22 years old, Upper Eye Lid surgery

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I finally booked appointment for my surgery! After...

I finally booked appointment for my surgery!
After so many researches i decide to contact Formè Clinic in Prague.
I sent pictures to doctor Vasek, and he give me his opinion about procedures do be done.

He reccomended: Face and neck lift + Upper eyelids blepharoplastic + Liposuction of cheeks (for a total of 4275€)

Sadly i couldn't afford all procedure toghether, so i decide to do only Blepharoplasty and Liposuction.

I am so nervous, it is first time in my life that i have a surgery and also because the clinic don't provide an insurance.

I am trying to say to myself that anyway situation can't get worst then now ( i already have a bad asymmetry in my eyes!!)

The deposit for booking is 400€, and they provide a personal driver to pick me up from airport.
I easily find a flat to spend 5 days in Prague for a really reasonable price.

had anyone been to the Forme Clinic?
Please share your experience!!

I did change my mind

After reading from Realself all suggestions for Travellers, I change my mind about clinic.

They have really low prices, no insurance and a Doctor that is not member of ISAPS.
I prefear pay something more but being relaxed.

So after some researches, I choose Esthè Clinic (http://www.esthe-plastika.cz/en): all doctors are ISAPS members, at the moment i am keeping in touch with both MUDr. Libor Kment and MUDr. Karel Urban.

I decided also that without knowing how my body will react to surgery, I will just do Eye surgery.

Bye bye puffy eyes (hopefully)

Tomorrow will be the day of my surgery.

I arrived in Prague yesterday so I could enjoy also the city, going around me and my husband take some pictures that make me realize how my choice to do surgery is right. No doubt, no fear, I believe after the first month I will enjoy the results.

Any suggestions for post-operations? Any particular brand of antibiotics creams?

Some last pictures (of today)

Done!! So far just bleeding

Nice experience. I will full review in this days

Now my only concern is some blood dropping from stocked: is that normal??

4th day after surgery

Some pictures from my 2th and 4th day after surgery!

Bruising are switching from red to yellow, spreading and going to the lower lid in internal side of eyes.

I guess my recovery would have been better if i could rest more the two days after surgery, but i had to travel back home. Looking forward to remove stitches and that ugly plaster!!

12 days post op

Soo pleased!

Bruising are all gone, only swelling is left.
Since surgery i just applied Boric Acid and coconut oil for the scar.

I am a smoker and i was really upset about healing time, but i'm quite sure that in less than a month i can see the final result!

I just wonder if asymmetry will stay or if it is present because of swalling. Anyway my eyes were asymmetric even before surgery

Just a quick update - makeup pictures

Everything is just fine!!

The feeling of thickness related with the scar is going slowly, still some swelling but if i wear make up is unnoticeble.

In three/four months i will go in Prague again for a check with dr. Karel, i will also speak with him about Buccal Fat Pad Removal and MAYBE a rinoplasty (even if I am still soooo scared about touching my nose!!)

New (bad quality, sorry) picture

After one month

I do feel so much relief after one month.

Personally, i would have removed more skin: i didn't have any trouble closing my eyes from day 1, and I think aging my eyes will drop again, but I am happy that doctor didn't risk going too far.

I feel my eyes so refreshed, i don't have anymore that feeling of being tired because of droopy eyes, and i can finally see my eyeliner when i wear make up (;

scar tissue is nearly gone: is visible mostly on outside the eyes-corner, but nothing that i can't cover with a dark eyeshadow.

About one year after surgery

Still really, really pleased with results.

To be honest I think blepharoplasty is a quite "easy" surgery, for wich you would not need extreme aftercare, so I would definitely recommend doing it in cheapest countries.
dr. Vasek

Name of doctor on Review is wrong!

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