Long Overdue Tummy Tuck After 2 C-sections!!!

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I decided 2 years ago to do something about my...

I decided 2 years ago to do something about my diastasis, but was put off the price in the Uk and was too scared to carry out the surgery abroad after getting half the price quotes in Prague. I was advised to have lipo and chose the Hospital Group. Awful experience and a waste of money. The Dr said I probably wouldn't need a tummy tuck after lipo. What a liar!! I enrolled in a specialist gym and even tried the Tupler Technique. So a few weeks ago I signed up to RS and I've made up my mind it's TT time!! Thx guys for your honesty and advicexxx. I still have some apprehension about going to Prague, so I've arranged to have a consultation in Prague before I make the final decision. So today I have booked my flight with my sis. I'll visit IScare and Formé clinics on the 24th Oct I'm hoping to get answers to all my concerns and book up to return for my surgery. My TT journey has started!! Yayyyyy ????

My before pics!

All booked up!

So I've paid my deposit to Formé Clinic in Prague. I've booked my flight for 4th Dec and I've also paid a deposit for the apartments above the clinic. The apartment comes equipped with a full kitchen all mod cons! I'm trying to get ahead on things at home and at work as I'll be taking two weeks off. With xmas being so close I've bought and wrapped up my xmas pressies! I've looked at so many reviews on RS and I'm trying to get my 'kit' together. I've looked at some of the things people have bought to make recovery easier. I was considering a recliner chair, I'm not sure what I'd do with it once I've recovered as I have no space to keep it. I've been topping up on my vitamins and I'm trying to lose as much weight as I can to get the best look. I was told I have natural fat that can only go if I lose weight ad not through lipo that I'm having. Real pressure as all I think about now is food!!! My gp has agreed to send me for all the pre-op tests so that saves me around £150! Need to post some more before pics. I keep thinking I'm forgetting something. I suppose it's the nerves setting in!!


Surgery scheduled for next Monday. I'm crazy busy trying to sort out the home and work. Bought and wrapped up my xmas pressies just in case I'm unable to do it on the other side. Time has really run away. I'm worried I won't have sorted everything out in time. I've been buying my supplies for use when I get home. Flight booked for Prague on Sunday and surgery scheduled for Monday. Got my blood results back today all fine. ECG on Friday and final review needs to be done by my GP confirming I'm fit for surgery.
Strongly thinking about a breast lift with fat transfer. I'm worried I might be in too much pain but it would make sense to do it all now. I've got fibromyalgia so extra sensitive to pain. Might send off some pics tomorrow and waiting for a response. Need to add a few more before pics.

Post op day 1 great start

So I arrived in Prague anxious as I saw a last minute email from the clinic saying the bloods I'd done in the uk weren't right. Wasn't sure whether they could be done the morning of surgery and to make matters worse my period started 10 days early! Could it get any worse?
Well yes. The man seated in front on the plane had a fit had to wait for ambulance to get him off so we missed our 12:10 connection flight. Had to wait until 18:10. Arrived in Prague when all the shops were closed! ????
Anyhow had to be at the clinic 7:45am good thing we rented an apartment upstairs of the clinic. I woke up at 7:20!!!!! The clinic were happy to carry out all the tests at a healthy €175! I was the only one in for surgery so went down at 10 woke up at 4pm. The treatment from the entire team was faultless. The surgeon came to see me and explained I had an umbilical hernia that had come apart in 2 places so he repaired it as well as my diastases recti. I was topped up with pain meds and anti sickness meds. I can now walk to the toilet on my own. Can't wait to see my new tum. Tomorrow I'll have my drains out and head back to the apartment for 2 nights. So far progress. Let's see what tomorrow holds!!

8 days post op!

Finished my antibiotics so I'm hoping for a straight forward recovery. I'm numb in certain places but sore at the same time. Have to have belly button stitches out next Monday and I'm dreading it! Still not able to stand completely straight but almost there now. My back hurts like mad.
Not sure if I'm meant to be sleeping on my side but I can't sleep on my back comfortably anymore. Not that sleeping on my side is 100%!!!
I'm so surprised at how low the pain has been. I'm no longer on pain meds. The bruising is sore from the lipo but it's bearable. I'm just frustrated at not being able to do things around the house. My partner goes mad if I even enter the kitchen!! When can I start using arnica gel?
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