59 years old Breast Reduction at Iscare in Prague from 36J to 36c

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I was a 36J. I started to research surgeons and...

I was a 36J. I started to research surgeons and read on realself about Dr. satankova in Prague. I flew on my own from London to Prague. I am 7 days post- op and already delighted and happy with my new breasts. Dr. Satankova said that once the swelling goes own, I will be a c cup. She is a brilliant and beautiful surgeon and I trusted her and the nurses and staff at Iscare completely after all the care and attention I received during my pre-op. The clinic is spotless and the treatment and care are first class. I stayed in the clinic for 2 nights and then 2 nights in a hotel before flying home to the UK. My recovery is so far without any problems and The results speak for themselves! I am 59 years old.


I must praise the NHS service in England. I called my surgery to ask about changing my dressing and the doctor called me back. He asked a few questions and I told him I had to go overseas for the operation as the NHS wouldn't do it and I couldn't afford the £8,000 it costs to have it done privately. He was really kind and understanding and put in a request for the district nurse to call and see to my dressings, as I hadn't dared to touch them since my discharge from the clinic on the 27th.

The district nurse (male) arrived early this morning and removed my dressings, except around the nipple area. He said the incisions were quite dry and healed nicely. He didn't recommend putting any new dressings on at all - just my surgical bra. He said I could have a shower tomorrow and to just wait until the tape around the nipple falls off by itself, which is what the surgeon said too - at around 10 days.

Since the dressings came off, I've felt a bit more sore around the incisions when I get up to move around. Lying down is comfortable. Still swollen and bruised but think it's all healing up nicely.

The prize is definitely worth all the pain.... No doubt about it. I feel young again!

Just need to get my hair shampooed and blow dried. What a treat that will be!

2 weeks Post-op Infection

I thought I was doing really well until I noticed some redness in the vertical incision on my left breast. The doctor immediately put me on antibiotics and I was told to bathe the area with dettol disinfectant.

Hopefully it will clear up. No fever or chills.

It made me realise that it takes several weeks ... Months even begire things settled down.

From now on I will be extra careful with wound care.

Emergency Surgery Tonight

Luckily I was referred to a good hospital and had ultra sound on my left breast and swabs taken of the pus. I was put on high doses of antibiotics intravenously and the doctor tried to extract the pus with a needle and ultra sound. Very painful.

Then in the afternoon the breadt surgeon examined me and I have been admitted to a ward. They are going to reopen my incisions and clean out the pus and pack it. I may need a further surgery after this.

Not the happy ending I had dreamt about. Thimgs were healing well until 3 days ago out of the blue, the red swelling appeared and just got worse.

Feeling Much Better!

Hi ladies

Well I have been given the best possible care thanks to our NHS.
I had an ultra sound scan to show the infection. They took swabs to ascertain the culture so that they could give me the right antibiotics that have been administered intravenously non stop!

This afternoon the surgeon came to meet me.... What a lovely man! He said he would open my vertical scar about 2 inches and clean out all the pus and then put me back together again. He said it would heal exacly like the right breast but my vertical scar may just be a little thicker. He said he wouldn't touch my nipple.

I got a general anaesthetic and woke up afterwards feeling great. No pain at all.

The surgeon complimented Dr Satankova. He said she had done a great job on my breast reduction, that they looked really great.

So, I am pleased to say that all is well and I am back on the road to recovery.
Here's me one hour post op. When the dressing is removed I will post an update.
The pus needed to be cleaned out as it was really dripping out of the incision. It was horrible. Glad it's all gone! Doctor said it's best to clean it out as it heals quicker.

Set Back Today

Hi ladies
I couldn't take a photo of my poor left breast when the nurse changed the dressing today as it was so gross that I could not bear to look. I thought the surgeon had cleaned out the abscess and stitched me up again and that was that.

But it wasn't quite so straightforward. I've never been wounded before so didn't really inderstand the procedure for healing. The surgeon did clean me up inside, getting rid of a lot of (very smelly) puss but the incision was left open and packed with some kind of lint. I nearly fainted when I saw the nurse pull it out of the wound... Full of yellow pus mixed with blood. She then repacked it with new lint and dressed with the big blue square bandage. I can't wear my surgical bra because it's so bulky.

I am being intravenously given strong doses of antibiotics and will be discharged tomorrow into the care of the district nurse who will come and dress the wound daily for the next 2 weeks. I am still hoping to be able to meet my son in Miami in 3 weeks time... Will be very disappointed if I can't go.

Until today I thought this was just a minor blip but I've now accepted the fact that I am one of the unlucky ones that developed a nasty infection that has hindered my recovery quite considerably.

I am being well looked after however, and my right breast is looking lovely. Just praying for my poor left one to make it through this so they make a good pair.

I may have to have revision surgery when it eventually heals up.

Oh well!

Discharge from hospital this morning

Doctor has just discharged me and I am going home.
She said it will take some time to heal and I will be left with a thick scar about an inch wide going down from the nipple because that is the extent of the wound.
Very sad about that. All I hope now is that it heals without any further complications.
The lab won't have the results of the culture for some weeks but they have given me antibiotics that are used to treat these typical wound infections.
I may not be able to travel to see my son in March.
Oh dear! Such an unexpected turn of events that has affected my work and my carefully planned travel.
I hope it's worth it in the end.


My wound care nurse said yesterday that it looks like the infection is clearing up as the discharge is runnung clear from my wound. That cheered me up!

I hope that when I go today she will say that the infection has gone completely. Then the abscess will start to heal and will begin to granulate and close up.

These little improvements daily are very encouraging.

I am definitely going to Miami to see my son and am already looking for a wound clinic there. If I have to, I will go there for dressings. This abscess will not rule my life!

Nurse said I will heal and the scar won't be too bad.

She rubs vaseline on my incisions. She said it is the best thing for scars... Better than bio oil or any vitamin E cream. She tild me to eat plent of protein and vegetables. I also make a turmeric soup in the afternoon.

I read hear that Manuka honey is also hood for healing, so will get some today.

Whatever it takes, I will do it in order to heal nicely.

When I no longer need to pack my wound I will take a photo but right now I still can't bear to look at the giant crater in my left breast.

I bought 3 soft comfort bras and when they arrived, I was about to post them back as they all looked too tiny. They are 36c and fit snuggly but when my final swelling goes down, they will fit perfectly. That is the prize ????

Vac Therapy

Some promising developments today. My nurse spoke to a medical rep today who advised vac therapy to accelerate the healing process of my giant abscess.
The machine has to be rented and a rep comes to the wound clinic to show the nurse how to fit it on me. It means carrying it around in a back pack but the advantages are that it could heal in weeks rather than months and I only need attend the wound clinic 3 times a week instead of daily. It aldo means that the nurse won't have to pack the wound and that is the most painful part of this problem. I can't help but cry our when she does it because it is so painful and she worries about hurting me but it isn't her fault at all. It just is vety painful packing this very deep abscess in my breast.

I should be fitted with the activac machine on Tuesday, so I will report back next week.

Almost there!

The weekend nurse came today to dress my wound and she only had to pack a quarter of the silver dressing that she used last weekend. That is such good news...I am healing very well.

I may be able to dress e wound myself whilst I am on holiday with my son in Miami. If not, I have organised a back up whilst there.

I will post a photo of my breasts on my 60th birthday which is on March 18th!

That will mark the end of my journey.

Another Problem ????

I have developed another infection.... In my right breast.
I was healing up nicely, thought I was home and dry. My abscess was a quarter of its original size the nurse said yesterday. Sadly the right breast that seemed perfect has now developed an infection too.... After 5 weeks post surgery!

It is a red circle, very warm... A painful lump around the nipple. The nurse called in the doctor to check me out and I've been put on yet another course of antibiotics. I hope I don't need further surgery to drain it.

I was really pleased with my progress and saw a light at the end of the tunnel. I have to admit that today, I feel like it's never going to end.

I saw my left breast for the first time yesterday. Glad I didn't see it 3 weeks ago because I would have fainted! It's now healing. The new skin is quite pink and I have quite a deep hole still that needs packing. I took in a mirror to the clinic so I could warch the nurse do the packing and dressing as I'm going to have to do it myself next week, whilst I'm in Florida with my son. i can do it... Didn't think I could but I told myself, it is my body and I need to care for it.

I hope my right breast responds to the antibiotics.

Abscess in Right breast :(

I was admitted to hospital on Friday to have the new abscess in my right breast drained under anaesthetic. It's a very deep hole this time but not as wide and it's on the right side on my nipple. When the wound finally heals, the scar will sit around the areola,so in time,will be imperceptible. The surgeon said it should heal in about 6 weeks.

Sadly the surgeon will not allow me to travel to Miami, he said it was too risky. I have had to cancel our trip. I did take out insurance, so hopefully I will be able to recover my expenses and plan a trip later in the year. I had to tell my son. He has been very concerned and called me yesterday whilst I was in hospital.

I feel that I am living on antibiotics! I have good nursing care up at the wound clinic daily and just thank goodness that we have the NHS otherwise I don't know what I would do. Great doctors and nurses.

I think I'll heal in 6 weeks and my scars will all fade in time. I hope that I don't get any further infections to set me back. I still have no regrets. I am managing to work and run my business and have meetings but get very tired, so need to rest whenever possible.

I'll take a photo of my breasts after they've healed... It's not a pretty sight right now but I think they will be beautiful.

Getting Better as each day goes by....

I really feel that I have turned a corner in my recovery. I feel better in myself. Even though each breast has a wound, it is all healing well and it's going to be okay.

I took this photo yesterday to remind myself why I had the reduction. Even though I need to lose a few pounds I am so happy with my new figure. My breasts are still a little swollen so will probably end up smaller and drop down a bit.

I am not complaining! I got my figure back.

Another Eruption in Left Breast

It would seem that my body doesn't like the stitches and has erupted yet again around the left areola above the first abscess. I'm seeing the surgeon on Tuesday. Hopefully this new problem can be curtailed with antibiotics and not require further surgery. I will heal... It is taking longer than hoped with these infections but it will be worth it in the end. I like my new breasts and am still looking forward to light summer dresses and skimpy bikinis, even those it seems a long way off right now.

My Wounds Today

The hole in the areola is 2cm deep and when healed, will not leave a scar.
The left breast is still very swollen but the eound has granulated very well and is healing too. I think the scar will be okay when this is all over. The incisions seem to have healed well, so I am hopeful that everything will be fine.

Another couple of months and it will all be over.... Fingers crossed!

Still Months Away From Recovery

I was hoping to post good news here. Only 3 weeks ago after an ultra sound scan showed I was free of infection and continuing to heal well, I developed a fourth infection in my left breast. I now have a large hole below the left nipple that requires packing and expiration which will be carried out on Monday. Luckily I don't need a genersl anesthetic as I booked a holiday with friends in Southern France next week. My surgeon said I can go... But not swim or exercise. I have to pack my new wound carefully too. I'm on two types of antibiotics so hopefully this will heal soon and I can once again hope for a speedy recovery from what now seems like an endless ordeal.

I have to stay positive. My right breast has almost healed now... Just a small hole left in the areola. I will be so happy when this is over.

My advice to anyone contemplating surgery is to do your homework on the surgeon and hospital.... In particular the after care. Luckily I live in England and have benefitted greatly from our wonderful NHS and have been cared for by top breast surgeons for free. Goodness knows whst would have happened to me otherwise. I thank God for that. I will have big scars... My surgeon said a revision may be possible in one year's time. I am not sure I can cope with any more though... Will just be glad when it's all over and I'll have to learn to live with the disfigurement. I'm now thinking my big boobs weren't so bad after all. The biggest disappointment is that after being measured for a bra I am a 36E... Still big. More uplifted however.... With ugly scars.

My Latest Wound

The ultra sound showed that my infection is superficial... So didn't need to syringe me. I took a photo of the new problems. The hole on the bottom is quite clean and only requires packing and dressing. The one above with the yellow stuff has a 2cm hole and pus and will take longer to heal. Don't look if you don't have the stomach for it... It's not pleasant. The hole above the right nipple is quite small now and almost healed. I'm hoping for a full recovery by mid June - 6 months after surgery.

5 months later

My right breast recovered with minor scarring and it's a nice shape My left breast is larger and suffered the most. I habe quite a large scar after the abscess and a hole to the side of my nipple which is an odd shape. The UK surgeon said I could have revision surgery next year and that is what I will do. I have no nipple sensation at all in either breast but I can live with that. I've lost about 14 pounds in weight too, so figurewise looking a lot better amd younger. My healing was complicated and difficult. I still think it was worth it. I'd do it again in a heart beat, even knowing the complications, so for amyone considering a breast reduction I''d say the benefits outweigh the risks by a long way. Despite the scars on my left breast, I have lost years and gained a youthful appearance. I've even changed my hair colour and style to compliment the new 'me'. Much happier with my appearance now that the ordeal is finally over ;)
Prague Plastic Surgeon

Dr Satankova saw me the day before surgery. I liked her immediately. She told me what to expect and prepared me for the surgery the following day. The day after surgery she came to see me in the room, checked everything and removed the bandages and put me in a surgical bra. She was very strict about lying flat with my arms down. I've followed her instructions as she said "I've done my job, now you do yours!". She's amazing and I am so grateful to her for her great work. I have suffered terribly with post op complications however... 4 infections so far. Luckily I am in the UK and have been cared for by the NHS. The problem going overseas is not having any after care.

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