37 Year Old 2 Kids with Huge Boobs and Huge Apron. Prague, CZ

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All I'm expecting is to be able to go in a normal...

All I'm expecting is to be able to go in a normal shop and buy a normal bra without having to wear what I have to not what I want to, even my clothes I buy are not what I'd prefer but what I can get away with, and with my tummy just normal bikini bottoms without having to wear the ones with skirts just to hide the flab.

Po day 2

Well it's all done had a bad first day but feeling a lot better now, I'll post some pics when I get back to England and feel a little better.

First week done

Well that's my first week done, where do I start?.
First of all I'd just like to say how fantastic the clinic and staff was I couldn't fault it at all.
First couple of days weren't very nice as I constantly felt sick which the nurses sorted out best they could.
I didn't eat much for a few days but tried my best to line my stomach, the sickness made me feel worse then the actual op.
Eventually started feeling better and could concentrate on healing.
One of the weirdest feelings is your tummy not feeling like it's attached, especially around the belly button area but I suppose I'll get used to that in time.
Once back in our appartment (after 3 days in hospital) simple every day things are like a massive task, like using the loo, getting washed and putting socks on is nearly impossible, after another couple of days we flew home, the only way I could describe the feeling of swelling was knowing how Violet out of willy wonka felt.
Its been a week now since my operation and can already see results although I know it's going to take a long time for swelling to settle I already know it's worth it.
I'm going to have a go at uploading some pics, I couldn't face doing it before as I was so ashamed and even though I'm no super model and never will be my confidence has already hit the roof, bring on the bikini shopping :)

4 weeks po

Well 5 weeks have passed rather quick although has been very boring doing nothing but rest.
Unfortunately I've had a few problems on the way, first of all I developed a seroma which I had to get drained in my own country(through scar ), they took 120ml and felt much better, for anyone nervous of having to have this done don't be it really is nothing to be worried about.
A week later I developed a hole under my right breast, I cleaned, used antiseptic spray and covered it regularly.
I went to see a nurse as she was taking my BB stitches out and showed her my breast while I was there, she told me she could see a stitch making its way out so back to hospital it was.
I can't say the surgeon was particularly happy with me having surgery abroad and was rather rude and told me to just leave it, so that's what I did and things have just got worse, I can now see the stitch myself and hole is getting bigger.
I'm slightly worried about this so it's back to doctors tomorrow to see what he thinks.
Dr Thomas Benes

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