36 Years Old, Midi Tummy Tuck umbilical float with full muscle repair and lipo on flanks.

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My PS told me I'm not a good candidate for a full...

My PS told me I'm not a good candidate for a full TT. not enough loose skin above my Belly Button. a Full TT with vertical scar seems not a good option. Can I get good results with a mini TT with Lipo without Muscle repair? will Muscle repair make so a big difference? Im almost 5' tall, short torso so umbilical float would look weird on me I guess.
I just dont know if the muscle repair will leave such a big difference.

2 Weeks to go....

Well, I've been reading a LOT about all possible procedures. I decided to to the muscle repair and mini TT. Just made an appointment with my Surgeon 1 day before Surgery to check all details. (having my surgeon almost 200 miles away does not make thinks easier .... sigh)
I want him to loose the belly button (so he can make full muscle repair way up to my rib cage) and then place the belly button in the same position... hope this is not a problem. I know I will perhaps have a little bit of loose skin above the Belly Button but I prefer this than to have my BB too low.
I read that my surgeon will make the lipo with some kind of ultrasonic device.... hope this gives visible results... I mean.. Im not expecting too much either... but its better to not expect much and then be happy about the results than expect too much and have so irrealistic wish pics and then be dissapointed about the whole procedure.
Very excited about all at the moment.... and now I wonder... will I miss my jelly belly? :-D

More pre op pictures

I realized I didn't have any pictures with clothes or from my back. Wonder if I will see some nice results from the lipo on my flanks.

Pre op bikini fotos

Pre op bikini photos

And it hurts!

Yesterday I had a horrible night. The side effects of the anesthesia were strong. Today I'm not feeling good but at least a little bit better than yesterday. I cannot breath well. I thought it was because of this cg, but my surgeon took it off to take a look at the incision and I realized I can't breath well because the muscles are now so tight that I cannot expand my belly the way I used to (by breathing). I think the incision looks good and I feel pretty flat. My back hurts a lot too. My respect to all those ladies who had to go home the day of the surgery. I will be here until Sunday (4!days in total) and I think is the minimum I need. Happy healing everyone!

4 days post op

Had a bowel movement today! It was just so difficult to go to the toilet that I actually feel happy about it. The pain is still strong. My back still hurts a lot too. My surgeon told me that it is because of the muscle repair. When you don't have it, it doesn't hurt so much. Here some pictures. I already see a difference even though I am very swollen. My front profile looks better but I think my side profile looks like a tree ... Hope this gets better once the swelling is gone :-/. The drains were removed on Sunday (3days after the surgery) and I don't feel problems until now. So far so good. Happy healing everyone!

5 days PO

Imagine the hunchback of Notre Dame walking like a zombie.... Well. That is how I look like now. Standing up is a little bit better though. I'm so happy I have strong arms and legs to sustain my own weight because once you know you cannot move one muscle (abdominals) you realized how bad you really need it.
My nights are a nightmare. I wake up several times with pain so I have to take some pain killers (which are not really helping me anyway).
I forgot to ask my surgeon when should I remove the tape covering the incision. Should I change it or so? I'm wearing the compression thing 23 hours and 55 minutes a day and wether my incision nor my skin can "breathe". Apropo breathing.... That is getting better. I don't feel soooo tight anymore. Well pretty tight still but at least I can breath normally. I'm afraid of taking a shower. Can I make the incision wet? The tape is so strong that I'm afraid the wound will open If I pull it off :-o.
Happy healing everyone!

Tree trunk look..... Ugh

If any of you ladies are thinking on going into this procedure and you have someone who can built something like this (photo), do it. My husband saw how poor I was trying to lay down and stand up again that he built this helpful think and he mount it above our bed. We can dismount later and just keep it in case any of us needs it in future (you just never know!).
Yesterday I slept better. Except one time I had to caugh because of the dry air and I just didn't know how to do it without hurting myself. Today I had to sneeze.... Yes... Ouch!!! I tried not to but it was too late.
Right now I'm not so amazed by my results. I look like a tree trunk and I have the feeling that my surgeon took all the fat I had on my belly, put it inside my abdominals and then repaired the muscle with the fat inside :-/. I just hope that this is only swelling an that my final outcome will be better. But , lord, just not like this!!!

10 days PO

Today I'm feeling soooo much better. Not so sore from the lipo anymore and getting in and out of the bed as well as sitting and standing up is getting much easier. Today for the first time I saw me in the mirror and saw some changes. I felt so flat and skinny (even though I'm not really skinny). But I started feeling this was worth it! All the pain... All the money. I don't mind staying like this already (except for the hard tummy... This can get softer, please).... I'm very pleased by what the doctor did to my body. So far so good. Happy healing everyone!

(almost) Not a tree trunk anymore!

Almost! 20 days PO. Feeling better and better. I can already sleep on my tummy (which is my favorite sleeping position) although not the whole night but at least is a beginning. At the weekend I tried to help my husband with garden work. Not very clever from me. But. Here I am. I still haven't an appointment with my surgeon yet. He wanted to see me 2 weeks after surgery but we couldn't find the right time for me (I need to go 4 hours to Prague, have the appointment and come back the same day). So we find an appointment on the 18th which is one month PO. But I don't care. As long as I'm doing fine I don't need to see the doc. Swelling is horrible. In the morning I feel beautiful and during he day I get all swollen. But that is the way it is. I have NO idea if I have seroma or other fluids in there but I seem not to have so many complications as the usual swelling.
Before I sleep I need to scratch my back, belly and sides. Oh god it itches!

Compression Garments and so....

after the surgery I woke up with the white compression garment... in the beginning I couldnt breath and I thought it was too tight until I realized it was the muscle repair that made me feel that way... now its way much better and I can breath normally. I am back to work since last thursday and last monday bought a new compression garment (stage 2).. also from the same company that made the first garment... Lipoelastics. so this is not a normal Faja.. this is really for liposuctions and tummy tucks and so on and was pretty expensive. I read that normally you should use the white one the first 2 weeks and then the next one (the faja like garment) after the 3rd week. I came to work last week with the faja like garment and I started getting very very very swollen... with that one I dont get enough pressure (or support) on my tummy. so I thought... ahh.. perhaps I began too soon? so yesterday I decided to come to work with the white one. The problem with the white one is.... I have problems when I sit because its always squeezing my incision (and Im sitting the whole day) and this is not a nice feeling... so yesterday evening I though... ah.. Im already 20 days PO, I can wear now the faja-like compression thing.... and voilà! here I am today, wearing the faja-like one and totally swollen that I have to walk like the hunchback of notre Dame again... so... what to do? I also have not enough clothes to wear the white compression thing (I use it under my skirt or whatever I wear) and wear the pants over the compression (not under, of course)... and and dont want to have the feeling is squeezing my incision 8 hours a day... sigh.
With the faja one my skin feels so weird... I can barely touch it because it gets so sensitive... and sometimes I feel something is "pulling" inside my incision ... no like!
so ... what to wear??? ahhhh
I didnt like the White Garment in the beginning... but I really feel Im nothing without it now. Days are getting warmer (spring is comingggggg, yeeeeehhh) and I dont want to start sweating... ´when my body gets warm I get migraine... and I really dont want to have more extra pain.
happy healing everyone!

Vomits after Tummy Tuck

Last friday, I had the wonderful Idea to eat a pizza. At 1am I started throwing up... one time... two times... three times....4, 5!!! I was even vomiting the water I was drinking to avoid dehydrating. For a Moment I looked like the water-spouting giant of the Swarovski Crystal World here in Austria >.<
The worst thing about it.. is not the vomiting itself (which is horrible as you may all know) but my repaired muscles! it hurt sooo much... I was really worried and didnt know what to do because no matter what... when it has to come out, it WILL come out! one become so helpless.
So.. for all the girls out there.... if you had your surgery recently (or planing to have your surgery) DO NOT eat pizza!... (no.. it was a joke) just try to avoid eating outside so you dont get a food poisoning like me... this is really not funny after a tummy tuck (and even less funny after a tummy tuck with muscle repair)
so.. that was my update for now.. happy healing everyone!

4 weeks PO. Seeing more results!

Almost 4 weeks now! I can move easily except some moments in the afternoon when I'm sitting for a longer time and then I have to stand up. For a short moment I have to hunch a little bit but then its ok. Yesterday for the first time I saw my incision. I took the tape off because it was already so dirty an was coming off anyway. I like how the incision looks. Almost 4 weeks and it's not bad at all. It looks good even without any scar treatments.
I also made some compare pictures from last week and this week and I see changes even in those 7 days. Amazing.
I get swollen but today I didn't feel so horrible like the last days. It is really annoying but well, that's the way it is.
I love mornings at the most. There I'm so flat and everything looks so good.
I Monday I have my first appointment PO. No! I haven't seen my surgeon since I went home :-D. Let's see what he has to say.
I also bought a new faja. Hope it works and most important that it fits! :-P
Happy healing everyone!

Incision pictures

Here some pictures of the incision. Sorry for the few hairs. I don't date to cut or shave near the incision yet.


Problems uploading

Types of Tummy tucks if you need Muscle Repair

well... where should I start.
I had my first! PO appointment on monday (1 month PO, I know, ... very late) but my surgeon is almost 200 miles away and is not so easy going to another country for one day and come back the same day just for a doctors appointment. Since I didnt have any major complications I decided it was ok so.
He told me that my muscles were 3 cm apart. Im very glad I chose the umbilical float so he was able to repair the muscle up to the rib cage. I was just afraid that if he didnt fix it above the BB, I was going to get a bulge after the tummy tuck and my stomach would try to come out everytime I ate something (just like it did before, but this time above the BB and not below.. which was going to looks very weird)
he also told me the skin stripe he cut was 9cm (3,5 inches) on the wider side (in the middle) so I was very surprised about this.. perhaps its not much compared to full tummy tucks, but I didnt realize before that I had so much extra skin. I though it was going to be the half of it.
And that was my problem .. I had not enough skin for a full... and my muscle had a diastasis all the way up to the rib cage. so what to do?

if any of you are in the same situation... you can either...

1. get a full tummy tuck with a high scar (because it is not going to be enough skin to pull all the way down to the bikini line). if you can live with that... and you want a new belly button. Perfect. I didnt want to because not all belly buttons turns out beautiful and I didnt wanted to give it a "try" either because this is someting everybody will see. Ive seen some surgeons out there who works masterpieces with new belly buttons.. but others looks just... hmm... how should I say? .. .different!
and.... thank you, but no! thank you... I was happy with my original belly button so I wanted to keep it that way.

2. get a mini TT with muscle repair only below the BB.--- which I would not reccomend because if you need muscle repair above the BB then you should get it too (see info above) unless you dont care having a "preggo look" above the belly button everytime you eat.

3. get a combi/Midi/floating tummy tuck. This is a mini TT where the surgeon detach the belly button so he can go and fix the muscle all way up to the rib cage. if your surgeon is a good surgeon, he can put the belly button exactly back in its original place (this MUST be fixed with the surgeon before, be sure to tell him that and talk about how much he would move it) Mine is a few milimeters down because I had a little bit of skin above the BB and he wanted me to have as less extra skin as possible... but this few milimeters are so less that not even I can tell. I had to take musch care with this because I have a short torso and I didnt want to look like an alien.

I still have a little bit (really a little bit) of extra skin above the belly button but this doesnt botter me AT ALL. I am more happy to have a scar that I can easily hide, that everything else is not so important. compared to the amount of skin I had before.. this is nothing... besides that the incision looks very flat and beautiful since the beginnig, it was a big relief for me. .. knowing that you chose a good surgeon and not someone who took your skin and sew it like my daugher did in 2nd grade its very comforting.

Ive been working full time since beginning of week 3 PO. at the beginning it was horrible dealing with the swelling which always hit in the afternoon. Now at 5 weeks swelling is not so bad but it always depend which compression garment Im using. If I wear the original garment (the white one) the swelling is not so much and the skin dont hurt so much either. If I wear the Faja (which is better to wear clothes) then the swelling get worse and my skin feels very tight, very swollen and I feel some "pulling" too. so I decided to change, one day this, one day that because not all the clothes fit with the white faja and that is a pain if you need to go work everyday. I ordered a new faja in amazon.. hope it fits and more important, it does it job right and the compression on the belly is tight enough to avoid so much swelling while been able to wear normal clothes.

will keep updating and hopefuly next week I can find the time to take more pictures for you all.

happy healing everyone!

6 weeks mini TT with full MR

Yup! 6 weeks now! And I'm getting fat. Yes. The combination of not working out and still eating like a cow isn't helping at all. I do eat very healthy but I just eat too much. But well. I will not get sleepless nights because of that anyway. Once I can start with cardio I will get those pounds off again. And once I can start with weight lifting I will be back on track. So. Girls. Just enjoy the time off. Because in some weeks you all will start with your training routines for the rest of your life.
As of my surgery. Well things are pretty much ok. I do get swelling everyday and sometimes I feel a little pain in my abs. Specially when I overdo it. I have full feeling on the flanks again. Only around my belly button is numb. The lipo on the flanks still hurts though. Yeez! I never imagine the pain of a lipo will last so long!
Remember the pants on the picture? Sometimes I wear it and it really look as if they were backwards lol. There is some space where the belly used to be... Funny to watch.
Yesterday I tried to sleep without my binder. Guess that was not a good idea. Duh!
Body is still the same. Wish the swelling stops soon. It is so annoying.
Happy healing everyone!

10 weeks Post Mini TT with muscle repair

10 weeks? where did the time go???
well.. since a few days I stopped wearing any binder or anything. I just wanted to sleep without it at night and the next day I said... wth! some people dont wear it at all so I should start breaking that habit and teaching my body to live without it. in the biginning it was not so comfortable. my flanks was hurting from the lipo. and my bed is very soft, so it was not the bed! when I layed down it was ok but when I wanted to move it was a horrible pain on the flanks that I was about to take the binder again. but no! I refused!.
and here I am... without binder any kind. today was my 3rd night without it and I woke up without any swelling... this is getting better and better. now I see some changes too. my body is getting some curves again (in the lower back for example) is not much.. but I saw the pictures again and though.. ohmy I definitely look better.
Im eating good.. taking care of my calories intake and hope to drop some weight in the next months... slowly! no hurries. I started cardio last friday. my tummy gets hard but its ok. the first night after I started cardio I had pain in my repaired muscles... but it is ok now.
for the rest I feel preety back to normal.. some swelling during the day.. some days worst than others but feeling preety great.
happy healing everyone!
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