

I have felt so much better the last few days. If only these drains were gone. I was able to get up and work (I work from home) the last 2 days. Day 9 I didn't even take a nap today and I woke up at 9am. I'm sure I will be in bed early. I have been weaning myself off of the pain pills. I only take 1/2 pill 2-3 times per day. I put my wedding ring on today and it fit. I was worried I would be too swollen.

Let's talk about sex

So no one really addresses this issue, but for me its a big deal. I don't feel like I want it but I am so sad that I can't have it. And then I feel like my husband is not attracted to me, which makes me feel bad, even though I know it's not true. I have even cried about it a few times. Going through a tummy tuck is really emotional. I have had ups and downs. It's so hard to be in bed for a week. In the beginning, even though I know I am so much skinnier, I have still picked my body apart. Finally the swelling is going down and I feel better about my body, but now I have to get over the scar. I plan to get a tattoo across it. I have to wait 6mths to a year before I can do it though.

Day 7 Pix

I just realized I post day 5 pix instead of day 7


Im behind in posting, here are my week 2 photos

Week 3

Over the weekend my stitches ripped out on my drain, I am such a chicken and didn't want a new stitch so I taped it in place (I didn't tell the dr), it worked fine til Monday night and it came out a little. The dr told me not to put it back in because it had germs, so I took it out. Then I spent the entire night panicking that I took it out, even though it was drain low and I was going to have it out on Tuesday. I called the dr on Tuesday and Erin said so its out then, ok, let me tell him, then she said he said it was fine. On Tuesday night I was freaking out that I was puffy and thought I would have to go get a needle in my belly to drain the fluids, but it was fine. On Wednesday my husband took me shopping to get some loose dresses. I highly recommend getting before surgery. Somehow even though I am thinner my Jeans are so tight. Swelling....still swollen....more than I would like to be but I understand that my body went through a lot and it's been less than a month. Dr said I can work out starting 4 weeks after day of surgery. Hopefully that will help the swelling. I'm going to work with a trainer that can set me up on light program and gradually get me going. Still haven't driven yet. Hopefully tomorrow I will venture out on my own. I still feel sore and tired. I am hoping now that the drain is out I will feel better every day from now on.

Leg Lipo

Now I want my legs lipoed. they look so fat. but im going to try working out first.

What a Difference a Month Makes

Its been a month! Its been a long month! I am feeling a little closer to normal. Drains are out, which made me more mobile and willing to go out in public. I went shopping and bought a new bikini for our Oct Vegas Trip. Belly button is still oozy but Im trying to dry it out with peroxide. I went swimming this weekend so Im sure having it wet didn't help it.


The swelling is still bothering me. I am thinner but the swelling makes it so that none of my clothes fit. Its frustrating!! Also I feel like the skin between my boobs and belly button feels a little lose, but is one of the reasons I had the tt in the first place. Im sure Im just being paranoid, its only been 4 weeks. I went for a walk yesterday and it exhausted me. But it felt good to do a little exercise. Going to try and walk every day!!!

My Husband is Amazing

I have read a few reviews about unsupportive husband and bf and I realized how lucky I am to have mine be on board. He painted the ps office inside and out to trade for my tummy tuck (the drs idea, my hubby was willing to pay for it). He stayed home with me for 3 days, paid someone to stay with me the rest of the week, got up everyday to make me breakfast and give me pain pills, came home every day to make me lunch, took care of the house, groceries, laundry and our son!!!! HE IS AMAZING and so supportive. When I had bad days he reassured me and made me feel better. He even took my shopping and bought me some new dresses (bc my jeans were kinda tight -- swelling) and a new bikini!!!! He loves my mommy make over, but most of all he loved me before as I was. He encouraged me to do it for myself.

6 weeks

I'm a little behind with my updates but here is my 6 week photo. I am still so swollen and now I want lipo on my hips and legs. I know they say it takes 3-6 mths but I hate how swollen I still am

Slow Going

Every time I see a photo I know the swelling is getting better but I still feel like its so going so slow. I went on a diet and started light exercise and I lost 13 lbs in 2 weeks. I still want to lose 30 more lbs. I am going to keep working out and see how things are by spring and i'll decide about the lip on hips and legs. I have an appointment tomorrow so I am going to talk to ps about the fat on back of hips. it looks funny to me, like a lump. I took a photo this weekend in jeans and a tshirt and I love how I look, I just need to get those legs in shape. But I love love love my tummy in shirts.

belly button

my belly button started to get a little funky and oozy for a while. I kept it clean but it wouldn't dry out and stop oozing. A LITTLE TIP: if you go to the tanning salon and tan a few times it will dry it right up and stop the oozing. my ps was surprised that my belly button looked so good.

6 mths

I am 6 mths post op. I am only down a few lbs and would like to be farther along. The recovery was long and hard and I'm still tired some days. I have been working out 3-5 days a week now and am starting to drop weight. I love my new tummy/shape. I am working on getting my legs, hips and butt in shape now. (maybe one more visit to the ps for lip on the back of my hips) Unfortunately the recovery months of being inactive caused me to gain a little weight but as I said I am working hard to get in shape. I am currently at 178 and a 12.(but I have to wear a belt) My goal is to be 130 and size 6. I wish i would have lost a little more weight before my surgery but the opportunity to get is was there so i did it. I am happy with my decision.

6 months Photos

I was amazed at the difference, 6 months later


Its been a year and I'm so happy with my results. I started doing cross fit 4 days a week in April and continue to see results. I am currently working on a tattoo to cover my scar.

legs hips

I ended up with a weird bump on hip (dog ears) its pretty common. In order to fix if he has to do some lipo took opportunity to get my legs done while I was under. I have been working out doing cross fit and the difference in my butt is noticeable. I didn't have my butt lipoed just my legs and hips

Dr Fetter is an amazing dr. I have had breast lift, reduction and implants already. His staff is very helpful and always available. Dr Fetter has always answered my questions with honest answers.

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