Size 36I Horrible Neck, Back, Headaches, Posture - Dallas, TX

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I am considering this BR. I would like to reduce...

I am considering this BR. I would like to reduce the pain that is all over my body. I would like to run instead of walk. I would like find a bra that will fit from Victoria secrets or Kohls not a specialty store. I want cloths that are the right size. I believe Dr. Pollock will make it happen. He is working with my Insurance Cigna to get it approved.

Front view

I am currently a 36I. They requested to remove about 500g per breast. My doctor is estimating it would be a D or C. I am completely fine with that. I have been looking all over the Internet to find examples of what I would like to see. Thanks to this site, I found a few surgeries to share with my doctor. Once we hear back from insurance, we will schedule another meeting to make sure this is the route I want to go.


I am still waiting on Cigna. They received the information, but keep asking for more. They even misplaced my pictures that were sent in. Very, very worried????

Great news!

I just heard from insurance. The approved the procedure! I have so many questions. They approved procedure code 19318 for a breast reduction. Does that mean they won't cover the lift that comes along with it? I am so excited!

Pain! I cannot wait for it to be gone!

So, I stopped taking my anti- inflammatory and all the supplements that could cause bleeding issues. I really had no idea that they were helping a little bit. I have been off them for 2 weeks because I had a back injection last Friday. Boy am I in pain. I think every part of my back hurts. My shoulders and neck are in so much pain, I can barely turn my head. I cannot sleep at night because I ache all over. I toss and turn all night. I decided to try and walk it off. Although it didn't help, I had fun shopping. Using the list from you ladies on this site, I went shopping for some post op necessities. Something that zips in the front to wear to and home from the hospital, silicone scar sheets, bromelain, vitamin C, arnica, Extra Strength Tylenol, front button shirts, front button PJs, anti-bacterial soap, tape, surgical bras, scar gel, bio oil, laxative/stool softener, cold compresses, batteries for the remote, a good book and a cheap bed wedge to help sleeping at an inclined position. Did I leave anything out? My hubby is a little irritated because I spent too much. He will get over it when he sees the new girls. ????Laugh Out Loud!????!

I decided to add some more before pics so I can look back and say wow! The last pic is of my $120.00 bra. Yes $120.00! It's a Pre-Madonna. It fits great but absolutely no help with the weight. It still leaves grooves. I cannot wait to get rid of it!

Confirmed Surgery Date

I am confirmed for Sept 6. Arrival time 6am. My pre-op is on Aug. 31. I cannot believe I am going to do this. I have thought about it for so many years but never looked into it. I am so ready for this. Scared, nervous, exited and everything in between! Anything I should know before pre-op? Let the count down begin - 15 days.

Getting Ready

I can't believe this about to happen. I pre-registered today with the hospital. My doctor confirmed my pre-op for this Wednesday. I cannot wait. Not being on any anti inflammatories or pain meds is causing a lot of pain. My headaches are bad because of the tension in my neck,back,and shoulders. I just want it to stop.

let the count down begin!

Officially 1 week before surgery! Very excited and worried. I have 23 questions to ask my surgeon during my pre-op on Wednesday.

Pre-op tomorrow!

Wow! It's so hard to concentrate when you have 101 questions about your breast reduction. My pre-op is tomorrow at 10am. I am 7 days away!

I planned a mom/daughter weekend for my daughter since I will not be able to hang with her for a couple of weeks. My 19 year old son doesn't want anything to do with our weekend and my husband agreed that it was important to have a weekend with my daughter. She is very excited for me but worried about the surgery. I am sure the entire family is tired of hearing about it.

Pre-op today!

Doing my pre-op right now. It has officially become a reality. This is going to happen.

Dr. Pollock, Kim (his nurse), and front office staff were awesome today. I think I had 25 questions. Some were even silly. I chuckled when Kim said she has never heard that one before. Leave it to me to ask technical questions:). They answered every one of them.


I have been having a hard time sleeping for months now. My back hurts so bad. This past week has been worse. Probably anxiety. I have been waking up at 3am every day and just starting work.

My surgery is on Tuesday bright and early. Cleaning house and stocking up on groceries for the family.

Also cooking and freezing meals.

Stocking up!

It's getting so close! I went grocery shopping. Stocked up on everything that my hubby, 19 year old and 13 year old could possibly need to take care of themselves. I cooked a large ham, pot roast, chicken and hamburger meat for tacos. Divided the ham up into 3 meals with green beans and potatoes. I was able to get 2 meals out of the roast with carrots and potatoes. Made a taco pie and left some separate for tacos one night. Divided the chicken in half and made dressing for it. Very busy day.

I scrubbed the entire house and washed all the bedding. Did all the laundry, too. I think I'm ready. I'm scared, worried, excited, and nervous.

Post surgical bra

This arrived a couple of days ago. Love the look and feel. Cannot zip it up yet. I will on Tuesday!

Another restless night

Last night was terrible again. My headache won't go away and my neck, shoulders and back are hurting so bad. I guess you really don't know the anti inflammatories and muscle relaxers are helping until you stop taking them. This tossing and turning all night and then giving up at 3am, is a mess. I just get up and start my day. It makes for a very long day.

2 days left and I pray this BR helps with it. From what I read on here, its instantaneous. Looking forward to that!

It also doesn't help when you have 100 emotions running through you. Lots of anxiety.

Let's get rid of this!

This is one of my favorite shirts. I had to stop wearing it because the buttons wouldn't stay flat. You could see my bra. Very unprofessional for an office job. I also had to buy an ,XL which made my waist look bigger than what it was. Say bye-bye! Here's to better fitting clothes.

The big day!

So, tomorrow is the big day. I am so nervous. Thought I would post a pic of my wish boobs. These were similar to mine. Mine are more saggy. I think that's a reasonable expectation.

I forgot about the swim suits!

Wanted to show you these crazy girls in my favorite swim suit (black one) and the new one I was forced to buy. Had to stop wearing my favorite one last summer because it was to little in the top. Hubby thought it showed to much cleavage. My daughter threw a fit when I wore it in front of her friends. My son's friends (19 year olds) thought his mom's boobs were "huge" and awesome.

I forgot about the swim suits!

Wanted to show you these crazy girls in my favorite swim suit and the new one I was forced to buy. The black one is the one I want to wear. The top is an XL. The bottoms are an 8. The bottoms fit perfect. Had to stop wearing my favorite one last summer because it was to little in the top. My husband thought it showed to much. My daughter was embarrassed in front of her friends and my 19 year old son's friends said his mom's boobs are huge.

The big day!

I'm up and going. Made breakfast for the family. Took a shower last night and this morning with the Hibiclens. Did a final check on my overnight bag. ANXIETY! I'm excited and afraid. Nervous, too. I will try to update how things went when I am in my room.

It's time!

Arrived at 6. They brought me back immediately and got an IV started with antibiotics. They put compression socks on. My PS will be here to do the markings.

And we are off!

Here I go!

All done.

Surgery was about 31/2 hours. He removed 572 on the right and 542 on the left. No idea what size they are yet, but they look great with clothes. When you look down, they look great from that perspective too. My follow up is next Wednesday.

Still drugged up so pain it very tolerable. Nausea is butt kicker but I have always Had an issue with that after general. Having some vertigo and balancing issues.

My neck, back, and shoulders are awesome. Hopefully will stay that way. I cannot believe you all were right. I feel like I put down the weights for the first time. The PJs ( great advise on the button down) well let me say. I was wearing a XL when wearing button down tops and the bottoms were huge. These area a medium! No bulging! I can actual wear bottoms that fit and I don't have to pin them up!

About to take my first round of pain meds at home. Checking out. Exhausted. I will update tomorrow.

Comfy bra

The first bra comes in multiple color sports bra is made by Astarin. Seller is B.Bang. All 5 are 35.00, free shipping. You can also but one for 10.99 free shipping both are Amazon. The other is by Brilliant Colors. It's great to, but cost $74 which includes postage.

Good luck on your venture.

Finally Done!

My surgery was yesterday. I am very swollen today. Having issues meds. They make sick to my stomach. A lot of burning when I get up to move about. I look like a DD and cannot not use the sport bras. They run small. They zip but I had to a lot of squishing. I am putting these aside for now. I don't want to irritate or bust a stitch. Ordered a couple XL. I get those by Friday.

I hope I am a a D or C when they start to "settle". Don't know how they look. PS told me not to remove them for 48 hours when I shower.


Oops. Hit post to soon.

One more try

I am having technical issues right now. Here are some pictures.

Post Op Picks

Just waiting for the bandages to come off and the swelling to go away of course. I k ow that takes several weeks.

Forgot to mention

I forgot to mention that the feelings in the breast are very similar to milk letting down. I breast fed my son for 2 years and my daughter for 1 year. Very similar feelings. The breast are harden and I feel a tingly or burning sensation. The worst part of the pain is under my arms. The rest feels like I did to much exercise that resulted body aches. Not what I expected.

Side view of before and after

I forgot to do a side by side comparison of the saggy saga. I didn't have to lean forward on these old boobs. In the after picture, they don't hang that much.

Corrected before and after side view

I love the way they are higher on the chest. They are still very swollen. I think I will be Large C or small D.

Bandages are off

The bandages were irritating my skin. So, I had permission to take them off. Thank goodness! The dark color you see on the right is just old blood. I love them! Clothes look much better. That's a large sports bra. NOT a XXL ! The bruising so far has been minimal. I am still big, but when the swelling goes down, I think the size will be perfect

Collage of BR

Found this fun app and played around with it.

Pics without shadows


I was really tired today. I am stopping the narcotics. I am still uncomfortable. I have a burning and itchy feeling pretty much all the time. I know it will get better. I am still very proud of my new chest. My husband finally looked at them and said that Dr. Pollock did a great job.

I want to go to Victoria's secrets or AdoreMe to get some sexy bras and lingerie. Took some more post op pics since the swelling is better.

Worried a little

Here are some pictures to see what they like. He said he would do any revision necessary to make them look the way wanted to The second pic is puzzling. It is a mushy spot below the under arm.

Drainage Tip

I am having some drainage. Not bad but enough to get into my sport bra which makes it feel icky on my skin. There was one tip on this site that has worked out great. Use panty liners around the underside of the breast. It works great.

My areoles were draining to. I found that the panty liners were shifting. The padding was moving off and didn't prevent the drainage from getting on my bra. I also found that the panty line would twist so that the adhesive stuck to my nipple. That doesn't feel good either. I got really creative. I purchased a box of cheap nursing pads. They were folded in half, so I cut a half moon in the center. That allows for the nipple protrude through the hole and the rest of the nursing pad sits nicely around the areoles. The drainage stays on the pad and off my bra.

Just thought I would share in case someone needed an idea.

Swelling is way down

Yesterday I was having a hard time zipping my sports bra due to swelling. Today, it zipped right up! I believe the swelling has gone down. The girls look great.

The itching and burning is uncomfortable but bearable.

My abdominal is bloated. Hopefully that will go away sooner than later. I haven't had problems with BMs. I think the bloating is probably due to the general anesthesia.

Still amazed!

It's still a dream to me. I stare in the mirror 10 times a day. Is that being vain??? I Am shocked that I have not had any loss of feeling any where he worked on. As a matter of fact, I never was one that got pleasure from my husband touching or kissing my boobs. I love the sensitivity they have know. I can feel anything/everything that touches my breast. I hope it stays that way. They are just so pretty and perky. I haven't had one headache since the procedure and my neck, shoulder, and back pain gone! It doesn't even hurt sleeping my back. There is no way I could sleep on my back until now.

I am just so amazed that Dr. Pollock is such an artist. He knows how to sculpt the human body to get incredible results. I would do it again in a flash. No second thoughts. I want to get a tummy tuck when I can afford it. He will be the surgeon that I use. If you live in North Texas, you have to put him on your list of PS to have a consultation with. I am very picky when it comes to my doctors. He has been added to my contact list for future use.

I don't want to forget the staff. Wow! They are so awesome. His nurse Kim called me two days in a row after surgery to check on me. They know how to handle insurance, too. You can tell that his team works closely with each other.

September 6 post correction

So, I must have been half asleep when I wrote that. There are sentences that make no sense. I was asked how did you get the correct size? I should have said this, measure your chest above the breast. Then measure an inch below the chest underneath your boobs. The Brillant Contours rep will take it from there. The cup is universal for A to D. If you are bigger than that, you cannot use this bra. I am not able wear mine yet. I am still to swollen. I am keeping it because it is a great sports bra.


Did great today. I still have a yellow fluid leaking from the left breast. My breast are still hard as a rock which makes me uncomfortable but tolerable. The swelling varies throughout the day. I can wake up and my sports bra is loose. By the end of the day, I have a hard time zipping it up.

I still stare at them in amazement. They are so pretty. My doc did such a great job! I don't know how to react to 1 week with no headache or upper back issues. It's lovely!

I will post some pics tomorrow. There hasn't been much of a change since yesterday's pics.

New pics

Some more bandages came off. I can still see swelling especially in the left boob. The right boob is not as hard. I notice there is a small bulge on the left side. Hoping it goes away. It is way more sore in that area then any other area. I know I should not be worried since I am only 7 days post op.

I got a first look at the nipples. Wow! I can barley see where he cut. It blends nicely with the rest of the breasts.

Still tired. I am only taking Tylenol during the day. I do take a hydrocodone at night to help me sleep. I am having a hard time sleeping on my back in a recliner. I think I miss sleeping next to the hubby. It's weird after 24 years not rolling over and bam! He's there. I think he misses me too.

New pic

You can see that they are similar now.

Steri Strips are off

Dr. Pollock took off the butterfly stiches and removed the external stiches. Everything looked great. Still have swelling of the nipples and side of the breast. He said that will take a couple of months to go down. If the dog ears are not gone, then we will fix that on my next visit in 3 months. My breasts are just a bit different in size making the nipples a tad off. I just remind myself it was only 8 days ago. Give it time. Of course that is easier said than done. I am still loving it. I wish I had done it as soon as my daughter was done nursing 12 years ago.

I have been replacing the butterfly stiches as they fall off. I apply paper tape at the incisions. Things are staying closed. I have been feeling little pain until last night. I had a hard time with burning and itching all over the breasts. Both sides of my under arm are extremely sore. I have to admit that I did go shopping with my mom last night. I haven't really been out since the surgery. I was so excited when I fit in a medium shirt instead of a XL or XXL. I actually have a waist! I am so looking forward to the sexy bras and lingerie.

Itching and burning

I have to say that the itching and burning following breast reduction is something fierce. I have tried everything. Benadryl capsules, Benadryl cream, cortisone cream, Zyrtec, and the list keeps going. I was up all night again. I cannot really get down to the itch. I have to be careful because the incisions. Sites are just barley closed. My husband thought I lost my mind when he looked over and saw me tapping my nipples. That sends a feeling of being scratched throughout the breasts. It's just to funny. My nipples have Berber really had feeling in them.

Thought I would add a pic of post operation day 9. Today, lefty is swelling more than righty. I still have a long way to go with the swelling. They still feel very tight. However, my large sport bras are staring to get loose. So I am in between sizes right now.

Finally! relief from itching

So my surgery was on 9/6. I have ordered so many compression and sports bra that it is beyond crazy. Each one was sent back because they are to big, to little, to tight, to loose, or the material increased the itching.

I had resorted to the set of 5 cotton sports bras that I mentioned on this blog earlier. These were comfortable and cheap, but they didn't provide good support. The my boobs looked flabby and bulged out the side. They did not provide any compression.

I spent my last day off of work researching and came across this Enell Sports Bra. It's lovely! I love the feel of the material. The compression helps me worry less about my incisions. It holds the girls firmly against the chest and the side bulge is gone. My favorite of all, my itching has significantly improved! This by far had the beast instructions on how to measure for their product. You measure around the largest part of the breast. Mine is now a 38. Then you measure around the rib cage right under the breast. Mine is 33. You have two options. Young have them make a custom one to fit those measurements or you can use their conversion chart. I used the conversion chart and picked the bra that would fit around my rib cage and had my chest size within the range. It fits like a glove. They are pricey. Mine was 64.00 on Amazon. I am adding some pics. I maybe could of went up to a bigger rib cage size. It fits snug. If I understand the way compression works, it's suppose to be snug. The breast size is perfect. I do not think a size 3 would provide the support I want around the breast.

Tank tops with no bra!

I decided to see how everything looks without a bra. I also wanted to see if the hubby would notice. Big huge smile! They look freakin awesome. So perky and high up on the chest. My husband said "wow! That looks so sexy". Looks way better in person. It's hard to take a good selfie!

Allergic Reaction

I had an allergic reaction to the paper tape. Any ideas on how to keep the incisions supported so they turn nice and smooth and not opening? I am applying a steroid cream and Benadryl for the itching. Ideas are appreciated.

Forgot to mention

They are really swollen today. My nipples are pointing in different directions. That wasn't happening before today. One side is swollen more. I know it will go down and all will be OK. It is so uncomfortable.

Scar Therapy

I am 13 days post op. I still have a lot of swelling on the sides. My under arms are really tender. Still watching my nipples even out again. I am also watching the ends of the incisions that are under my arms. They are pretty raised. Hoping the scar therapy smooths those out.

I started working on the scars last Wednesday. I never got any scabs so they are pretty flat and smooth. I message for 15 minutes in the morning. 15 in the afternoon. 30 minutes before bed. It's probably over kill, but the scars are looking really good. I start by applying Palmers Cocoa Butter, then Bio Oil, and Acure Rose Hip Oil. After those have been messaged in for several minutes, I message Aquaphor. When I am done messaging, I apply Vaseline to lock in moisture.

My PS said that I can use silicone gel and sheets staring 14 days post op. I will add that to my routine tomorrow. I am going to try the silicone sheets that were designed for breast reduction/breast lift patients. I purchased 2 round ones for the nipples and 2 anchor shaped ones for the vertical and incision under the breast. These have to be worn 12 hours a day to see improvement. I will do my regular messages in the morning, and then apply the silicone products. I have been reading that you have to use paper tape to hold them in place. So, I purchased a different brand to see if that works for me. Hoping I do not get another rash.

Anyways, feeling great! Sore and swelling by the end of each day. Today is my first full week back to work. I work from home, so this the scar messaging is no big deal durning the day. I wish everyone a happy week and anyone with surgery, good luck. You will love it!

Finally! A sports/compression bra that feels great

Last time I updated about support for post op, I was starting to get frustrated. I had spent gobs of money trying to find one. I returned the majority of them. I did mention the Enell brand. I tried their high impact sports bra and it hurt the incisions. It had some major compression going on. It's going to be great for working out when I can. I purchased another Enell, but in their Lite model. It is used more for everyday use. Low impact workouts. Wow! So much better. It is form fitting and just enough compression to relieve the tension on the incisions. I used their fitting chart. It was very easy and fits perfect. I will be wearing this for support until I start working out and will probably use both depending on my work out that night.

Another allergic reaction

I tried to use the silicone sheets on Tuesday. I had red wilts shaped like the sheets above and below the incisions. I cannot wear them for 24 hours now. I think I am allergic to the adhesive used on the sheets and not the silicone product itself because I used the gel only today and everything was fine. I wanted to use silicone tape with my regular messages, but I am being extremely sensitive to the adhesive on all the tapes I have tried.

16 days post op

Just thought I would give an update. Nipples are still sore. Under arms are terribly sore. My ribs still feel bruised. Not sure why, but they do. I am getting back into my regular routine. I still have some swelling especially under the arms but my scars are looking really good. So far, I really am loving it. Have a few touch ups possibly. I have to remind myself it's only been 16 days. I hate taking selfies. I really suck at it. They look so different than this picture.

Getting better

I thought it was time for an update. I am 20 days post op. I am really liking the new size. It still amazes me that they continue to change shape. They are a little wider than a few days ago. They seem to be dropping. I am still swelling on the sides and both breast still feel really tight when I touch them. I am feeling great. Still sore and cannot stretch my arms above my head without feeling like something is tearing. My back, neck, shoulders, and lower back are amazing! I love the way my scars are fading. I think they are going to look great. I hope my right side under my arm turns out to be more like the left side. Time will tell. My husband has to constantly remind me that it has barely been 3 weeks.

Trying silicone sheets one more time

I decided to try these sheets again. This time, I am wearing them while I sleep. It's just to hot to wear them during the day and I have to fight with the sweat to keep them on. I'll let you know how tonight goes.

Silicone Sheets

I had better luck wearing the silicone sheets over night instead of during the day. I guess the hot weather here in TX doesn't mix well with the adhesive. When I wore them last week, they came off because of the sweat and I had a rash. They stayed on all night last night. I have some red marks in the shape of the sheets but not near as bad. I think I will start wearing them from 10 at night to 10am the next morning on top of my 3 daily messages.

I did it! Victoria's Secrets

Ok, so in weak. I gave in. I know I am still not at my size. I still have side boob swelling, but my daughter need some new bras and I decided what the heck. This is a D at Victoria Secrets. They run extra small. I bet I am a smaller cup in regular brands. I absolutely am so excited and proud. I even purchased a sexy nighty. It was a medium, not the XL I use to buy. What a moral booster! Pardon the tummy. I am will get back to gym as soon as the doctor says it's OK.

Mondor's Disease

Ok ladies. Hadn't seen this one on any of the post I have been following. Thought you might want to know about it. If you have been following, then you know that under my breast, down the rib cage, and under the arm (especially the right side) is terribly sore. It has actually gotten worse since the surgery. A couple of days ago, I noticed a long linear lump that ran from underneath the breast to the bottom of my rib cage on the right side. I just assumed it was soreness from shifting the skin around. I tried messaging for a few days thinking it will go away. It kept me up last night. I feel like I have been I an accident and the airbag deployed.

I finally gave in and called my doctor. Yes, he had an answer just by using my description. It's called Mondor's Disease. It involves thrombophlebitis of the superficial veins in the breast and chest. I put a copy of the definition up for you. He said it was rare, but it happens sometimes after a procedure like this. It will go away, just not fast enough for me. I just thought it was so weird to hurt more 22 days after surgery more than the day after.

So, be aware. I did tons of Google searches with the symptoms, but never pulled this one back.

Still very happy

I should tell you, that even with the soreness, I would do it again. I am so happy with the results. When the side boobs go down (hopefully they will) and this soreness is gone, I will be up and running a better healthier life! Posting some pics so you can see how great the scars look after 23 days. Left side definitely looks better than right. I have to laugh because they change shape every day. It seems like I go to sleep and the morph into another shape.

New Bruises

Well I woke up this morning and the incisions under the nipples are bruised. The left more so. I started using Arnica again. My left side is swollen. I mentioned in earlier post that they change every day. It makes my nipples look odd. I still am not seeing improvement in the side boobs. I am worried that it is fat. I still like the way they look. I wore a very cute t-shirt with no bra yesterday and they looked great in it. I know it's only been 4 weeks this Tuesday, and I have several more weeks of recovery. The scars are looking great. Still doing 3 messages daily and wearing the silicone sheets at night. I do not like the dog ear on the right side. Still hope that it will smooth out.

Weekly update

Today is 4 weeks. Got a little red irritated spot on the righty. I have some burning and pulling sensations. They are uncomfortable but tolerable. Scars are looking great. I hope the side boobs are still because of swelling. No matter what, way better now than before. I have had no back, neck, or shoulder problems. My husband said yesterday that I seem to be a new person. He said it's been a long time since he has seen me not in pain and happy. He also loves the new confidence. I wear some pretty sexy things now...wink!

Scar Treatment

So, I spent $70 on those silicone breast shaped and nipple shaped silicone sheets. I started wearing them 2 weeks post op. I am at 4 weeks. I love the results, but man are they a pain to keep on, wash, dry and store. They have already lost their stickiness. I wanted to continue using the sheets, so I researched other options. I found the Mepitac silicone tape. It was very easy to put on. It has a better fit and stays put. I don't have to use the tape that causes a rash because of my sensitive skin. I think I have tried every kind of wound tape available. The Mepitac tape is suppose to be for super sensitive skin. You do t have to wash it and it stores in small packaging. I will let you know how it goes. Posting some pics so you can see what it looks like. You do have to wear it 12 hours a day to see a difference. So far these have not fallen off when sweating. The other ones would not stay on when I went for my walks.

More Mondor Cords!

I had another one come out on my left side. That's 3 so far. I cannot lift my arms very high because it pulls and is very sore. My seatbelt in my car hurts because the soreness runs to the bottom of my rib cage. Minor set back. I hope it doesn't take as long as our wonderful Google Internet says. ????Laugh Out Loud!????.


I was shopping with my daughter at Khols. I came across these Vera Wang nighties on clearance. $10.00 for each set! Usually, they don't have any sizes to fit me because I had to get an XXL to fit the girls. The panties would be trash because they were way to big. Now, I am able to buy L and there were so many choices this time! The panties are a tad to big, but they at least stay on loosely. I love it! I also purchased two t- shirt bras. Never been able to find any that fit before. They were C's! Still dealing with side boobs 5 weeks later. But I think they look great!

My favorite bathing suit!

Before and after. So much better! I won't be embarrassed to wear it anymore and won't have to wear a t-short with it!

5 weeks post op

Thought I'd share scar pics for this week. Swollen for some reason today. Top is last week. Bottom is this week. My right side has a dog ear. It is improving but drives me batty.

New pic

Thought it be interesting to take a pic laying down and compare it tithe after pics. I think I like the new size way better.

Weekly Update

Everything is going great. Tuesday will be week 6. Still having issues with the Mondor Cords. There are 4 and they run all the way down my rib cage to my abdomen. Pretty sore.

I still feel 100% better! My left side still appears to be bigger. My husband says it my imagination, but I don't think so. I also cannot take a selfie to save my life. Maybe it is the angle of the phone.

The vertical incisions look awesome, too. They are very flat. My right side has some redness on the incision but it's going away.

I think my nipples look great. The scarring is barely noticeable. Although my left one is slightly higher. Again, hubby says I am expecting perfection and looking for something when nothing is there.

The side scars-left looks incredible. Right side is looking significantly better. Maybe the dog eat will go away on its own. I am amazed at what the left side looks like only 6 weeks later.

Comparison pic

Here is a good pic of last week to this week. You can see they are smaller. Evan the cleave has changed. My left boob is swollen more than my right. Would do it all again!

Cute Shirt

I got this off Amazon. Size Medium not XL! I love the way it fits and the zipper isn't about to bust. As a matter of fact, it is slightly to big in the shoulders. Never had that problem before.

Week 7 Update

Still doing great. I can still see changes every day. The incisions are really smooth and are getting lighter. The right side incision under my arm seems to be getting flatter. I think the nipples look awesome and they are evening out. Still messaging, using silicone creams and silicone tape. I am super pleased! Love the way I look in clothes!

Almost 8 weeks

Not to many changes. Just adding my weekly comparison pics. Still working on the scars.


Sorry about that. Hit post to fast.

8 weeks today!

Today is 8 weeks. The day that has so changed my outlook on life and my confidence. The top pic was today. The bottom one was 7 weeks. Not too many changes except the scars continue to fade. They are very flat and smooth. I could not have asked for any better healing. Very impressive. Still no upper back pain, no shoulder pain, and no headaches. I am still having issues with my SI Joint in the lower back/hip/leg area, but I knew going into this that this surgery would not likely resolve that. I am going in next week to have Rhizotomy done. They are going to burn the nerve endings. If this works, I will be 100% better.

9 weeks tomorrow

Everything is still looking great. Scars are fading. Mondor Cords are not as tender. My nipples change sizes every day. Kind of interesting. I am loving it. I get lots of compliments from family and friends.

Week 9 comparison pic

Top is nine weeks. Bottom is 8 weeks.

9 week update

Everything is still going well. Having some swelling again that is causing them to be uneven. Scars are healing really well. Some spores are completely faded.

10 weeks

Not really any changes this week. Still working on my scars. I am terrible with selfies. They look crooked.

11 weeks

The scars are fading. They still itch and the nipples are still sensitive. They definitely have a mind of their own. I am adding some weekly comparison photos.

12 weeks tomorrow!

Everything is still looking great. It may be my imagination, but it seems like I still see improvements on the scars weekly. I absolutely love the results!

Sorry. My pics didn't post!

12 week pics

Still cannot believe!

I was just clearing my phone of old photos. I found my before pics. I still cannot believe this what my girls looked like jus 12 weeks ago. It is just incredible to me.

13 weeks!

Feeling great. In love with my girls. Had some red streaks appear, but they started going away. It is so funny to me that my nipples can morph in seconds. I watch it happen.

Going on 14 weeks

Nothing much to report. I think my scars look better every day. Still doing the same routine but only 2 times a day. Today I wore an underwire bra for the first time. I wore it all day. I don't think the girls appreciated that. My bottom scars are red and irritated. May be a tad to soon.

Love it!

I purchased this bra from Victoria Secrets at about 8 weeks post op. It fit but there were some side boob issues. I decided to try it on again. I am happy to say that the side boob issue is going away!

Forgot pics!

I wear a C in other brands but this one is a D.

15 weeks

Tomorrow is 15 weeks. Everything is great and still enjoying the outcome. The drastic changes in the scars I was seeing before are slowing down, but I still see improvement daily. My scars are fading and they are very flat. You cannot feel them at all. I am really happy with how they look. I am most impressed with how well my nipples healed. I don't think you will be able to see any evidence of the surgery a year from now. You can still see them now, but they are very light and very smooth.

16 weeks!

New pics. Not much to report. Scars are still improving. There is still a small dog ear on the right but significantly smaller than right after surgery. I think I will wait it out to see if it completely goes away.

17 weeks

Sorry I am posting late this week. Been super busy. Not to many changes. The dog ear on my right is almost gone. I don't think it will need to be fixed. My scars are doing wonderful. I cannot believe how good they look. All that hard work, tape, and creams are really working. Here are some more pics. Did some comparison pics this week.

18 weeks

I have had some serious zingers for the past few days. If they don't stop, I will visit with my surgeon. Everything else is great.

19 weeks

Not many changes. Just wanted to be sure and post for the week. I may go down to every other week. Not sure it is to much help to post when there are no obvious changes.

Still lovin it!

I missed posting last week. It's been very busy here. I still love the new breast. They look great with and without cloths!

5 months!

Still loving it. Went to Victoria Secrets and purchased some really sexy bras that feel great!

My scars are still getting lighter. I do 1 message in the morning and use the tape over night. I think the nipple scars are already pretty close to being invisible.

It's been awhile! 8 months

Just wanted to do a quick follow up. Still loving it. It was honestly the best decision I have ever made. Still have some zingers that can be uncomfortable, but not bad. My scars are awesome. I'm thinking they won't be noticeable by September on my 1 month anniversary. I am still doing the silicone gel and bio oil daily.

Just a little reminder

Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Kind and listens to what you want. Describes the procedure well and shows pictures of his work. Works hard to get insurance covered. I had several questions before surgery and he took his to answer every one of them

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