I Miss my Mojo

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Im gna hav lipo on my abs n flanks,i hav a very...

Im gna hav lipo on my abs n flanks,i hav a very stubborn muffin top,also runs n the fam the women we r all apple shaped,i miss havin a waist n wearin lowrise jeans its ben years even wen i had a nice shape ie NO muffin top ive NEVER worn a bikini,never now im n my 30s my mother was strict wen it came to our clothes we cudnt even show our kneecaps lol

all in my head

Today i got a auto call from my ps askin for confirmation on my preop appt on mon a.m. it really hit me today it's almost here! Im not regretting it,i thnk its jus bcuz of my nerves that im havin all these racing thoughts like the what-ifs you know? Then on top of that my mother asks me do i have life insurance?? Ik she didnt wna ask but she is a planner,and she supports my decision to hav ps,so her intentions r good.

im back!!!

Hey everybody been awhile since ive been on here but im back now im committed to loosing weight since october ive lost 18pds so far!!! Ik no dx will do a TT on me with me being overweight and im also interested in a BBL! As i lose weight im loosing my ass! Its awful never had much to begin with.

denied lol

Well!! I have been told im on the heavy for dr.fisher so he's not interested right now, but that dr.O( it was said to me this way) deals with the heavier patients with the higher bmi. I had to look him up because he was not one of the docs that i sent an email to AND some email saying a quote plus other services cost 200dollars...so weight a MINUTE..that would be ALEX can i get a quote for 200 please lol geesh? Good news tho I HAVE LOST 19 pds so far!!! Bad news i had cake at my daughters bday party sun...im doing the kanye shrug.

naturally plump

Im goin in for one more appt before my bbl to ask my p.s should i keep losing weight?? I'm nervous i jus wna look naturally more plump in the back. I DO NOT WANT a huge shelf and be knocking over stuff w/o knowing it. ugh that is so not for me!!

All i see...

Im obsessed with booties i can't stop im lookin for someone who is shaped like me that has the results im hoping for. Im even thinking about bumping up my sx date a couple weeks( i think i can)

I Miss my Mojo

I'm fixing three areas and this is my 2nd problem area. boobs, butt, stomach need a overhaul. Ive done the boobs now im gettin a BBL an im excited!! I need me some hips too mendozadoll coming soon.6/27/16 is the day i changed my day it was july11th( the day of my previous sx) im getting supplies now but i need more

SX date update

Hi just here to vent ive had to cxl my date an reschedule for SEPTEMBER ikr! Alll the way then!! i ddnt get approved for the time off in june and i had previously applied for vacay in sept. Now i have to wait til august to see if that gets approved or not.my job was trying to get in my business (fmla) and find out what i was having done.i read about fmla and its some pretty bad stuff out there about it.When i called an explained why i needed to reschedule they said yes we understand and we do not fill out fmla forms anyway!!!! Idk im jus like ugh hands in the air.I wanted my BAWDY for the summer NOT for FALL ????


This waiting really sucks, i jus cant wait to get it over with. I have lost 27 pounds so far im hoping to at least 50 total by sept????

Near not far

Ok so im getting really nervous now its like 2wks away now an i will be ready in time. Its the nerves u know they get to u i cant believe its here already.


Hi dolls so i orderd the bootybuddy pillow yesterday. my sx is next mon the 19th im hopin it at least comes that nxt day. Gotta remember to breath my heart is fluttering now my preop is tmrw whoo hoo????

Pre ops done booty booty

Had my preop appt today. i will know tmrw if my iron is low etc if i dont hear from them that'll be good news if i get a call then there's an issue. I saw some bbl piks from my doc and they all looked good to me.

I can't wait for my juicy booty yall!!!!

I'm been goin so hard between wrkin extra hrs literally only 1 day off a week an i still dnt have all my supplies but im not gna let that worry me. My question is how big to go? I have no idea lol ive even stuffed towels in my bhind to get a idea of how i would look wit a bigger booty an it lookd silly lol...so how big do u go? Ive got my dream body piks of tall women with figures that look similiar to mine. Im goin to show him those again mon a.m. im ready n so nervous and excited.

Bootybuddy arrived just in time

I got my booty buddy yesterday an im still waiting for the arnica montana. It was sposed to come by yesterday too but oh well ive got more cleaning an organizing to do. I will post updates of the office and b4 i go and b4 they start ttyl realself dolls.

Hi dolls

I made it out im in so much pain it feels like im on fire an im sweaty an cant stop shaking these pain pillscan TOUCHIN this pain!! Im leaking alot also alredu soakd one pad plus im dizzy still n hav a headache ill stay positive i keep tellin myself its gna be ok im padded up so i cant even see anything not tryin to scare anybody be prepared for the pain ttyl ive gta walk again

Day 2

Today i was able to wash myself an i love my shape so far! My waist is smaller i look like im pear shaped which is what i wanted! I tried to sum piks of my booty an i cant so i wil upload later wen i hav help. Ive got my ab board in an my foams plus the marble in my navel too. Im also wearin a compression garment which helps with the pain an my cough i hav for sum reason.

Days gone by

Im feelin much better today. Im still in pain but its at a very low level. I even got around to sweepin an moppin the livingroom an kitchen. I love how flat my stomach is even my daughter was like wow mom! I feel floppy an loose wen the garment is on so bak on it goes. My butt feels full idk another word to describe it.

Xoxo my waist

Im walkin every hour and my appetite is bak, i need my strength bak. Im lookin at myself earlier my bak is so swollen, but gurrls wen i tell u my waist is so snatched an small!!! An my stomach is so flat yasss lol! Im still unsure bout my booty its like really hard and full! It was hard for me to wipe and i never had that problem before lol jk

Lookin at the Sx progress notes

Hey dolls an future dolls, i had my first postop appt yesterday an i ddnt get to see the doc i wanted to grill him on how my sx went i remember wen i was waking up my sx nurse told me i peed alil bit during the sx lol!! I was like wat?! No surprise wen i get nervous i pee!!! I was groggy i was like where so she showed me the sheet she was nice about it she was like its ok ive seen pts do worst an i cleaned you up i was like phew ok! One of my incisions is irritated but other than that things are good. I found out they took 4,000cc's of fat out!!! Ik thats not the pure fat but shite thats alot! He was able to get in 840cc's of the pure fat in each buttcheek. I was hopin for at least 1000cc but he told me b4 he started that he always injects the max amt of fat the body will allow. I will see him in october an get ALL the details then!!

Lots of fat

4,000cc's i did the conversion is 4 liters out and 1680cc's in/ 840 a cheek. Is that the most out?? Idk Is the most in?? No ik that, but my stomach is FLAT! And my booty is up an starting not to feel so rock hard.


i ddnt measure my booty before(wish i had now i ddnt even think of it) Waist:36 Hips: 41 Booty:47

Back to reality

i go bak to wrk in a matter of days, im not worried about sitting at wrk cuz im jus not gna do that but i will be driving myself to an from wit pillows an the bootybuddy. I MISS THE GYM AHH! Im gna wait anothr week for the gym. My recovery has been great, i love how flat my stomach is an my booty looks juicy!! I had an invisible butt b4 an the way my bak slopes into my butt is nice cant wait for my bak not to be swollen. Its fluid filled an tight still ugh. Both my stomach an bak is numb still. I ddnt need upper bak lipo bcuz i ddnt hav any fat there i lift weights an thats one of my wrkout areas is my back, shoulders an arms.Why is my finger still numb? Idk

Beach action

In mexico showin this hungry booty finally able to sit!! Its been a looong 10 weeks but so worth it i love my new figure!!!
Dr.rigoberto mendoza

Dr.welsh my prev p.s doesnt do BBL's so i was disappointed, but there is ome of his partners that does them. Dr.mendoza was highly recommended to me by the staff they are great i was a mess my first surgery and they took great care of me. Dr.mendoza is very patient i had a list of questions! Lol he answers all of them w/ patience and he's very down to earth about the process.

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