Lipo Before my Sisters Wedding - Prague

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I'm 23 and I've been vigorously exercising for...

I'm 23 and I've been vigorously exercising for years, and while i'm pretty fit and toned, my fat has pretty much stayed the same. The fat pockets are here to stay; this is me and there's no changing that without liposuction. As far as genetics go, i got the short end of the stick... quite literally (i'm 5ft 3 and a UK size 12 while my sister is 5ft 7 and also a size 10/12).

I told my sister i was thinking about getting liposuction a few months back after years of trying to budge it with diet and exercise and she seemed horrified that i'd even consider it, saying i should be happy as i am...easy for her to say, all 5 ft 7 of her, skinny AND curvy as can be (basically a perfect body...). She can't understand how i feel, 5 ft 3, not fat, but my pudgy bits are so obvious that it's really hard to stand next to her. By exercising, all i've done is made my muscles BIGGER, but not getting rid of the fat. So my fat is just sitting on top of my big muscles... it doesn't make a pretty picture. Because of this, i actually look BIGGER than i did before i started exercising. All this has depressed me greatly.

My family hasn't been the most supportive of my weight at any point of my life. I've never been "fat", but after losing the weight i put on from a stressful final year at university, my mother said "well at least you now have only ONE ass". Not "good job", or "you look so much better". I'm the ONLY one in my family who exercises and yet I look like the only one who sits on her ass and eats all day... I don't want to paint a picture that i'm really over weight, because i'm really not, I'd say i'm pretty average but with fatty pockets that basically ruin an overwise lovely shillouette. The fact that my family pretty much constantly criticise every stray pound, however, has urged me to do something about it So i decided, to hell with it, i deserve the body i've worked so hard for but for whatever reason, i've been unable to achieve, i'm getting liposuction.

My boyfriend of nearly 7 years, the supportive sweetheart he is, is paying for it, and agrees that it should be kept a secret from everyone else. He just wants me to be happy and feel as beautiful as he thinks i am. So i have a few questions i'm hoping you experienced people can help me with.

My other sister is getting married on October 13th 2012 (the day before my birthday...kind of used to my sisters stealing all the attention from me by now haha), and i'm getting liposuction on my bum, knees, thighs and abdomen (maybe even love handles if the surgeon thinks it's do-able) on July 4th 2012 in Prague. I know it's a lot but since i'm having it done abroad it needs to be all done at once.

Will the swelling have gone down by then? If not all of it, at least most of it? To the point where i would look thinner than usual, if not yet to the best and final result i will achieve? I want to be able to stand up tall beside my beautiful sister and not feel like the ugly duckling. Also, her hen night is on the 4th of August, exactly one month post-op, how can i expect my swelling to look by then? Can i take off my compression garment for the day and night of the party and put it back on afterwards? (We are staying overnight in another town). I will be expected to dress up for the occasion and i don't want anyone to see the garment (since it will come below my knee.

Same question for the final fress fitting, which will take place 6 weeks before the wedding. Can i take the garment off to try on the dress? (last time, all the bridesmaids had to get changed in the one room so they would be able to see anything i have on). If it comes to it, does anyone have any good excuses to explain the swelling? Is it really that noticable under clothes? Can i expect to up a size with swelling? (like would i have to buy size 14 jeans for it?) I was thinking saying i fell down the stairs would suffice as a good excuse, any others?

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