Getting Rid of My Saddlebags and Fat Deposits :) - Prague, Czech Republic

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Im going to Prague to have Liposuction, Im not...

Im going to Prague to have Liposuction, Im not really sure where to go yet, but Im thinking either Laderma or Beauty In Prague, I havent got any replies from either of them in about a week now, but I have had most email contact with Beauty in Prague...

Laderma has been really heard to get in touch with, and thats really surprising to me Since The have a ton of good rewievs on The web.

But It might be because of The Holidays and stuff, but Im really dissapointed that they havent sent me an email this week yet. Havent even got an email of what The doctor Said about My lipo, or When they have available dates for surgery or anything!

Im even Having trouble sleeping , Im really a control freak ! Haha
Since I live in Sweden , it Would also be good to be Able to book flights and stuff, but they dont answer, grrr!

I have considered to get lipo on My outher and inner thighs, and arms, and also The inside of knees. And been saving money for about two years now.
And Im doing research all The time about this ! :)

My tips to you are, When you search for a doctor or clinic, make sure they are Plastic Surgeons and not general surgeons, and check their experience and how Many procedures they have done, I found out that The surgeon that was originally doing My lipo wasnt a plastic surgeon, so I decided not to go with that clinic, which was " The Health Clinic", in Estonia.

If you have done surgery in Prague, please let me know, if you where pleased or not and where you went:)
And of course you Can ask me anything you like, I Will update you about My journey:)

I think I have decided which clinic I should go...

I think I have decided which clinic I should go with, Im about 95% sure about it. I chose Beauty in Prague, Mostly cause I have had a lot of email contact with a women who has done lipo there, and She is happy with The results and really recommended The clinic.
The surgeon has a lot of experience and has done more Than 1500 lipos. And they also seem to care about me and My health.

Laderma has been a big dissapointment to me, I have read so much good about them, but they are extremly slow on answering My emails, and When I finally got an answer It was in german, even though I had tolv them earlier I dont speak German.
That was about three days ago ( When I also replies to them that I wanted an answer in english) but I havent recieved an answer yet. So its impossible to ask questions or anything like it, Since they dont reply!!!! Grrrr.

Well anyway, I think Beauty I prague Will be good, I have read a lot of positive rewievs about them, and seen before and after Pics which looked good :) And I also like The lipo tecnique The dr uses which is Ultrasonic liposuction, and he didnt turn me down regarding to My arms, that another surgeon did, and als Said that he is used to do lipo on arms and that they wont be saggy.

The first date i was offered was The sixt of March, but then When I wanted to book that date she Said that My doctor Will have vacation from 27 of february and a month forward. So she Said that I Could have The surgery done 20 th of February instead, so Im going for that date, The only thing missing now is to get confirmation from them that I Can get that date and send in a deposition and book The flights...

Aaaaa, its only about a month left now !!!!! Im so excited and scared. Its also stresful not to know if I Will find plaintickets at a good price, and which hotel to pick, and everything must match timewise...
I also need to loose about 2 kilograms or so, or at least I want to until surgery.
Wish me luck :)

Just wanted to let you know that I have booked My...

Just wanted to let you know that I have booked My lipo procedure now, it Will be done at 20 th of February.:)
But one thing really annoys me, first they offered me a date at The 3d of March,Since dr Polacek was Having vacation in februari, then When I told them that I wanted to book that date, they Said that I couldnt because dr Polacek was Having vacation, and then The offered me The 20 of Bernard instead, and then now that I have paid The deposit, they tell me that dr Polacek wont be Able to do My surgery after all, Since he is Having vacation at that date.
So now I have no clue who Will do My surgery:(
Im so annoyed! Since I have had email contact with a girl who had her surgery done with him, but they told me that I Would get another surgeon experienced surgeon. I Will check that surgeon up and ask for pictures of lipos that he has performed.
All of their surgeons has a lot of experience, so I guess It Will be just fine, but still annoying!

Now its finally settled, Dr Polacec has decided to...

Now its finally settled, Dr Polacec has decided to pospon his vacation, so now Im Having him as My surgeon The 20th of February again :) The coordinator Said that he wont change that again, so now Im finally gonna book The flights for me and My housband.
It feels so surreal at The moment, that IM gonna have plastic Surgery , Could never have imagined before. But finally :)

Now its only three weeks left to surgery, I have...

Now its only three weeks left to surgery, I have booked flights and hotel, and hope The time Will go really fast, still some things left to fix, like change My money to other currencies and other small things.

Its only one week left until I leave for...

Its only one week left until I leave for Prague!!!
Im scared, but Mostly excited! It feels so extremly surreal at Times', and I had a nightmare this night about arriving to The clinic, and It was dirty and horrible, and there where theese strange men there, that was high on something, and When I met My plastic surgeon he was really strange and didnt ask me anything, just Said , lets do this.
And he have me some Drug so I was all sleepy...
Fortunately It was just a dream, but Since its all I can think about theese days, I even start dreaming about it :( ...

But I actually feel quite confident that everything Will be fine. so...

I dont know whats wrong with me, Every day I...

I dont know whats wrong with me, Every day I think, I have to stop eating Those chocolate bars and too much food and stuff. but I cant stop!!!
Its like I dont have any Will power what so ever, and I usually do, When it comes to that, but Its like because Im nervous about this procedure, I eat to calm myself down....
Its The stress, I cant hardly sleep, lying awake thinking about it.
Im really grateful I have My sleeping pills ...
Do you guys have any advice, what to do instead of eating to calm myself down?

Now we have finally arrived to Prague, after...

Now we have finally arrived to Prague, after travelling for about 6 hours total, The plane ride only took two hours , so thats good at least :)
We are at our hotel now, its really nice, located on a Hill near Prague Castle, and from our Window we have a view over The whole city:) Its really beautiful.
On wednesday is My surgery day, and we where packed up at The airport by The clinic staff. And Olga, who works at The clinic updated me on which time they Would pick me up The day of The surgery.
Im really worried, what if My blood tests are no good so I cant go through with surgery, or something like that, OMG Im sooooo nervous and scared about The surgery....

Now its been two weeks Since My surgery, and I had...

Now its been two weeks Since My surgery, and I had planned to do an update earlier but have been lazy ;)

I had The surgery The 20 th of February , with Dr Polacek, he wasnt really much of a talking Guy , actually I felt kind of dissapointed with The consultation , asked some questions but he didnt seem to want to tell me straight answers, afraid of promising too much maybe.

He Said he Would remove about a litre of fat, and I asked about if The quality of My skin was any good and he Said relativly, and a I asked if I Would see results with only one litre removed, and he didnt really give me a straight answer, I guess there where some language barriers as well....

I wish he Would have Said more about what he thought M if I Would be happy with The results, If I was a good candidate or not, If My excpectations where reasonable, and so on. i know It might be hard for to predict what results I Will have, but he Could at least have Said something .....

Well, I talken to him once more before The surgery about removing more fat from The inside of My thighs and so on...and he was sweet before The surgery, but a bit stressed I guess, He seems very nice, but It was so hard to communicate with him.

The nurse, I think her name was Lucy, that put in My IV was really really sweet :) I just wanted to Hug her . She had a little trouble understanding The language , but was so caring.

Then I met The anasthesiologist and talked to her, dont remember what about but I Said that I was nervous...
Then It was time for surgery, and I Walked in there with My sexy clothes, and layed down and they fixed some things around me and then The anasthesiologist Said that I would be sleeping now, and The next thing I remember was waking up in The recovery room.
And I felt great, a little sleepy at first and slept one hour, then I Woke up again and Said I was hungry, but they didnt want to give me too much in case I Would Throw up( I didnt feel any sick at all, but just in case...) so I got some Tea , and alter on some crackers, and I ate a lot of them, and a yoghurt .

Then I watched a movie, and got some more food. And later on The nice nurse went home and The night nurse came, she was also nice but seemed a bit more stressed, she gave me water and Said It was good to drink, so I drank almost 2 litres, and she was like OH you drank all of this? You Will be at The toilet all night, and I was :) haha

Then I slept and The next day The dr came and checked on me and later I went to The hotel.
After that I was a bit sore but almost had no pain at all :)
I even Walked a bit The following days, ate out and went on shopping some days after :) we looked at The Castle and stuff.
Then I got a day of depression, I cried and was worried that I wouldnt see any results, and was worried because I hadnt got answers to My questions, and felt ugly and sad.
Since they just told me to wait and " go out and have something good to eat" and " dont worry" but of course I was worried Since I felt missunderstood and like a tourist that was lost in translation.....

Well Now Im back home after The final check up at The clinic with another doctor, we arrived back in Sweden .
Now Im just waiting and try to take care of myself.
Dr Polacek removed 1200 cc of fat by The way

Hi everyone :) now its been two months and I feel...

Hi everyone :) now its been two months and I feel fine, I Can finally start to see some results from My lipo on My outher thighs, but not much on My inner, but I notice that My skin is a bit saggy and they say that The skin starts to retract during The Third month. My arms doesnt look smaller but I think its because The skin hasnt retracted yet.

worth it :)

Im happy I went in for suregery, and I can really see a big difference, Ive also lost some weight and that makes the results better as well, Im happy with choosing beauty in prague now actually, the only thing im unhappy with is that I have some small small bumps or irregularities on one side of my upper leg, but thats not very noticable, I will however contact the clinic to see if there is something to be done about it,
Prague Plastic Surgeon

Searched The web, and found out that Prague offers good plastic surgeons at a good price, and they also have more strict rules about who Can perform surgery, Than The rest of Europe.

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