21 Year Old Travelling to Prague for New Boobs! - Prague, CZ

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I have booked in for my BA with Dr. Tomas Benes at...

I have booked in for my BA with Dr. Tomas Benes at the Forme Clinic in Prague for May 2016.

I have always wanted implants but since I gave birth to my daughter 5 months ago I've wanted them even more as I went to a full D during pregnancy I'm now left with a very deflated 34C.

I am around 140lbs (although I hope to loose some more baby weight before my surgery) and roughly 5'6". After sending my pictures to Dr. Benes he plans to use 500cc round implants.

I am going to keep updating my journey on here and would love to hear from others so feel free to get in touch by leaving a reply or message me :)

Wish boobs


I just uploaded loads of the same wish boobs by accident! Dont know how it happened???? dont think I can delete now

Now having surgery at end of Feb

I decided May was too long to wait!! So now booked in for 29th Feb!!!! Eeeee so excited/nervous

500 or 600cc??

The more I look around at post op pics the more I think maybe to go with 600. I'm scared of them looking small after surgery and not being happy. Maybe I'm getting a little boob greed already lol. I will just have to see when I get to the clinic 53 more days until I get on the plane!

A few more wish boobs


Pre op me in bikini

I leave for Prague one week on Sunday, praying that my op goes as planned. Can't wait to finally have a bikini to fill with big boobis this Summer!!

Eyelash extentions?!

So I leave on Sunday for Prague???? I'm booked to have mink eyelash extentions put on tomorrow but I'm now worrying whether they'll get ruined during surgery because I read they put tape over your eyes whilst you're under anaesthetic. The clinic is closed until Monday so I can't email them???? I'm just wondering if anyone else had them in whilst they has surgery? I don't want to ruin them, they're not cheap!!

It's surgery day!!

Last pic of me ever before my new boobs!!!

520cc under muscle

I will do a proper update once home, I fly back tonight but here's a sneaky peak of my new boobs without my surgical bra on, can't stop smiling just hope I make a speedy recovery!

Having problems with my right incision

Before I start talking about my experience up to now I've not yet had chance to say that everyone at the Forme clinic were great all the way along, everyone was really friendly, especially my anesthesiologist (I forgot his name but he was so kind) and the nurses too. I would definitley recommend Forme to anyone who is thinking of travelling for surgery although I don't think I could do it again as the plane ride home was horrible and it put me off travelling after surgery ever again!
Anyway, from pretty much as soon as I got home from Prague my right incision has been really painful, the left has been stinging too when in the shower and sometimes when I get up from sitting/lying down. It looks to me like the right is slightly open but my mum who's a nurse and has looked closely and ensured me that it's just scar tissue where the incision is and my boyfriend says the same so I guess I'm just panicking over nothing with that (I'm a really bad worrier!)
Anyway, I've been showering from 1 day post op as I was told that's when I was allowed to. At 3 days post op I took off the tape that had been placed over my incisions, used antibacterial spray on the incisions and placed clean dressings over them which I have been doing everyday since. My right incision has been causing me a lot of pain especially in the night, I keep waking up at about 3am in pain then not being able to get back to sleep for a couple of hours which is sooo exhausting when looking after a 8 month old all day, luckily my partner has had time off work to help me out.
I've uploaded pics of the incision on Tuesday and then Today (Friday), the redness has got a lot worse so I went to the doctor today who has prescribed me another course of antibiotics to hopefully fight the infection and told me to keep the area dry for a few days.
I've had to take off the surgical bra as it was really tight (32C! I was a 34B/C before my enlargement!) it was digging into my incisions and making them even more painful. I went to Asda last night and bought a cheap sports bra just to let my incisions have a bit of relief but I'm worried I'm not supporting my implants enough now ad Dr. Benes told me to keep it on for 4 weeks and I hardly wear my strap either because it hurts them so much :( I might try wearing the surgical bra again tonight if I can face it! I have emailed the clinic but Dr. Benes isn't there today so just waiting on his advice too.
My implants themselves look fine, I love them. They still need to drop but I'm not even 2 weeks post op yet so trying to being patient :)

Feeling better!

Had the most horrible virus over the weekend it's been awful but feeling much better today and my incisions seem to have cleared up. There is some sort of bruising around them but sent pictures to dr benes, just waiting on his opinion on whether it's normal! I tried on a couple of bras today in Ann Summers but decided against buying any just in case my size changes once they drop. I tried on 34DD as that's the biggest size they had in any bra I looked at. I usually hide my face in photos I post on here just to remain anonymous but I'm not bothered anymore lol so here's the girls 2 weeks post op!

Not updated this in months!

Sorry I've not been active on here at all been sooo busy. I'm so in love with my boobs now! Dr benes was an amazing surgeon.
Dr Tomas Benes

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