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Ok, where do I start? I have always battled with...

Ok, where do I start? I have always battled with my weight, but having lost six stone at 18 years old, maintained this loss until I had my first child in 2008. Here I am now, 3 kids later (they are 4,3 and 1) with a mess of a stomach! My kids were all big, particularly my last little chunk, and he totally put paid to any hope I had of ever having a yummy tummy without some super surgeon doing their thing.

I was around 19 stone the day I gave birth and am now down to around 13. I am physically fit and have a toned body underneath the mass of skin and lose fat. I am also in desperate need of an arm lift, thigh lift and possible boob job, but all need to be done in stages.

My first surgery is in 2 weeks time and is a full tummy tuck with liposuction. I have chosen to go to Prague because I do not have the money to do it here in the UK. I spent a long time researching clinics and doctors and have opted for Beauty in Prague. I have been in touch with women who have had the same procedure with great results, so am hoping for the same!

I fly out late Sunday 16th with pre op on Monday and surgery Tuesday. I then fly home on Friday 28th with what I hope will be a lovely, flat tummy!

My husband will be looking after the kids and juggling work, so I am very thankful he is giving me this opportunity. He will have a lot of help from his mum so will be fine. I am so scared about leaving them all behind and going alone but I know we will all be fine.

I need to do this. I don't do anything with my kids (like swimming) cos I am too gross and self-conscious and am missing out on so much. I am petrified of complications but I know the risk is very low, I just have this stupid fear in my head that I am going to die!

I do have before photos which I will post when not on the iPad. They aren't pretty at all, although I just showed one of my friends and she commented on how tiny my frame actually is underneath it all. That was nice! I just can't imagine ever having a flat stomach. I am convinced I will have a crap result or the surgeon will wake me and say she couldn't do it cos I had too much fat or something. I just wish I could switch my stupid brain off!!

I've not told many people a out my trip. Only my husband, his family, my dad and a couple of close friends know. I wish my mum was here to help but she passed away at Christmas last year, 4 days after my 30th birthday. I know she would support me in doing this and I know she will keep me safe on the day. I truly believe that.

Um, so that is a brief intro to me. As soon as I am on the laptop I will post more and update with photos. I will also update as much as I can while away cos I am totally addicted to this place and know how much reviews help us all. I have been lurking since June!!

I look forward to sharing my journey with you and I hope it helps some of you who maybe deciding to take the leap. Once my mind was made up I just booked it, was too scared of backing out otherwise!

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