29 Year Old with Vaser on Hips, Waist, and Abdomen. - Seattle, WA

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Yesterday I had Vaser lipo done on hips. abs, and...

Yesterday I had Vaser lipo done on hips. abs, and waist. I went to Premier Cosmetic surgery with Dr. Precht. Staff is nice, Dr. is nice, no complaints there so far. All the reviews I have read with her have been mostly positive and I don't have anything negative to say. '
I am 5'2" and weigh 168 pounds at time of procedure. The day of procedure, I arrived and they put me in a spa room in order for my sedation meds to kick in. I have a slight resistance to some meds, so they decided to give me my medication injection form at a higher dose in instead of pill form. It kicked in pretty quick and I was almost asleep when they took me in for surgery. She started off injecting lidocaine into the incisions spots (two on lowest parts of abs, one in belly button, and two in my back) it hurt a little but tolerable. Then she began injecting fluid with I believe more numbing meds. This was more uncomfortable, but she said I need to get through it or else I would have to reschedule. I sucked it up and kinda dealt with it. After that was all done, the sucking began. She continued to give me sedation injections and I kind of was in and out of it. The procedure lasted about 3 hours, but it doesn't seem like that at all since I was heavily sedated. When it was done, I had 2 liters of fat removed. Although I had 7 liters of fluid in me so my stomach as really swollen. The nurse tried to squeeze as much fluid out as she could before I left. Going home I was still numb so I didn't feel anything. I got home and basically passed out. I woke up to eat really quick and got nauseous so I took my anti nausea meds and laid back down and felt better.

Days 2-5 post op

The first couple of days I mostly just slept. I was completely numb the first day so not so much pain, and the second day was a little more painful. Pain meds worked good though. I probably didn't even need them. I only felt pain when bending or getting up and down. Still draining from one incision. I went and volunteered at work for a couple hours. I would have rather been at home in bed, but still went. People say they are not able to sleep on their stomach. I had no problem with it. It's just uncomfortable while switching positions.

Third day, swelled up quite a bit so my garment in tighter. I actually worked a 9 hour shift on no pain meds. I just took Tylenol. I was sore, but it's manageable. The tightness of the garment is the most annoying part of it all. I feel fine emotionally. I think I dropped a few pounds. I am now down to 160.

Fourth day, still draining. Turned a yellow color, doc says it's ok and is probably liquified fat or serum. Worked another 9 hour shift. Again, still mildly sore, but tolerable. Still no pain meds.

Fifth day, getting better. Not as tender as the past few days. Still swollen. Getting in and out of bed doesn't bother me anymore.


Here are some pics

more pics

Day 8

Swelling has decreased some, I lost two pounds and am now down to 158. I am only slightly tender now and am pretty much back to my normal self, as far as bending, getting in and out of bed, work etc. I noticed some hard spots forming along the zipper lines and doc says its normal and to massage the area, which I have been doing. This whole experience hasn't been that bad. Maybe I'm more tolerant, I don't know, but all the reviews have scared me so bad, but it's not that bad. I will add more photos as the swelling goes down.

Itchy Lumpy

Lumps have started to form. I try to massage them out. They are hard little lumps all under my skin. You can't really see them, but I can feel them. Doc says it's normal. I'm also mildly itchy. I find myself scratching at work and randomly throughout the day. Still numb on lower back. I still don't see any change in shape. I suppose it's the swelling. I was dissapointed because I went to put on a pair of pre op jeans and they didn't fit. I hope it's just the swelling. So far I have gained a pant size. :-(


I'm 15 days post op and still the same size :( I hope it's just swelling. Otherwise I feel fine. Slightly sensitive when a kid was hitting my belly today. That's about it. I hope the swelling goes down soon!

Week 5 I believe

Ok so I think I am in week five. the swelling has gone down some, but I still feel pockets of fluid in different places, so I now I am still swollen. My pants fit better though, which is good. I am pretty much the same weight as before. I still feel twinges of sharp pain when someone touches my sides or if I stretch really far. Overall not too bad. I am still trying not to judge the results, because if I do, I will be dissatisfied. Here are some current before and after pics. Not much of a difference. But like I said, I still feel pockets of fluid and to be honest, I have not been the best about wearing my garment after week 4 :-(
Dr. Precht

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