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I'm recovering in my hotel room now. I got 400cc...

I'm recovering in my hotel room now.

I got 400cc mentor rounds overmuscle placed via armpits

The doctor is famous in Thailand. Doesn't advertise for OS patients. I discovered him via a contact. I recruited a lady translator for cost of $150 aud for escorting meto the initial consult. Miss Translator arranged appointment and met me at the train station and walked me to the clinic.

We were told to come back in two to three hours. We went for a delicious Indian meal..

Back to clinic.. Many post off trans young ladies were walking in from their walkabout/hotel in nighties and urine back. A little comraderie. Was very touching chatting to one.. Her happiness was beautiful. Dr Thep performs many sex changes.

His rooms look a mish mash of things posters books. But it is clean.

My turn to see Dr. A good looking man. Didn't have to go through a thousand questions. Some drs try to hard w bed side manner. I just want boobs no romance. Dr Speaks English. I asked about anti iotics he said don't worry we do all that.. His look was...its a no brainer.. :)) I filled out one simple form.. And that was it.

I have sagged meaty boobs so I wanted OM 400cc to fill out. Under muscle would cause double bubble.. Three reasons I chose over muscle for now 1. I didn't want to deal with infection stitches cleaning of delicate breast tissue around areola 2 I wasn't sure of his cutting skill. My areola off shape anyway but will get tattooed 3 I've read no reviews so didn't want muscle pocket damage .. I was just being cautious.

But this is a man who performed 12 to 14 breast AU's in about 4 to 5 hours. He performs ALOT of sex changes.. At initial appointment..bsaw about 5 walking around.. There were no charges for consult.. Was very quick. I like quick.. I wasn't there for romance.
No forms to fill out.. So easy.

After consult back to counter. Translated no food 8 hours before op. Bring a buttoned shirt. Bring money placed into sealed envelope and come back any morning at 8am .. Any morning at 8am. Lol

I got there 7.45am. There was already about 9 girls lined up sitting chatting some nervous dome vulnerable looking. A western gentleman with his Thai partner later arrived too. Dress in preopp pretty pink cotton nighties that read 'happy velda'..

By 9am saw dr. Notes written on my chest. Donned the nightie. Back to waiting area. 9.45 am walk 3 flights two perdons stairs. Sat waiting. Seems ever 15 to 20 minutes the nest person is called in to theatre.

Now my turn. Just my nightie and undies. Told where to sit. DAT. Laid back. Immediately washed down whilst dr put two needle iv thing into right hand. At first sedative hurt for three seconds then total relaxation.

Nurse above my head was calming me rubbing my third eye

Before I knew it I was told to slide onto bed. Don't rember being wheeled into post opp area. Was gently told to sleep. Touched my new boobs as all ladies say.. Wish I went bigger hehehe

Whilst recovering I looked around.. There was nine of us post op recovery and more beds downstairs. Sedation was a twilight I think.. No hoses down my throat.recovered from sleep process quickly.

I found if you are gentle in your mannerisms quietly spoken humble say nah (thankyou) and smile and be patient. Thai people will like you. The only person that didn't like me was a butch Thai lady boy... Falang issues lol

Whilst in recovery.. Time for tubes out.. Yes painful. Bag of designated meds and a throw up bowl... Throw up? Me? Nah?

Employee held my hand walked me down stairs.. Actually maybe it was two flights. Into office room lots of books crowded. But clean She helped me get changed showed me antibiotic and painkiller tablets and said Saturday 1st October for appointment. During from time I walked in to out they were all really lovely to me..

You'd lady walked me outside sat me on a stool.. She made sure i was under shade, then hailed a taxi. I slipped her 200 baht no idea is its worth much to her. He attention tobdetail nurture and jolly disposition deserved it. Luckily I had hotel business card.. It only cost 80 baht! I gave him 120.. Makes them so happy.. 80 bahts is about $3 aud.

My boobs only have a strap across the top and padding under armpits. I forgot to mention they did dose me with antibiotics post opp.

Got into my hotel room. Last night I stocked water and food... I wish I'd gotten 500cc :))))

That was my experienced. So easy So efficient. There was a price little on the wall.. Next time I go.. I will ask for a copy..

Oh.. I did see photos of jawline slimming... Amazing! That I rember was 40000 baht upper eyelids 9000 baht lower 9000 and... Dimples for about $320..removal of old BA implants...$350

Thankyou for reading

PS My ratings are high as ..if you understand Thai people.. They cut the bullshit they know what their doing and with over 60000 BA's Dr Thep gets straight to it.. If you need molly coddling and cuddles this place isn't for you. The staff acknowledge you are polite but like us all some have unhappy days. We don't know the stress or anxiety in their personal lives. There's no sucking up here. The sucking up at other clinics cost more money hehehe. The doctor is extremely busy and op went well there was no need to see him to get applause and lollipop for being a good patient.. At the current moment.. I'm quite happy...wish I went bigger :))

48 hours since surgery

I have no bruising. General swelling. No very tender. I feel great. My interpreter guide messages every morning and night. I mentioned top right boob a little swollen. She rang the clinic they requested I go in asap.

I got the trains out. Took me about 15 minutes. I still had on the strap across tops of boobs. I'd put a soft sports bra under the strange. The bra isn't the sort that separate the boobs more like a boob tube bra. I want my boobs push together.

I got into clinic at around 3pm. It all looks mayhem but they are very organized. I gave my patient card and taken to one of the rooms. There was another you'd lady getting hers checked in same room. Doesn't bother me at all. Bit of comraderie :)

Before I could blink the young ladies were all over me.. Undressing me then armpit bandages then the strap my bra. They looked at stiches. They spoke some English a couple spoke really good English. They put sterile strips over the stitches. Leave it for 10 days she said. Felt my boobies put new strap across. Doctor came in had a feel. No problems. s he was about to walk away I asked about a face lift. I said make me look beautiful. He had sympathy in his eyes. Looked and gently pulled at my face. Hevsaud to get a bow lift and face lift next year. I mentioned a lady I know had big bald spots from brow lift he said no I don't do that. I still would like a face lift thought. He said next year
.. How does January/February sound? :)). As most ladies say.. I should've went bigger.. The girls giggled and dr shook his head.. He's heard that thousands of times.

After dr left the room. Me surrounded by the employees and main nurse.. I was asked to lay down. Awkwardly I did .. On goes a strap in my arm and a syringe of antibiotic through my vein. Very impressed.

I stood up and one young lady dressed me buttoning up my dress even tying my belt around me waist. So cute.

I got a price list.. :)) said goodbye to everyone and off on my way. So quick! Love it!

My next appoint ment is after 5 days. I can showed the morning before seeing doctor.

My translator gyuide is amazing! Well worth her fees. She suggested we can go get my face threaded.. :)) apparently threads last 4 to 6 months.

Everything is going great!

48 hour pic

400cc over muscle via armpit.
No bruising. Scars around areola and lift performed by another dr many years ago
Dr Thep Pratanum PolyClinic

As stated in review. Dr Thep tremendously busy.. He gets the job done. If you like cuddles a sook, attention and applause and lollipop don't go here. Staff were lovely to me each with their real personality. No expensive sucking up business. When I'd hear one saying what seems like they're annoyed I just smile and giggle.. It broke barriers uplifted their mood.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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