Long Overdue Tummy Tuck After 2 C-sections!!!

I decided 2 years ago to do something about my...

I decided 2 years ago to do something about my diastasis, but was put off the price in the Uk and was too scared to carry out the surgery abroad after getting half the price quotes in Prague. I was advised to have lipo and chose the Hospital Group. Awful experience and a waste of money. The Dr said I probably wouldn't need a tummy tuck after lipo. What a liar!! I enrolled in a specialist gym and even tried the Tupler Technique. So a few weeks ago I signed up to RS and I've made up my mind it's TT time!! Thx guys for your honesty and advicexxx. I still have some apprehension about going to Prague, so I've arranged to have a consultation in Prague before I make the final decision. So today I have booked my flight with my sis. I'll visit IScare and Formé clinics on the 24th Oct I'm hoping to get answers to all my concerns and book up to return for my surgery. My TT journey has started!! Yayyyyy ????

My before pics!

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