Thermismooth Can Ruin Your Face!!!

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I was 46, and feeling great about how I looked and...

I was 46, and feeling great about how I looked and felt, although I was noticing a little laxity around my jaw line. My dermatologist recommended considering Thermismooth as a non surgical solution that had no downtime. Of course this seemed like the perfect solution to my problem, so I asked who his most experienced assistant was and scheduled with her. My first treatment was exactly as described... A gentle warm massage along the lower jaw, light pressure and slight redness that lasted less than an hour post procedure. I understood several treatments were necessary for results so I rescheduled with the same assistant about 4 weeks later. This is when everything went wrong. First red flag: The person I had scheduled with was switched out with another person. I told the second assistant the same thing I had told the first, that I wanted my lower jaw treated. This time I had also scheduled to have my lower abdomen treated, so I told her that also. This assistant then recommended I have my upper abdomen (above the belly button) treated as well as my neck. I agreed to her recommendations and she started the treatment. Second red flag: I noticed the pressure she was putting on my face was much greater than the first treatment and that the pattern she was using was more liner than circular. I felt she was "sculpting" my face because she would repeatedly go over areas. This alarmed me, but I felt she knew what she was doing, so I just let her continue the treatment. I also reasoned that since she did this to one side of my face, I would have to let her treat the other so it would be symmetrical. :( This is when everything went terribly wrong. Without asking me she just said she was going to treat my eyes. She started treating the upper and lower lids of both eyes (inside the orbital bone), temples and forehead. She used so much pressure under my eyes that I finally told her to stop. I got up from the chair and saw that I was so swollen around my eyes that I was almost unrecognizable. I had been wearing eye makeup since I did not plan to have my eyes treated and it was smeared both inside and outside of my eyes. My eyes were burning intensely but I thought it was from the makeup and the Ponds cream she used to make the Thermi hand piece glide over the skin. This was the beginning of my nightmare. From that day on I have never looked the same. My eyes and face were swollen for weeks, and I immediately noticed how sunken my eyes looked. I thought my eye pain was from the swelling, but it became increasingly clear to me that something more was going on. I went to my optometrist and he told me my lower eyelid was everting (pulling away from my eye), and that my conjunctiva was inflamed and my eyes were very dry. He followed me closely for several weeks to make sure the eyelid issue resolved, which it did. Unfortunately the eye pain and dry eye never resolved, and after seeing 3 different ophthalmologists I now know the oil producing glands in the lower lid of my eye were damaged by the Thermismooth treatment. I am currently being treated but time will tell if my eyes will ever go back to the way they were before Thermi.

In addition to all the eye issues, I now have volume loss in upper and lower eyelids and temples, more wrinkles in my forehead due to over tightening of the skin, and my jaw line actually looks worse now! My facial symmetry has completely changed for the worse and my face shape has changed, with more fullness in my lower face. I have seen 3 plastic surgeons, and all have confirmed I have volume loss around my eyes and temples, and one felt I had collagen damage to the skin on my temple.

I now need a mid face lift, fat transfer and some type of correction for all the new wrinkles and texture issues I have on my face according to the plastic surgeons I have seen, and this is just to get me back to where I was before the Thermismooth nightmare. When I show the surgeons my "before" pictures they are shocked to learn they were taken just a few months ago. I have aged years in just a few months post procedure and I'm not sure where this will end. I also want to mention that my tummy now has a nice horizontal indention across it that appears to be permanent. I returned to try to have it smoothed out with Thermi, but there was no improvement.

I decided to post this review now in the hopes it will keep someone from damaging their face and going through the emotional trauma I have been through, not to mention the painful eye issues that made it unbearably difficult to perform my job. I sincerely hope anyone considering this procedure will research it thoroughly and I would recommend not treating anywhere near the eyes as it is just too unpredictable. I am not mentioning the name of the provider or clinic where I had my procedure performed because I am still in communication with them about a possible solution to some of the damage done by Thermismooth. I am planning on filing a report with the FDA in the near future, and I encourage any of you who have been damaged by RF (radiofrequency), ultrasound, laser or other under-regulated treatment modality to file a report as well. For me it is too late. The damage has been done, I just want to do everything I can to keep others from experiencing what I and so many others have.
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