2 weeks to go!!! Prague, Czech Republic

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Mother of 3, my children are 14, 9, and 7 yoa. I...

Mother of 3, my children are 14, 9, and 7 yoa. I bounced right back after my two boys, fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes in a week. My daughter however, was not as kind to my body. I have yo-yoed quite a bit since her. My stomach has stretched and now just jiggles around... (Yuck, right!?). Soooo, I'm starting my journey to a flatter tummy. I have looked into going to the Czech Republic, I did research the clinic and the DRs that work there, and have found nothing negative of either. Of course with it not being in the states, I had to do research to see what the Czech equivalent would be for the board of plastic surgeons. The DR I have chosen for my TT is on the list for Czech and also for the International board. So with that said, I have scheduled my TT for November 27th in Prague at the Perfect Clinic. I'm not expecting miracles, although I wish I could have one. I'm hoping for a stomach that I am not embarrassed to change clothes in front of my husband, to wear a pair of pants without having to tuck part of my stomach down into, and to possibly wear a two piece one day.

14 days and I will be on my way to Prague. Been...

14 days and I will be on my way to Prague. Been cleaning house all weekend and trying to get organized so the hubby will be ok the 4 days I'm gone. I'm excited, a little anxious, but mostly just excited. I've had a c-section so I'm thinking the pain is going to be similar and so I'm not stressing over it a whole lot. I am probably heavier than I should be going into it, but my weight has yo-yoed for years, and I always end up right within the weight I am now. Until my last child, I would lose the weight within a week, never even got stretch marks from my kids, but have a few now. Although heavy, I have an hour glass figure... With an extra bit of belly in the front. I'll be having a full tummy tuck with lipo of tummy and hips. My DR will not be using drains and I should be released from the clinic after two nights. I'm not looking for a miracle, but I am hoping ill feel comfortable in my own skin again. :)
DR Padera

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