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Hey ladies, I am 24 years of age. Have no kids,...

Hey ladies, I am 24 years of age. Have no kids, but have battled my weight for years, went up and down by about 100lbs for a few years. Start of 2009 had enough and since then I have lost 112lbs, so I am now 5'8 and 140 lbs - smallest ever since a child. This weight has effected my physical appearance. Some parts of me have bounced back perfect so I am delighted, however my boobs and tummy are a very different story. I am actually getting a breast uplift on May 23rd over in Prague in the Czech Republic - I am from Ireland. I have been on a strict diet since Jan and I have lost 17lbs but it has not made any difference to my tummy at all. I am down to my target weight and to be honest I dont want to lose anymore as my bones can be seen on my ribs and back - so if I lose more ( which I would need about another 14lbs to get rid of my belly) I think that I would look rather ill. I sent pics to my surgeon about my tummy and like the rest she also suggested a tummy tuck - as I have no kids yet this was not an option for me. She said lipo would help but I would be left with lose skin, but you know what I will take that lose skin over the belly flap that I have so I am now going to get the lipo too. I know lipo will not take it will away but I am hoping that it will help. So for this surgery I am having the 4 areas of my abdomen done along with my breast uplift also - so will have a great time :) ha ha.... K so far I have started my high protein diet today, I have also stocked up on protein bars,shakes,puddings,soups ect for the week of surgery and for the week after. I have also bought my acai berry juice, my arnica tablets (will start to take a week pre op) along with bromelain, quercetin and vit c tablets (again will start a week pre op). I have also got some other things for scars ect but these are more for my breast lift - if you want to take a look at my full story just pop into my profile and you can see my piece about my breast uplift. To tell you the truth its the scars from the breast life that are making me nervous not the pain but its the recovery for the lipo and pain that is making me nervous too!!! I am uploading some pics, they were taken today so one month exactly to surgery. I am going to try to lose another 4-5lbs before then so I will put more pics up just before the surgery!

Can't believe that it is only two weeks away.......

Can't believe that it is only two weeks away.... It has all come around so fast. I am going to post a pic of the items I have got to make my recovery a little bit easier for myself. Does anyone have any suggestions of something that will help with the lumps I hear people talking about? I know that I will need to massage them, but If I can remember correctly someone mentioned a cellulite massager thats hard you can but in a beauty supply store works well? Thanks

Well ladies the big day is TOMORROW!!! I can't...

Well ladies the big day is TOMORROW!!! I can't believe it. I arrived in Prague yesterday at about 2.30pm and was brought to the apartment which was amazing! It is right above the clinic so I know it will be great for the recovery. I also met with one of the ladies at the clinic and she gave me a folder with all the information I needed. I then headed into Prague for the evening and had a look around and dinner. Today I left free for sightseeing so I was up early and was in the city all day. It really is such a beautiful city. The buildings are out of this world. I got back to the apartment and about 7.30pm and had a bit of work to do as I have a deadline to meet Friday so said I would do it this evening as I dont think it would make too much sense on pain meds :) Right well this is what I know so far. I have a small little bag packed with a pj, socks, underwear, slippers, rode, ipod, facewipes, face cream, toothbrush and toothpaste, phone, passport, money to pay for the surgery, my list of questions for the surgeon, my arnica tablets, book, magazines and a change of clothes for Friday when I am let out, my boyfriend will just be up at the apartment so if I need anything else I can get it from him. My surgeon wants me to shower in the morning, but wants no lotion, so used of putting it on thou. Also no nail polish, I dont have any on my fingers but I do on my toes so hope thats ok. I have to be at the clinic reception at 7am and then all my pre-op checks will be done. I meet with my surgeon at 8am and then will get all my drawings :) I then will be taken to my room at 9am where I will find out what time my surgery is..... everyone please keep me in mind and say some prayers for me.

K just a few things, my boyfriend bought me amazing hotpants today so hoping they will look unreal with my lipo :)
I am not going to post any pics as I have not lost anyweight since my last ones so no point but I will post one with all my drawings :)

I took my measurements today, right after a meal I might add though so here there are:
Under bust: 30in
Waist : 29in
Largest part of waist:34 in - stupid part where fat hangs out!
Hips: 36 and a half in
Under belly: 36 in
K ladies next time I post I hope to be at the other end of this....



Well ladies i have some HERRIBLE NEWS! Surgery did...

well ladies i have some HERRIBLE NEWS! Surgery did not go ahead, I have too high of coagulation in my blood, mine reads at 1.6 and the max they will operate on is 1.2. Heartbroken is not the word. I still have all my markings from the surgeon, I have the iv in and everything was ready to go in my gown and all. She came in with the bad news but said they would take a second sample just to make 100% sure and I had to wait for another 3 hours to be told that surgery was a NO! I had a 80% chance of severe bleeding and needing a tranfusion. I cried my eyes out. I still am. I have waited so long for this. I hate my body and now I cant even change it. I need to go back home and be put on medicine to try and change the levels. I am now stuck in Prague until Tuesday as to change my flights for the 2 of us was working about at €650. I have used my work holidays, paid for scarring products, and accommodation and flights too here. I know I need to look on the bright side, I am lucky that my clinic have me in mind and not my money as other surgeons would just do the surgery. Also its good that this has been spotted as if anything serious happened to me and I needed serious surgery there could have been a huge problem. I will not know about how much of my money I will get back until tomorrow - but I have said that they can hold onto my deposit and that I will be back when I can be for the surgery when I am better.

This is the worst thing that could have happened but for those who believe in faith I think it played a part. I was sooo calm this morning with a strange funny in my tummy that I knew something was not just right. I need t get home and start this medicine asap. The thoughts of booking flights back out here and paying for it all again is so dishearting thou.

Hey ladies... aaaaaggggghhhhh only a few days...

Hey ladies... aaaaaggggghhhhh only a few days until surgery again! I am still waiting to get the go ahead as my PT level is out by only .5 seconds so I am trying to stay positive about it all. My INR is now 1.1 so thats in perfect range. I have been working out in the gym but I am still putting on weight! Think its muscle to be honest as all my clothes fit! But I am now nice and healthy and no ribs bone to be seen so all my friends are delighted and so is my boyfriend. I will update a new weight and measuements before the surgery as I am after getting some bit bigger - Docs orders :( I will also put up some new pics. I have been having a rough time since the last time it was cancelled as I started getting anxiety attacks due to being so afraid of dying on the table! I am trying my best to overcome them at the moment! Other then that I am back taking all my vit and minerals along with arnica, vit c and bromelaim to help with pre and post op! I am excited and nervous but please keep your fingers crossed it will all go ahead this time :)
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