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Hi everyone, I'm a new member of RealSelf but have...

Hi everyone, I'm a new member of RealSelf but have been peeking in for some time already. I am a 28 yo mom of two beatiful girls from Prague, Czech Republic, who has ever had struggles with the appearance of her breasts. If you look at the photos, you can guess why.

My breasts have always looked somehow droopy and deflated, even when I was very young. I never changed in a girls' locker room because I was so embarrased my breasts didn't look perky. You know how mean high schoolers can be, I was too horrified to be seen topless. Of course it limited me in my love life as well. Everytime I was taking off my bra in front of a new partner, I heard an imaginary needle scratch in my head (needles to say that no guy had ever run away nor have they broken up with me over my boobs, kudos to them!). During both pregnancies and especially shortly after I had given birth, my breasts went huuuge but returned to their normal flat state within a few weeks. I breastfed each baby only for 2 months or so, because my milk wasn't sufficient for their growth and I had to switch to formula soon. I felt disappointed that my breasts absolutely suck at both of their essential functions - to make me attractive AND, more importantly, to feed my babies.

I was sure I would get plastic surgery sooner or later in my life and I decided not to wait anymore even though my younger daughter is only 8 months. I have huge support in my husband who (even though he keeps on saying that he loves me and my breasts, saggy or not) will help me with everything the first weeks post-op. So here I am, only one moth apart from my new breasts! Initially, when I considered all pros and cons, I was willing to get only breast lift without implants but I am a bit wider at my hips and need to get some more volume but still with a natural look. After four consults with three plastic surgeons, I am going for a mastopexy with 295 cc Natrelle implants, moderate profile. Fingers crossed for my boob-dream to come true!

I feel like a crazy person

So, it's been a couple of months since I've started looking at other women's breasts and browsing plastic surgery forums. My husband is making fun of me saying "Hey, shouldn't I be the one looking at nude girls online?" BTW I wanted to take his preferences into consideration but when I show him photos of ladies after augmentation and ask him whether he likes them, all he says is "Umm, whatever, can I see her face?" So the decision is really up to me. I am enclosing a pic of my wish boobs I found online (hope the lady in the pic wouldn't mind). Perfect slope in the upper pole, full lower pole, very well chosen size to match the body frame, very natural look. And they're made by "my" surgeon!

Time flies so fast

Last week I had my blood tests taken, yesterday I had a sono and today my GP blessed my surgery with her record. My only job now is to:

Come up with a plausible story why I look so sick
Cook and freeze enough food to be able to survive the first week post-op
NOT TO GET SICK!! Not an easy task during this season but I've furnished myself with enough ginger, lemons and vitamin tablets to kick any germ's butt (do germs have butts?)

Tommorrow is the DAY!

I'm less than one whole day from the procedure I have always dreamed about. I poured myself a glass of red wine, then googled that alcohol prior to surgery is a no-go so I left it for my husband. Otherwise, I am surprisingly calm and not worried at all, I trust my surgeon completely. I'm curious if people will notice the change in me because apart from my husband and my best friend, I haven't told anybody, not even my parents. Not because I'm ashamed but because they would not understand. For my family, plastic surgery is something people in Hollywood do, it's a waste of money and a hazard with life. I don't feel the need to explain how bad I had been feeling about my breasts my whole life, it's my privacy.

Wish me luck, I'll be happy to report my results.

I did it, I did it, I did it!

First of all let me thank you to all fellow Realsefelrs for their kind wishes. The surgery went well, only the surgeon had to change te position of implants from subglandular to (partly?) submuscular because I am too skinny on the top and the upper edge of the implants would have been visible. It's funny because I'm more on the chubby side. The night after was a bit harsh, I threw up about ten times, general anesthesia is obviously not my friend. Otherwise the overall pain is bearable even without painkillers. The only thing that bothers me is lifting up from the bed without pulling or pushing my arms. I'm trying the "crunch" way using my abs but when I'm almost lifted, my pecs hurt like crazy. I don't mind the pain, I just don't want to ruin everything.

For what they look like, I can't really tell. I only saw them once when the doctor was changing the bandages so for now I can just say that my aerolae are sooo small and lovely! The nurse specifically said that the first person to see my new breasts will be my doctor at my check-up on Monday, no peeking allowed. I am curious but again, I don't want to screw things up.

My husband is taking care of me and the kids wonderfully, I love him even more than ever.

Now THAT'S what I call breasts!

I had my first post-op examination today and can proudly share my results. Of course they are still swollen and the implants need time to settle but compared to my "before" pics, there is a HUGE difference. The doctor says the final shape and size will be visible in two months but I am already so happy! What do you think? The pain is not too bad either, I don't take any meds.
Dr. Tomas Dolezal

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