Nearly 29 with 2 Kids I Need This- from UK Going to Prague

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I've hated my tummy since I had my son 10 years...

I've hated my tummy since I had my son 10 years ago then when I had my daughter 6 years ago I lost every bit of confidence I had. My partner doesn't want me to have a TT loves me the way I am he has finally come round and supporting me. Our sex life is gone my confidence is that bad it makes me cry I always wear baggy clothes which makes me look bigger but makes me think people ain't looking at my belly thinking is she pregnant.

Working out

I've tried really hard to get rid of my belly always done workouts at home then last year I joined gym worked my **** off for 6 months 5 days a week lost weight everywhere else which I really didn't want as I'm so skinny everywhere else. I started getting problems with my knees they got that bad I could hardly walk had test mri all came back clear which doesn't help as I still get bad knees even when driving. Doctor was shocked why I told him I'm struggling to get rid of my tummy all he said was but you so skinny everywhere else and if it's really bothering me to think about a TT. I hardly eat really my other half always says I don't eat much. So I finally decided to look into a tummy tuck

Trouble sleeping

Ever since I've decided to have a TT and very close to putting a deposit down I can't sleep properly at all whenever I go to bed all I think about is what can go wrong I mind end up going to Prague by myself and I think that's what is bothering me. My partner I think will be looking after our children I have a friend that said she will look after them but our son has ASD and in a way I want my partner to see how it is to take care of the kids do everything I do he has during day or for a night while I work but never for 5 days 4 nights never done a school routine or dinners but then I want him with me there am I thinking too much it's nearly 2am and I just dont feel tired or want to try to sleep

booking date

So im now sorting out putting a deposit down and booking a date. Ive had alot more thoughts about it all, We are decorating at moment and we have seen a sofa we really like for nearly £2000 less than cost of my TT so thoughts are new sofa an wait for TT but then i think if i don't do this i'll keep putting it off and im reading so many other lovely ladies reviews on here and keep trying to picture myself with a tummy like theirs and being able to feel comfortable and confident in anything i wear and not be so picky i just cant put it off. I book this i know i will not turn back

set back

So i booked a date day after my last update for 11th march 2015. Then few days later my boyfriend goes to get sofa from dfs on credit and he filled in all paper work set up direct debit payments everything to get a phone call next day to say he wasnt accepted for credit which is crazy as he doesn't have any debts always pays everything on time we checked his credit report and its poor says because he has too much avaliable credit so lenders might see as a risk as he isn't using it never heard of so much rubbish in my life. Anyway so im using my tummy tuck money to pay for sofa trying to figure out if i can get enough money to replace it before i put my deposit down for it in february i actually cried the other day when i realised i might have to postpone it feeling very rubbish right now

feeling low

So i dont think March will be happening no way ill have the money in time. Feeling very depressed about it all really other half is taking so long to rearrange time off work so i can rearrange the OP really think he thinks i wont go through with it. Ive suffered from depression in the past and to be honest i haven't been happy in years maybe i still have it, All i think about is will this OP not just be changing my body will it change me will i finally be happy what will i be like happy. We have been to disneyworld florida for 2 years in a row was so excited having kids that excited and happy looking back on photos i just didnt look happy and this years trip was everything i could of wanted but still i didnt look happy. So im really hoping this is life changing for me

Date definitely booked

So had a long talk with OH and sorted TT stuff out he hopefully will be one that is coming with me his supporting me 100% now. I've booked it for May 13th. With Christmas out of way and our kids birthdays and its new year I've give up alcohol potatoes pasta white bread and the hardest for me is Pepsi max but I'll do it I don't really want to lose weight as I like all my other body parts I want to be healthier for the OP I'm taking no risks worried as it is. Happy new year ladies!!

Count down

11 weeks to go hotel is booked and I'm starting to get supplies. I've told my sister about it and she wants to come with me which is a relief. I'm getting so worried and excited. I feel like I can't plan anything until I've got this out of the way I'm very much a planner and for some reason I just can't plan anything at the moment. Hope everyone is doing well!

4 weeks today

Everything is booked hotel, flights coach to airport, deposit for surgery was paid last week. These are the items I have at home for my recovery
Anti bacterial soap
Large dressings
Small dressings
Dry antiseptic spray
Big underwear
Is there anything else I'll need?
I'm getting worried that I'll get an infection I'm not a person that has any good luck at all n I've wanted this for so many years I just want everything to be normal as it can be

This time next week I'll be on the flat side

Can't believe it it's come so fast so excited and nervous. Had my bloods and ECG yesterday at my doctors surgery. The nurse has been so supportive wasn't going to have bloods done until I go to Prague but nurse said she would do them privately so I had to pay I would have to pay in Prague anyway. She moaned at me about my bra being too small and made me promise to go get measured properly at place she goes after I have my TT I had 36G on she reckon I am a 34HH good god and said I'll have a lovely figure after my TT and I had right size bra on I loved hearing that put a smile on my face told OH he reckons I should of said my figure is nice now, obviously not or I wouldn't be having a TT but he loves me way I am so he keeps saying. Anyway nurse said to make an appointment with her for anything after I have it done if any problems but not privately so free made me even more happy she is so supportive love it. My next update will probably be after my TT which is 13th may oh my god can't believe it happening I'm sure my bloods will come back fine

I'm on the flat side

Well everyone I woke up living to see another day I'm happy haven't see it yet all bandaged up and have garment on had surgery about 7hours ago feeling a bit of pain. When I arrived in Prague yesterday I came on my period which is weird as I'm on contraceptive injection so very unexpected. Surgeon came to see me about 8pm everything went well had 1kg of skin and fat removed and 1 litre of fat removed from lipo. I just want to see it lol

2 days post op

Well it's day 2 have too say this is a lot harder than I thought getting up hurts stings been told it's the drains. Only seen a sneak peak loving it so far would like to look at it properly. My back is sore and black and blue from liposuction but it's also above my garment on my back confused as to why as I just had lipo on my flanks and top of my tummy, my sister has been great couldn't of done this without her. I'm missing my kids like crazy never been away from them this long up side is that OH has realised how much I do. I just want to be home now feeling low and emotional at the moment as Miss the kids so much .

4 days post op

I came home yesterday very happy I'm home. Was finally able to take a short shower waiting now for my garment to dry been washed I have read from a few people on here that letting the shower just run on your back feel lovely and omg they are right the back pain from being hunched over is the worst I've always had back pain but this is another level. so far so good though just really want my garment to hurry up an dry want it back on can't get up from bed until it's back on. I'm very happy with results so far early days still though I had a bm yesterday wasn't as bad as I thought it would be last time I went was 5 days ago

6 days post op

Well had second shower 6am this morning took my dressing out of belly button looks cute I started to get so happy then I thought no it's too early I am loving my results so far. People have said not to weigh yourself after I couldn't resist yesterday am 14lbs down.

10 days post on the floor with this pictures confidence is that bad we only have a small bathroom mirror and one I hide away in

So 10 days out. Starting to get more uncomfortable at night as I hate laying on my back. I drove today kids are off school next week and OH is back at work Tuesday. Tape is coming off Wednesday so I'll update then. Still happy!!

13days po

So tape was coming away so I took it off had to leave an inch on as a scab is stuck to a stitch so left that bit. Still not fully straight standing yet. There is a stitch poking out at each end of the incision. The incision is so thin. Still happy.

3 weeks PO

After taking tape off last week a day later I had a scab stuck to dressing and when I took it off a 4mm of incision is still not healed it has no width to it it's just along the incision directly below belly button I think it's the part where my old belly button was since changing to a new dressing where it doesn't stick it's starting to close you can barely see the opening really, yellow like water stuck on dressing saw a nurse yesterday said nothing to worry about that part is just taking longer so all is still good no other problems love handle swelling is getting better. Still feel all tight when I stand on tummy can actually feel my muscles when touching my tummy still very happy

Pic update

Loving my side view front view love handles still look swollen. Happy me!!!! My boobs look even bigger now though

Worst week of my life

Everything is going really well with my tummy tuck might have a bit of seroma so have booked an appointment to see nurse to double check. Well as title says it has truly been worst week of my life just found out my partner has been having an affair through our entire relationship so my confidence was coming back now it's worse than before I'm really not in a good place

6 weeks 3 days PO

So tummy is fine I saw a nurse and doctor I have no seroma tummy feels normal. I've got to wait 2 more weeks before I start putting bio oil on it and I can start creaming my body it's very dry here are some pictures from today

Photo update of incision

9 an half weeks now

Hi everyone so I am very happy with my results I feel like another women I'm wearing tight clothes got my hair done nails I feel really good about myself I keep looking at myself i have big hips flat belly big boobs having a flat belly has made everything look bigger in a good way my thighs are bigger hips boobs I'm very curvy I love it. I'm now using bio oil on incision nurse said to wait til now. I actually feel like another woman for all of you that aren't sure go for it after my kids this is best thing I've ever done

19 nearly 20 weeks post op

Hi everyone well been a long time since I've updated TT is still great still have swelling at night really bad if I've been very active during the day only the top half of my tummy above belly button. My lower area bellow scar so muff area has always been swollen since i had TT not sure if I've always had that as I've had a tummy for over 11 years I can't remember what it look like down there lol!! I'm wearing all the clothes I looked at people thinking I wish I could wear that now people are looking at me thinking that I'm sure I've said before I've got big boobs naturally an the looks I get off women now are just wrong I love my new tummy I'm not showing off my boobs I'm showing off my tummy not literally small top showing it but tight fitting clothes that I would never wear before my boobs do stand out a lot more they are covered up not hanging out but other women look at me so wrong it p***** me off I don't want attention I want to finally feel confident and comfortable an I am, part from rudeness from other women I'm very happy after my kids this is the best thing I've ever done no regrets so far happy me!! Hope all you ladies are happy
Perfect clinic Dr lukas Frajer

Was very surprised how busy the place was. Felt very comfortable talking to surgeon within a few minutes of meeting him. Very happy with my results

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