21 YO, Crooked Nose, Booked Surgery - Prague, CZ

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I would like to remove the hump on my bridge and...

I would like to remove the hump on my bridge and finally make my nose straight. I've wanted this since I can remember and am tired of looking different from every angle and picture. I am living in Germany at the moment and have heard very good things about the Forme Clinic in Prague so I will give it a go.

Photoshop simulations

This is what I could look like......hopefully better than this actually but it took many tries to not make it look like a botch job. That makes me very worried about how worse it could possibly look after the surgery ???? what do you think ?

Different nose from every angle

I look like a different person in every picture I take.....the crooked tip is my main insecurity. It's also somewhat bulbous from some angles.....and too skinny from other angles.

Noses I love

I don't know why this apps is duplicating my photos a million times but it's not my intention. I just want a beautiful, straight, nose that fits with my face.


Consultation went well. Dr Vasek talked about how he would keep me looking as natural as possible and remove the hump on my bridge. He said he would straighten up the tip as well because he could see my septum was deviated. The clinic was a big adventure to find in the big city but there is a metro station right next to it so I could possibly navigate that when I go for the surgery.

Last day before surgery!

This is the last day I'll have this nose. It's bittersweet because I know I hate it but it's also all I've ever seen when I look in the mirror. Bye bye little crooked beak!

More noses I love!

I like the straight,small nose without the slope or pointy tip.

On the other side!

Surgery went well. Wasn't much pain just swelling and sleeplessness. Nurses were great and now on my way home.

Po day 1

Bloody eye

Hey realselfers! The bruising is improving at a very slow rate but has moved to my eyeball! Does anyone know some remedies to speed up the eye healing? Also should I take the bloody tape off of the tip of my nose?

Cast off!

Yes I'm about to tape my nose back up and yes I still look like an Avatar. Look at that symmetry though! So happy! I know the swelling will go down but hopefully not too much because I like the rounded tip.

Feeling so free!

One month after

Bone is still larger than cartilage right now. Still painful if bumped. Should I still tape it at night?

Still crooked?

As the swelling goes down I'm worried that it still looked crooked. There is nothing wrong with the the side profiles but from the front I'm really worried. The bone hasn't lined up with the cartilage so I'm hoping the bone has a lot of swelling to go down still.

2 months after

What do you think? I'm a little disappointed in the frontal symmetry. Side profile is great but I still feel like it's crooked.

New year nose

Not perfect by any means but generally better than what I started with.


With glasses

Don't know how I feel

Not impressed with the front of my nose. Still self conscious about it. Side view has a small unnatural bump on the bone. Yes it's a slight improvement but I'm definitely disappointed.
Dr. Vasek

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